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DBSK, Leftovers are Always Better the Next Day

Changmin can't figure out what the secret ingredient in Jaejoong's curry is. (Changmin/DBSK)

DBSK, The Way Soju Are (the Haru Haru Remix)

The first time Changmin gets drunk, it's an accident. All the rest require careful planning. (Changmin/Yunho)

DBSK, Break Hearts, Not Sidebars

International_Huge needs a new website. (Jaejoong/DBSK)

DBSK, 3LDK (International_Huge)

Although he likes returning to Tokyo, the actual act of moving isn’t something Yunho enjoys. (OT5)

DBSK, Knitwit (International_Huge)

After the scarf is finished, the others think that the knitting infatuation will die down, but things don’t exactly turn out that way. (OT5)

DBSK, Natural Order (International_Huge)

Yunho wants to change the order a little. (Yunho/Jaejoong/Changmin)

DBSK, International Calling Plan (International_Huge)

It’s easier to mail rather than talk when the cameras and fangirls are watching their every move sometimes. (Yoochun/Changmin)

DBSK, Smooth Ride (International_Huge)

“When you said you wanted to have sex in the car,” Yoochun grumbles, “I thought you meant with me.” (Yoochun/Junsu)

DBSK, Just Desserts (International_Huge)

Junsu didn’t eat like normal people. (Junsu/Jaejoong)

DBSK, Rhetorical Question (International_Huge)

Yoochun knows the best part about Changmin being let in on the secret. (Yoochun/Junsu/Changmin, OT5)

DBSK, Maze (International_Huge)

Lately, Yoochun isn’t sure what’s going on between him and Jaejoong. (Jaejoong/Yoochun)

DBSK, Keyword (International_Huge)

For some reason, Jaejoong thinks it’s a fantastic idea for them to bleach his hair themselves this particular time. (Jaejoong/Yunho)

DBSK, Rainy Night (International_Huge)

Jaejoong and Junsu get set up. (Jaejoong/Junsu)

DBSK, If…!? (International_Huge)

Changmin and Junsu catch up with a certain anime. (Changmin/Junsu)

DBSK, Runaway (International_Huge)

Something is off about Yunho’s posture when Yoochun comes into the living room. (Yunho/Yoochun)

DBSK, Practical Demonstration (U_Know_Who)

Yunho likes to watch. (Yunho/Jaejoong)

DBSK, WILD SOUL (International_Huge)

Jaejoong wants Changmin's help. (Jaejoong/Changmin)

DBSK, Crazy Life (International_Huge)

Their lives are too busy to eat, to sleep, or even to breathe sometimes. (Yunho/Changmin)

DBSK, Close to You (International_Huge)

Yunho likes staying over at Junsu’s house. (Yunho/Junsu)

DBSK, Conversational Japanese, Intermediate Level (U_Know_Who)

Yunho and Jaejoong take a break from studying Japanese to…study some Japanese. (Yunho/Jaejoong)

DBSK, My Girlfriend (International_Huge)

Junsu drives Yoochun crazy. (Yoochun/Junsu)

DBSK, Two Hearts (International_Huge)

It’s their first night in Paris, and Changmin doesn’t want to be the ass who’s really glad that Junsu is on another continent. (Yoochun/Changmin)

DBSK, My Universe, Your Ocean

Jaejoong asks Yunho a question. (Yunho/Jaejoong)

DBSK, Love At First Touch

Changmin and Jaejoong show their affections a little different than the others. (Jaejoong/Changmin)

DBSK, First Time For Everything

Changmin isn't the baby anymore, and he's got it all planned out about how he's going to show that to the other members. (Changmin/DBSK)

DBSK/SHINee, Growing Pains

Changmin's grumpy, and it has something to do with SHINee. (Changmin/DBSK)

DBSK, A Hole Nother Story

Changmin digs in his heels about this whole piercing thing, not that it helps. (Changmin/DBSK)

DBSK, Best-Loved

Jaejoong doesn't exactly clear up who he loves best. (OT5)

DBSK, The Road to Okinawa

One summer day through five pairs of eyes. (OT5)

DBSK, Variegation on a Theme

Jaejoong returns from a visit with his sisters with a new skill. (OT5)

DBSK, The Rule of 72

The problem with compound interest is that the resulting obligation can be difficult to interpret. (Yoochun/DBSK)

DBSK, Little Surprises

Jaejoong is finding lots of things to love about spending the night in the ryokan. (Jaejoong/Yoochun)

DBSK, Step By Step (The Slo-Mo Remix)

Junsu thinks this dance is terrible, and Yunho takes matters into his own hands. (Yunho/Junsu)

DBSK, Casual Expression

Yunho is really sure that this is all just a dream. (Yunho/Jaejoong)

DBSK, Stay With Me Tonight

Changmin has a bad dream, and Junsu has a secret technique. (Changmin/Junsu)

DBSK, Bohdisattva

International_Huge gets deleted from (Jaejoong/DBSK)

DBSK, Completely and Utterly

Jaejoong is stuck and Yunho claims to have the solution. (Yunho/Jaejoong)

DBSK, Nothing Comes Close (U_Know_Who)

Sometimes things keep Yunho awake at night. (Yunho/Jaejoong)

DBSK, Henshin

Changmin is tired of always being treated like DBSK's baby. (Changmin/DBSK)

DBSK, That Kind of Story

Yunho started something more than what he bargained for when he explained fanfiction to Jaejoong. (Jaejoong/DBSK)

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