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DBSK, Leftovers are Always Better the Next Day

Changmin can't figure out what the secret ingredient in Jaejoong's curry is. (Changmin/DBSK)

DBSK, Break Hearts, Not Sidebars

International_Huge needs a new website. (Jaejoong/DBSK)

DBSK, 3LDK (International_Huge)

Although he likes returning to Tokyo, the actual act of moving isn’t something Yunho enjoys. (OT5)

DBSK, Knitwit (International_Huge)

After the scarf is finished, the others think that the knitting infatuation will die down, but things don’t exactly turn out that way. (OT5)

DBSK, First Time For Everything

Changmin isn't the baby anymore, and he's got it all planned out about how he's going to show that to the other members. (Changmin/DBSK)

DBSK/SHINee, Growing Pains

Changmin's grumpy, and it has something to do with SHINee. (Changmin/DBSK)

DBSK, A Hole Nother Story

Changmin digs in his heels about this whole piercing thing, not that it helps. (Changmin/DBSK)

DBSK, Best-Loved

Jaejoong doesn't exactly clear up who he loves best. (OT5)

DBSK, The Road to Okinawa

One summer day through five pairs of eyes. (OT5)

DBSK, Variegation on a Theme

Jaejoong returns from a visit with his sisters with a new skill. (OT5)

DBSK, The Rule of 72

The problem with compound interest is that the resulting obligation can be difficult to interpret. (Yoochun/DBSK)

DBSK, Bohdisattva

International_Huge gets deleted from (Jaejoong/DBSK)

DBSK, Henshin

Changmin is tired of always being treated like DBSK's baby. (Changmin/DBSK)

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