DBSK, The Way Soju Are (the Haru Haru Remix)

Title: The Way Soju Are (the Haru Haru Remix) [Changmin/Yunho]
Rating: PG-13 for underage drinking?
Summary: The first time Changmin gets drunk, it’s an accident. All the rest require careful planning.
AN: Written for the 2009 Remix Redux. A remix of shinigamitabris‘s A Little at a Time.

The Way Soju Are (the Haru Haru Remix)

The first time Changmin gets drunk, it’s an accident. Or at least, it’s an accident inasmuch as he really wasn’t planning to end up in Yunho’s lap, or curled up on Yunho’s chest, or confessing his feelings and kissing Yunho more than a little.

He’d been thinking about it. But not planning it so much.

The second time Changmin gets drunk, he doesn’t plan so much either, but it works out less pleasingly as a result.

It’s in Bora Bora, the island hotel staff not as meticulous about whose drink has what in it as the Korean staff is, and if anybody were paying good attention, they would know that if Jaejoong really had ordered all those pink umbrella drinks himself, there’s no way he’d be successfully lighting the cigarettes he and Yoochun are sharing on the balcony.

Junsu and Changmin couldn’t light a clap-on lamp successfully by the time Yunho finds them.

“Yunnie-ah!” Junsu calls cheerfully, and Changmin lets his head flop on Junsu’s shoulder to beam up at Yunho winningly.

“Well, this isn’t terribly illegal or anything,” Yunho sighs. “Thanks for getting the baby shitfaced, Junsu.”

“No problem,” Junsu slurs, and then he passes out on the arm of the couch. Changmin’s grin doesn’t waver.

“Take me to bed, Yunnie-ah?” Changmin asks, holding out his arms. Yunho sighs and bends to help pull Changmin to his feet. Changmin leans hard against Yunho’s side, sighing happily as Yunho curls an arm around Changmin’s waist for balance.

Yunho gets Changmin tucked into bed, but Changmin makes a grab for Yunho’s wrist when he turns to go.

“Let go of my pants, Minnie-ah,” Yunho says gently. Changmin doesn’t.

“Stay with me?” Changmin asks. He tugs on Yunho a little, until Yunho gives in and crawls in beside him.

Snuggled in against Yunho’s side, Yunho’s breath stirring Changmin’s hair, Changmin shifts as close as he can, close enough that he can feel the steady rise and fall of Yunho’s chest and the thrum of his heart, but it still isn’t close enough.

“Yunnie-ah,” Changmin says, turning his face to nose at Yunho’s jaw. “I like you.”

“I like you too,” Yunho says, and it makes warmth flood Changmin’s body, down to the tips of his toes, warmer than the rum or the island sunshine.

Changmin pushes himself up on one elbow to see Yunho’s face. “How much?”

Changmin’s vision is too blurry for him to decipher Yunho’s expression fully, a mix of affection and sadness. Changmin doesn’t want Yunho to be sad, he thinks as Yunho cups Changmin’s cheek with one of his strong, warm hands. Changmin rubs his cheek against Yunho’s palm and wants Yunho to feel happy, as happy as he does.

“You’re drunk, Minnie-ah,” Yunho says instead of giving an answer, and Changmin wants to frown, but he really does feel good, even as Yunho pushes Changmin’s head back down against his shoulder. “Just sleep.”

Changmin wakes up alone and with a pounding headache, cranky because on top of everything, it seems like he’s managed to pick the responsible member. The other three aren’t difficult to talk into all manner of nakednesses and debaucheries, Changmin grumbles to himself. Jaejoong doesn’t need any alcohol at all, it turns out.

Trust him to pick the difficult one. But Changmin likes a challenge. And Changmin knows that a challenge, even a challenge like Yunho’s scruples as leader, just need a better plan to be dealt with.

The third time Changmin gets drunk, he makes damned sure that Yunho gets drunk first. It’s not that hard, since they’ve just broken onto Japan’s Oricon CD Singles Charts, which is definitely worth celebrating.

“Seven!” Yoochun slurs from the floor, Junsu curled up against his side while Jaejoong dangles yet another contraband bottle of soju just out of their flailing grasp. “Seven’s a great number! Seven’s my favorite number…”

“Five’s mine,” Yunho hums, stretched out along the couch, and when Changmin leans over him, Yunho grins up at him, silly and affectionate and definitely drunk. Changmin downs the rest of his glass quickly and climbs unsteadily into Yunho’s lap.

“Mine’s you,” Changmin announces. Yunho’s brow wrinkles.

“I’m your favorite num…” he starts, but Changmin leans down to press their mouths together, interrupting him.

Yunho’s mouth tastes sharply of the soju, and Changmin sighs against him when Yunho’s hands come up to tug through his hair. Changmin relaxes more into Yunho, their elbows knocking awkwardly against each other, but Changmin could really care less about that, or about anything other than the soft noises Yunho is making into Changmin’s mouth.

When Changmin comes to his senses, it’s because he hears giggling. When he turns his head, he finds three pairs of eyes staring back at him, wide and drunk and interested, from above three identical grins.

“Don’t stop, Minnie-ah,” Jaejoong says, and that’s all the further he gets before Changmin is scrambling off the couch and punching anybody within reach. Jaejoong punches back, and Junsu defends himself with tickling, while Yoochun mostly curls up in a ball like a pill bug and waits for the mayhem to end.

By the time Changmin sends them scattering out of the living room, whooping and hollering obscene suggestions behind them, Changmin finds Yunho already fast asleep on the couch.

He curls up on top of Yunho with a sigh, but it doesn’t feel like things are so bad when Yunho snuggles up closer to him in his sleep and buries his nose in Changmin’s hair.

The fourth time, Changmin isn’t actually drunk on anything at all, except for possibly jetlag. There’s nothing special about the place (they’re back in their Seoul apartment) or the day (Changmin could make a terrible joke about “Show Me Your Love” but he refrains) or anything else, except this time, with the others busy with the takeout in the kitchen, Changmin stops Yunho in the hallway and takes the beer out of his hand.

“Changmin,” Yunho starts, obviously ready to deliver a gentle lecture about Changmin’s budding alcoholism, but Changmin covers his mouth.

“We usually do the drinking first, and then it doesn’t seem to work out so much,” Changmin says. “So I just wanted you to know, I like you, Yunho-yah. And you like me, right?”

Mouth still covered by Changmin’s hand, Yunho eyes Changmin silently for a long moment, during which Changmin can feel his heart crawling into his stomach. Then finally, miraculously, Yunho nods, his smile curling against Changmin’s fingers. Changmin pulls his hand away so that he can taste Yunho for once, instead of soju or anything else.

The fifth time Changmin gets drunk, really and truly drunk, he’s still nowhere near legal. But Yunho seems to think it’s all right, and Changmin doesn’t wake up alone, so in the end Changmin assumes it must all be just fine.

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