DBSK, Natural Order (International_Huge)

Title: Natural Order
Author international_huge
Pairing: Jaejoong/Changmin/Yunho
Rating: ~MIROTIC~

Natural Order

“Are you crazy?” Jaejoong gives Yunho a shove, although it doesn’t have much effect since the material of their current costumes is too slippery to get much of a grip.

“What?” Yunho blinks, turning away from where they’ve been watching Changmin have his solo shots done. “All I said was they should think about changing our regular order. It’s just now that Changmin is so tall…”

“That’s exactly why we can’t change,” Jaejoong insists, making Yunho frown harder. Jaejoong rolls his eyes as Yunho’s thick-headedness. “Because, Changmin looks best between you and me, right?”

“Aha.” Yunho’s frown relaxes into a grin when he catches on. They both turn to watch Changmin.

“Pressed as tight in between you and me as possible,” Jaejoong adds, voice a purr, and when Changmin happens to glance their way, Jaejoong only smiles more broadly.

Changmin frowns and lets his arms drop, getting an annoyed bark from the photographer, before demanding, “Why are you two staring at me like that?”

It isn’t until they get home that they can show him, but then they’re barely inside the door when Yunho presses himself along Changmin’s back, arms curling around his waist. Jaejoong takes care of Yoochun and Junsu with a look, and they scamper off to hide in Yoochun’s room, giggling and throwing leers over their shoulders.

“Yunho wanted us to change our order,” Jaejoong explains, getting close enough to wrap his own arms over top of Yunho’s, to feel the heat of Changmin’s body in a line along his own.

“What?” Changmin rolls his eyes, and Jaejoong makes a face which plainly says I know, right? “There’s two huge problems with that, the first of which is that you morons would never ever get the order right if we tried to change it now.”

“What’s the second?” Yunho asked, although he didn’t seemed fully focused on talking and instead was spending his attention nuzzling the back of Changmin’s neck.

Changmin grinned down at Jaejoong and reached back to tug Yunho even closer. “I look best between you two, obviously.”

Yunho’s too preoccupied to be of any help, and Changmin just likes causing trouble, so Jaejoong has to do all the work as usual, but eventually he does managed to get the three of them dragged into Yunho and Changmin’s room, gets them into bed and most of their clothes onto the floor.

He keeps pushing at them with his hands and coaxing with low-throated suggestions until it’s Yunho that’s actually in the middle, up on his knees and holding onto the headboard, Changmin distracting him with his mouth on Yunho’s cock while Jaejoong works a second finger inside of Yunho.

“See?” Yunho asks, breathless, letting his head tip back against Jaejoong’s shoulder. “Changing the order can be nice sometimes.”

Jaejoong narrows his eyes and crooks his fingers, making Yunho gasp and jerk, and even though Jaejoong has an arm tight around Yunho’s waist to keep him steady, he still nearly chokes Changmin. Changmin comes up coughing and complaining that he has to do everything himself if he wants it done right.

“Feel free,” Jaejoong shrugs, tugging his fingers free from Yunho and shoving him forward onto Changmin. He sits back to watch, smug, as Changmin and Yunho make no progress at all, other than to get their hands in each other’s hair and to trade slow, deep kisses.

It’s worth watching, though, Jaejoong supposes as he makes himself comfortable at the end of the bed and wraps his hand around his cock, stroking slowly. Yunho and Changmin do make a pretty picture, long limbs tangled, sleek muscle flexing, flashes of tongue slipping in between their lips, and before Jaejoong knows it, he’s having to squeeze at the base of his cock to keep from enjoying it a little too much, too early.

“Hey,” he says, kicking at their legs with his foot, “get on with it, you two!”

“Go play with Chunnie and Su if you’re in such a rush,” Changmin pulls his mouth away from Yunho’s just long enough to say, but when he tries to recapture Yunho’s mouth, Yunho dodges him.

