One Piece, Practical Demonstration

Title: Practical Demonstration [The Straw Hat Pirates]
Fandom: One Piece
Rating/Warnings: R for getting to B, if by B i mean blowjob.
Summary: Vivi is pretty sure that princesses are not supposed to like being on their knees.
AN: Mousapelli’s Birthday Theme 7: Conned/Unexpected Thrill

Practical Demonstration

“Never?” Nami asked, eyes wide, and Vivi shifted uncomfortably on the deck chair.

“I’m a princess!” she said, cheeks turning red. “I can’t do that! I have to get married for my country someday!”

“I’m not talking about all the way.” Nami set down her magazine and leaned forward to peer closer at Vivi. “You’ve never fooled around with anybody?” Vivi shook her head. “Never made out? Never got to B?” Nami leaned a little closer. “Never sucked somebody off?”

“NAMI!” Vivi’s whole face was flaming and she was covering her mouth with her hands. “Of course not!”

“Then how are you supposed to know what to do when you do get married?” Nami cocked her head to one side, and Vivi recalled suddenly and with great unease that Nami was really freaking clever.

“But I can’t do that with just anybody,” she finally said after a few moments.

“Vivi!” Nami scolded. “We aren’t just anybody! We’re your nakama. Zoro! Oi, Zoro!”

“What are you doing?” Vivi’s eyes got even wider, as Zoro called back a sleepy “What?”

“You just relax, and we’ll get you educated right up.” Nami patted Vivi’s knee as she spluttered. “Zoro, get your lazy ass over here!”

“Nami, I can’t possibly—eep!” Vivi gasped when Zoro’s shadow fell over her, and she looked up to see him glowering at them with hooded eyes, arms crossed. “M-Mr. Bushido!”

“What do you want?” he asked Nami, yawning.

“Vivi-chan is going to practice her blowjob technique on you.” Nami flashed him a winning grin and a V. “Please enjoy it!”

“N-N-Nami!” Vivi’s jaw dropped. “I don’t have any blowjob technique!”

“I’m going back to sleep,” Zoro announced, and was turning back around when Nami added,

“Aren’t you forgetting about the ß500,000 you owe me?”

“Urk!” Zoro’s shoulders hunched, and he turned around to glare harder at Nami. “Dammit, why does it keep going up?!”

“Interest,” Nami smiled at him, “but I’ll drop it back down to four if you help us out.”

“I’ll try to end your suffering as quickly as possible,” Vivi snapped, managing to be indignant in spite of her embarrassment, as Zoro heaved a long-suffering sigh and dropped down onto the deck chair Nami vacated for him. She tried protesting further as Nami pushed her over towards Zoro with firm hands, tugging Zoro’s legs apart and settling Vivi in between them on her stomach.

Vivi had kind of been wondering why the bottom half of these chairs was so long, but now, as she swallowed hard and looked up at Zoro’s expression of amusement, propped up on her elbows, she was wishing it would go back to being a mystery.

She tried not to stare at the bulge in Zoro’s pants, but it was difficult when it was practically bumping her in the nose. Zoro’s amusement was also plainly growing, and Vivi shot a pleading look at Nami.

“Zoro, be a gentleman!” Nami reached over and smacked Zoro in the back of the head. “Help the lady out.”

Zoro looked like he was about to make some sort of comment about Nami’s use of the word ‘lady,’ but he glanced down at Vivi and swallowed it. He reached down to the front of his pants and freed himself from the fastenings with a deft flip of his wrist.

Her eyes tracking helplessly as Zoro wrapped callused fingers around himself and stroked, Vivi was a little disturbed by how quickly her heart went from pounding from fear, to just pounding.

“Now, Vivi-chan, what you should do first—oh!” Nami broke off with a grin when Vivi leaned forward and darted her tongue against Zoro’s shaft; Zoro hissed a breath. “Oh-ho, maybe somebody doesn’t need that much training!”

“Nami-chan!” Vivi protested, blush renewing and starting to push herself up, but Nami planted a firm hand in the center of her back and shoved her back down.

“You were doing so well,” she encouraged, leaning back against her own chair to get a better view. “Go on, you liked it, didn’t you?”

Zoro took one of Vivi’s hands suddenly, startling her, and wrapped it around himself, his much larger hand covering hers. There was something darker under the amusement now when Vivi looked up at him, and it made her throat go dry. Both of them made little noises when he slid their hands down and back again.

Princesses were not supposed to want to suck off pirates, Vivi despaired internally as she eyed the part of Zoro’s shaft that was uncovered by her fist, and they were certainly not supposed to lick their lips in anticipation of tasting the smear of fluid there.

Zoro thrust into her hand, and the rest of Vivi’s hesitation died a quick death. She leaned forward enough to press lips to Zoro, then slid them down enough to start exploring with her tongue. The skin tasted weird in a good way, taut and salty and hot, and she made a noise of surprise when only a few inches of Zoro slid into her mouth on the first try.

Surely a princess of Alabaster could do better than that! Vivi narrowed her eyes and applied herself harder to the situation.

“Oh fuck,” Zoro said weakly.

“Oi!” Luffy said, popping up behind Zoro’s chair and draping himself on his shoulder. “What’s going on here?”

“Vivi’s practicing her blowjob technique on Zoro,” Nami reported; Vivi gave Luffy a distracted glance, but didn’t interrupt herself, having just found the most interesting notch under Zoro’s head. Zoro whimpered.

