DBSK, International Calling Plan (International_Huge)

Title: International Calling Plan
Author international_huge
Pairing: Yoochun/Changmin
Rating: Purple Line

International Calling Plan

That’s a cute hoodie, the first mail says, and although Changmin is standing not ten feet away from him, Yoochun doesn’t think much of it. It’s easier to mail rather than talk when the cameras and fangirls are watching their every move sometimes.

He doesn’t think much of it, that is, until the second mail says, and I know what’s underneath it is even cuter.

what r u doing? Yoochun mails back, trying to look casual about it and not to jump out of his skin when a camera snaps too close to his ear.

you can’t guess? Changmin asks. Yoochun looks up to find Changmin half a dozen people away in the sea of staff and luggage and them. Changmin smirks and taps his phone some more, and Yoochun’s phone buzzes in his hand. When he looks down, it says I’m having mailsex with you, obviously.

Yoochun scowls down at his phone, because really, who bothers to type out the whole word ‘obviously’ on a mail? He sends back, no u are def not.

Try and stop me~ is Changmin’s response, followed by a string of cat emoticons which Yoochun will now never be able to use in a mail to his mother ever again.

Tucking the phone into his pocket and trying to ignore its buzzing, Yoochun focuses on standing around, looking casual, and having his passport checked. But when the staff member next to him suggests, with a raised eyebrow, that he really might want to look at his phone already, Yoochun gives in with a scowl.

He has ten messages from Changmin detailing the removal of every piece of Yoochun’s clothing, from headphones to sandals, and one from Jaejoong demanding to know what the two of them are up to.

nothing its mins fault is Yoochun’s reply, but he doesn’t get to send it because his mail is interrupted by a new one from Changmin suggesting that he could bend Yoochun over the baggage return carousel. bug yunho instead he tries back to Changmin instead his hoodie is cuter.

Changmin’s next mail is so pornographic that Yoochun can’t even believe their service carrier would let it through the system, and Yoochun tugs his hat down lower around his burning ears and hopes his aviators are covering up most of his blush. In desperation, he starts to type one back, as fast as he can so he won’t get interrupted, the dirtiest thing he can possibly imagine doing to Changmin in the airport, then sends it.

For a second nothing happens, then his phone buzzes, but it’s just a mail from Jaejoong again, demanding no srsly what are you 2 DOING. Yoochun closes his phone with a scowl and taps it against his arm, waiting.

Then all the air goes out of his lungs with a whuff as weight collapses on his shoulders from above, and Changmin’s voice in his ear asks, “The ticket counter? Re~ally?”

“The baggage carousel?” Yoochun snaps back, trying to scrunch his shoulders up so that both Changmin will get off and so that his collar will hide more of his face. “Get off me, idiot, we’re in public!”

“Eh, so what,” Changmin answers, but he does let go when his phone beeps in his pocket. He tugs it out and flips it open. “Junsu thinks the baggage carousel is a great idea.”

They both look up to find Junsu waving his phone at them with a seedy grin from half a dozen yards away.

“I told him we’d meet him there in five,” Changmin says, and Yoochun shoves him into the nearest baggage cart.

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  • By O4DBSK, 2009.11.06 @ 5:59 pm

    ooooo!!no wonder yoomin are always having conversations with their eyes :p another awfully cute/hot one!!

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