DBSK, 3LDK (International_Huge)

Title: 3LDK
Author international_huge
Pairing: OT5
Rating: Balloons


The last of his things put away, Yunho collapses onto his bed with a grateful sigh. Although he likes returning to Tokyo, Japan feeling almost more like home than Korea sometimes after all the time they spend there, the actual act of moving isn’t something Yunho enjoys.

And even though he likes they way they all share a room in Korea, it’s nice to have his own space too.

“Don’t get too comfortable,” his roommate warns, and Yunho rolls over to watch Changmin tap at the keys of his computer, already curled up against his pillows. “You know they’ll all just show up sooner or later.”

Yunho chuckles and stretches out even farther over the empty space of his bed. “You think so? Even the very first night?”

“Especially the very first night,” Changmin snorts, but he pats the bed beside himself. “Come over here and answer UFO replies with me.”

Sure enough, it isn’t long before Junsu trudges into the room with pillow-wild hair and a pout, complaining that he hates being left alone. He curls up at the end of Changmin’s bed, Yunho pulling his legs up to give him some room, but Changmin just resettling his feet on Junsu’s stomach.

Junsu’s already asleep and Yunho isn’t far from it when the other two show up, Yoochun being dragged along by Jaejoong’s hand on his wrist and squinting at them through sleepy eyes. The pair of them curl up on Yunho’s deserted bed as Changmin puts his laptop away, and Yunho asks sleepily why they bothered to move if they’re the whole way over there anyway, but then gives a little snore before Jaejoong even has a chance to answer.

Changmin rolls onto his side and wraps an arm around Yunho’s waist to mirror the way Yoochun is tucked along Jaejoong’s back, although Yoochun also seems to already be asleep. Changmin and Jaejoong talk across the space between the beds about nothing in particular, their schedule for tomorrow and what kind of onigiri they’re going to eat first.

“I wish ume was in season,” Changmin sighs wisfully. Yunho stirs a little against him, but quiets when Changmin finds Yunho’s hand with his own and laces their fingers together. He strokes his thumb over Yunho’s idly, his eyelids getting heavier and heavier with each blink.

“It’ll be summer soon enough.” Jaejoong yawns, then adds lazily, “We should have pushed the beds together.”

Changmin murmurs that they can do it tomorrow, and that they might as well have just stayed in Korea, and the last conscious thought he has is that somebody really ought to get the light.

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