DBSK, Knitwit (International_Huge)

Title: Knitwit
Author international_huge
Pairing: OT5
Rating: Balloons


After the scarf is finished, the others think that the knitting infatuation will die down, but things don’t exactly turn out that way.

“That is really pink,” Junsu wrinkles his nose, looking inside the bag Yunho had set down while he was taking off his coat. “What on earth are you going to knit with that?”

“Are you making Jaejoong a new website?” Yoochun asks, peeking curiously over Junsu’s shoulder, and Jaejoong shouts from the kitchen that somebody’s on KP duty for the next week.

“I thought I’d try something more challenging this time,” Yunho says, somewhat cryptically, and then disappears into his room with his bag.

Later on, the others try to pester Changmin to reveal the details of the project, but Changmin just shrugs and said that he’s been sworn to secrecy, on his honor as the only decent roommate in the group.

“I am totally the best roommate in this group!” Junsu exclaims, and then when Jaejoong and Changmin howl with laughter while Yoochun stares at his feet, Junsu stomps into the room he shares with nobody and slams the door.

“He has to come out sometime,” Jaejoong reasons, and sure enough, a few hours later, Yunho does indeed emerge, looking bleary-eyed and vaguely puzzled, but it turns out that he only wants to borrow Jaejoong’s phone.

“Where’s your phone?” Jaejoong wants to know as he hands it over, scowling when Yoochun says that it’s probably in either his or Jaejoong’s purse.

“Is your mother still the first speed dial?” Yunho wants to know, which makes Jaejoong’s eyes narrow even farther while Changmin and Yoochun give up entirely on their Perfect Dark tournament to roll around on the floor, clutching at their stomachs in mirth.

“Why don’t you call your own mother!” Jaejoong tries to snatch his phone back, but Yunho dodges him with practiced ease as he puts the phone to his ear.

“I already did, but she said I needed somebody with more…hi, Mrs. Kim, it’s Yunho. How are you?” He starts off down the hallway, Jaejoong’s phone pressed firmly against his ear. “Listen, I have a couple questions…”

“With more what?!” Jaejoong demands, but it’s too late because Yunho has already shut the door, and all Jaejoong can hear now is Changmin and Yoochun still hooting. He gives both of them a kick on the way by and says he hopes they both choke on their own spit. Again.

The record for keeping a secret from the entire group is about twenty-seven hours, but Yunho manages to shatter it by the time he sneaks up behind Jaejoong on the couch and yanks something down onto his head.

“What the hell!” Jaejoong snaps, but when he reaches up, his hand touches something soft and fuzzy, and when he yanks it loose, it turns out to be the violent pink of the yarn in the bag.

It also turns out to be a hat.

“You knit me a hat?” Jaejoong asks, voice wavering with uncertainty about whether he’s going to be annoyed or thrilled or what. “You knit me a hat with a bobble and tassles?”

“He knit you the hat from the calendar shoot,” Changmin speaks up from the floor, although he doesn’t look away from the sound thrashing he’s taking on the PS3 at the hands of Junsu. “You know, the one you tried to smuggle out underneath your shirt?”

“Would have worked if your shirt weren’t made out of less material than the hat,” Yoochun comments, reaching over to tug one of the braided tassels.

“Sorry it took so long,” Yunho says as Jaejoong puts the hat back on his head. “But it was hard, and I had to call your mom for knitting advice. And also to find out how big your head was.”

“You knit me a hat,” Jaejoong repeats, voice having settled on thrilled, and he yanks on his braided, pink tassels with both hands and beams up at Yunho like the sun.

“Next you can knit yourself some dignity,” Changmin comments, and Jaejoong kicks him in the back without looking.

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  • By O4DBSK, 2009.11.06 @ 5:21 pm

    LOL XD this was jks! relly a feel good type of thing! thx!

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