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Prince of Tennis, In a Tight Spot

Grip tape. (Shinji/Ryoma)

Prince of Tennis, Eating Habits of the Native Kaidoh

Even Kaidoh thinks that this training menu thing might be getting out of hand. (Inui/Kaidoh)

One Piece, Poker in the Rear

Chopper thinks his definition of 'nakama' might be different than these freaks'. (OTcrew)

Death Note, I’m Feeling Lucky

Raito really has to stop this. No, really. Okay, one more time. (Gen)

Loveless, If This Silence Takes You

Kio and Ritsuka try to tell Soubi that art isn't exactly relaxing, given his choice of subject. (Soubi/Ritsuka)

Ocean’s 11, Ain’t Satisfactionin’ Me

Rusty informs Danny that no, carob in trail mix is not acceptable. (Rusty/Danny)

Gakuen Heaven, Make Your Own Fun

Twins. Behind a tree. (Kakeru/Wataru)

Death Note/Hikaru no Go, Psychological Advantage

Raito just wants to play on a damn board for once. (Raito, L)

Prince of Tennis, Slippery Slope

Atobe figured that if Jiroh was going to wrinkle his sheets like that, it might as well be aesthetically pleasing. (Atobe, Shishido)

AftS!, Number 22, Seigaku’s Kichida

Kinsho doesn't want Yutaka to play. (Gen)

Loveless, Bob and Weave

This 'training' of Soubi's seems to have not so much to do with self-defense and a whole lot to do with getting Ritsuka's shirt off. (Soubi/Ritsuka)

Prince of Tennis, Wet Dream

Shishido is not as alone in the showers as one might think. Ever. (Shishido/Ohtori)

Prince of Tennis, Tenisu no Boifrendo

Tezuka is sure that his boyfriends are making fun of him, but he can't exactly put his finger on how. (Tezuka/Atobe/Ryoma/Sanada/Fuji)

Prince of Tennis, No Help From the Audience

Ryoma's pro career is proving interesting for Tezuka. (Tezuka/Ryoma/Fuji)

Macdonald Hall, Border Disputes

Bruno needs distraction from history. (Bruno/Boots)

Smallville, All in Good Taste

Lex is convinced that too much time in Kansas has damaged his tastes. (Lex/Clark)

Off*Beat, Eight Times a Week

Tory is supposed to wake Colin up, not take his creepy notes. (Tory/Colin)

Sukisho!!, Sleight of Hand

It's not that fucked up to wake up with your hand on yourself when you're a teenager, but it's realizing that you aren't in control of it that's the problem. (Ran/Sunao)

Prince of Tennis, Make Way For Ducklings

Rikkaidai's participation in a miniature golf tournament for charity is really benefiting nobody. (Gen)

One Piece, Practical Demonstration

Vivi is pretty sure that princesses are not supposed to like being on their knees. (Vivi/Zoro, OTcrew)

Hikaru no Go, Green Tea Means Go

Touya defiles his father's Go room yet again. (Shindou/Touya)

AftS!, Pants Are For the Weak

Kazuhiro and Kobagin go on a fact-finding mission to Kakinoki. (Kazuhiro/Kobayashi)

Prince of Tennis, Golden Parenting

Eiji calls during practice to make a startling announcement to Oishi. (Eiji/Oishi)

Kyou Kara Maou, If It Weren’t For My Horse

Yuuri is a bit stressed between running a country and the baby and university, and Shori is shockingly not a lot of help. (Yuuri/Wolfram)

w-inds., Healthy Rivalry

Keita and Ryohei battle for the leadership of the band; Ryuichi breaks for cover. (OT3)

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