Kyou Kara Maou, Enjoy the Ride

Title: Enjoy the Ride [Yuuri, Murata]
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Yuuri hates missing everything.
AN: Written for 2006 Trick or Treat.

Enjoy the Ride

Yuuri sighed and kicked at the chair in front of him on the bus. He glanced sideways at Murata out of the corner of his eye and wondered why he didn’t seem to mind being trapped on earth again.

It hadn’t even been that long, but it felt like ages to Yuuri, knowing that time was passing much more quickly in the other world, while the paperwork piled up and Anissina blew things up and Greta grew up…

It didn’t seem to bother Murata though, who was flipping through a Shounen Jump manga he’d bought at the newstand. Just like it didn’t bother him that he had to go to school all over again, or that he had to go through puberty again, or that people treated him like a little kid when he’d lived a hundred times as long as them…

Actually, nothing seemed to bother Murata. Ever. Yuuri kicked the chair harder.

“Could you stop kicking the chair, Shibuya?” Murata asked mildly, and turned a page. “Have you read this volume? It reminds me of a story Mazoku tell about a warrior and his best friend, Vilhem…”

“Doesn’t Earth irritate you?” Yuuri demanded, feeling a little appeased when Murata finally looked up at him instead of the stupid book. “I mean, how did you stand it all that time?”

“One does learn a certain amount of patience after several lifetimes, Shibuya,” Murata said, creasing the page corner and shutting the book. He looked Yuuri over. “Cabin fever?”

“We’re missing everything!” Yuuri exclaimed, slumping in his chair. “When we’re there, nothing really happens here, but when I go back there…how am I supposed to learn to rule anything this way!”

“You could start with yourself, maybe,” Murata chided gently, and threw an arm around Yuuri’s shoulder. “We are where we are. You can’t rush the Maou, Shibuya, and nobody knows that better than me. Just enjoy the ride.”

Murata’s smile got a little sad, like it did sometimes, so Yuuri settled back down in his seat and didn’t push Murata’s arm off and just watched out the window beside him until they got to their stop.

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