“Don’t tell him that, he will,” Yunho pouts, then looks over his shoulder to pout at Jaejoong as well. “What’re you so far away for? Come here,” he asks, kicking back at Jaejoong’s foot a little.

“Fine, fine, you attention whore,” Jaejoong sighs, affectionate. He tugs Yunho up until he’s straddling Changmin’s waist, Jaejoong curled along his back with his chin resting on Yunho’s shoulder, all the better to see Changmin’s glare with. “Yunnie-ah, how do you want us?”

“I’m good like this,” Yunho answers without hesitation, shivering when Jaejoong runs fingers down his abs.

“Hey!” Changmin protests. “Wasn’t the whole point of this to prove that I was supposed to stay in the middle?”

“Shush, Minnie-ah,” Jaejoong urges Yunho further up onto his knees and reaches underneath him to hold Changmin steady. “Let your hyung teach you something for once.”

Changmin doesn’t have any further complaints when Yunho sinks down on him, until they’re pressed flush again. Jaejoong can feel the tremble in Yunho’s muscles, and murmurs things against his ear that barely make any sense, but sound good. He slides his hand down to get at Yunho’s cock, but finds that Changmin’s already beat him to it.

It doesn’t take long for Yunho to relax between them, and then to start pushing against them, demanding more, but Jaejoong holds him tight enough to force him to stay at Changmin’s pace, laughing when Yunho calls them both sexual sadists.

“Can’t have you going too early,” Jaejoong replies, shifting so that his own cock is caught between his stomach and the small of Yunho’s back, giving him some relief. “This is a two-show-a-night contract.”

“Only two?” Changmin comments from the bottom. “You two are getting lazy in your old age.”

“Nobody said anything about how many encores,” Jaejoong shoots back with a click of his tongue, then whispers in Yunho’s ear that maybe they ought to do something about the baby because they’ll never live it down if he beats them.

“I think,” Yunho says, breathless and devious, “that I might have just the trick.”

“What…” Changmin’s eyes narrow, then squeeze shut entirely a second later. “Oh, fuck, Yunho, fuck!”

“Just give in,” Jaejoong advises sweetly, dropping his hand from Yunho’s stomach to Changmin’s, grazing the hot, trembling skin with his nails. Changmin snarls at them and fights it, but Yunho gives another roll of his hips, one that Jaejoong is intimately familiar with, and Changmin’s back arches despite both of their weight when he’s forced to give into his orgasm.

“You’re a hundred years too young to beat me,” Yunho soothes as Changmin catches his breath, and Changmin opens his eyes just long enough to glare. “Come on, Joongie, hurry.”

“Oh, now he wants to hurry,” Jaejoong grumbles without any heat as he helps Yunho ease off of Changmin and pushes him forward onto his hands to get himself lined up. “You two are definitely spending too much time together. I think we need, oh,” Jaejoong interrupts himself with a hiss as he slides into Yunho with barely any resistance, “roommate changes.”

“No way,” Yunho and Changmin answer simultaneously, and Jaejoong would laugh if he weren’t occupied trying not to come even faster than Changmin.

Yunho’s already too close to last very long anyway, and Changmin still has his hands on him, working Yunho steadily in rhythm with Jaejoong’s thrusts. Jaejoong tightens his fingers on Yunho’s hips, fingers sinking into hot skin, and Yunho’s gone, sinking to his elbows and burying his face against Changmin’s shoulder as he comes apart. Jaejoong grits his teeth and forces his rhythm steady to push Yunho through the end of it, and as soon as Yunho’s shoulders un-tense, Jaejoong lets himself go as well.

“You’re too heavy,” Changmin complains a minute later.

“I’m too sticky,” Yunho complains, voice muffled against Changmin’s chest.

“And in conclusion,” Jaejoong says smugly, “order changes are bad! What do I get for winning?”

Yunho lifts his head to share a look with Changmin, and then they make it so that Jaejoong is the stickiest and also on the bottom, and Jaejoong renews his objection that they need roommate changes.

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