“Ooo wow!” Luffy leaned further over Zoro’s shoulder to peer at Vivi. “Hey, she looks pretty good, doesn’t she? But, hey Zoro, I’m surprised you can get it up again after this morning! Especially after that second time when you twisted my hand around your back and…”

“Do you mind?!” Zoro finally roared, tilting his head back to glare at Luffy. “I’m in the middle of something here!”

“Sorry, Zoro!” Luffy grinned, then added “ACK” when Nami reached over to grab his shirt and yanked him down onto her deck chair.

“Why don’t you make yourself useful for once?” she said, rolling him under her and tugging open his shorts. “Try not to be too much of a freak so I can use you as an example to teach Vivi a few things to practice on Zoro. Understand, Luffy?”

“I understand I’m getting my cock sucked,” Luffy reported seriously.

“Better than I hoped.” Nami reached up to pluck Luffy’s hat off and tuck it under the chair where nothing too horrific could happen to it. “Vivi, watch an expert!”

“Yeah,” Zoro snickered, “Nami’s a real professional, if you get my—OW!”

“Sorry, Mr. Bushido.” Vivi blinked up at him innocently. “It’s hard to keep my teeth out of the way all the time.” She smiled charmingly and went back to work. Zoro’s hand came down to her ponytail, and she tensed for a yank, but he merely slid his fingers through the strands a few times before cupping the back of her head. He used his grip to adjust Vivi’s angle just a little, but mostly his palm was simply a warm weight against her scalp.

Even the soft touch dragged over Vivi’s nerves, worked up as she was, and the situation was only exacerbated by her glances to the next deck chair over, where Nami was working over Luffy like she was a finalist in the cock-sucking Olympics, and Luffy was pretty verbal about how much he was enjoying it.

As much as she was enjoying herself, Vivi’s jaw soon started to wear out, and she drew back to suck Zoro’s tip while she tried to work out how one finished this sort of business. A chuckle above her made her lift her head up to find Zoro grinning at her.

“Getting’ tired?” he asked, and laughed again when Vivi scowled at him. One of his hands was still resting over top Vivi’s where she was holding Zoro’s cock loosely, and he tightened his grip around both of them and stroked hard. Humming in surprise at the squeeze of Zoro’s grip, Vivi’s found it was much easier just to work Zoro’s head while their hands did most of the work.

It was only after half a dozen strokes or so that Zoro used his grip on the back of her head to pull her mouth off, and she was about to protest when Zoro stiffened underneath her and something hot and slick dripped over the back of her hand.

“O-oh!” Vivi’s cheeks darkened again when she realized what had happened, but then, with Zoro’s half-slit eyes changing from smug to surprised, Vivi lifted the back of her hand to her mouth and swiped her tongue over it.

“Like it?” Nami asked, voice breathy, and Vivi and Zoro turned to find Nami not only grinning at them from the top Luffy’s cock, but also that Luffy had stretched a hand down across Nami’s back so that he could slide fingers up her short skirt. “Zoro, you shouldn’t…teach her bad habits.”

“Bad habits?” Vivi asked, and Nami winked at her, then closed her eyes and focused on jerking Luffy’s shaft with neat twists of her wrist.

“Fuck, Nami!” Luffy exclaimed, body shoving up into hers, and Vivi caught on when Luffy slumped bonelessly back against the chair, and Nami lifted her head, tongue swiping over the corner of her mouth, cheeks flushed and eyes bright.

“I thought that might be a little much for a first time,” Zoro commented lazily. His hand was still stroking lightly over the back of Vivi’s head.

“Not if you don’t act like it’s a big deal,” Nami reprimanded. She pushed herself shakily back up to a sitting position on the side of the deck chair and lifted her arms to beckon at Vivi. “Vivi-chan, c’mere.”

Vivi sat up as well, and let Nami take ahold of her shoulders and draw her forward, and she wasn’t entirely shocked when Nami’s lips pressed against hers and Nami’s tongue slid into her mouth. Luffy’s taste on Nami was strange, salty and a little bitter, and much stronger than the lick of Zoro she’d taken from the back of her hand.

“See?” Nami’s eyes were glassy as she pulled away. “No big deal.” She chuckled and patted Vivi’s cheek when Vivi shook her head. “I think that’s enough for one day, don’t you? Go get Sanji to make you a drink.”

She didn’t resist as Zoro and Nami pushed her gently to her feet, thinking that a drink sounded pretty good, jumping a little when a hand that felt a lot like Luffy’s slapped her ass affectionately on the way by. When she glanced down at him, he gave a snore, but was smirking.

Vivi didn’t turn when she heard Nami’s little squeal, but wasn’t surprised at all when she snuck a last look as she went in the galley door and found Nami under Zoro, kissing him deeply with his hand already up her skirt, and Luffy was wedging himself in the chair beside them, thumb hooked into Zoro’s waistband.

“Vivi-schwan~!” Sanji exclaimed as she came in the door, and Vivi smiled at him and hoped she wasn’t blushing too much. “Can I get you something to eat? Drink? Hors d’oeuvres?”

“Just a drink will be fine,” Vivi laughed as Sanji kicked a chair out from the table for her with a flourish, and then turned back to his counter. Vivi relaxed against the chair while she waited, running her tongue over her teeth and wiggling her toes in the sandals she’d borrowed from Nami. Out on the deck, a shriek rang out, followed by muffled laughter.

When Sanji handed her the drink, she held it in both hands as she took the first sip, watching Sanji’s face, and when she lowered the glass, she was grinning.

“Sanji-kun,” she asked, “would you like to help me practice something?”

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