DBSK, Stay With Me Tonight

Title: Stay With Me Tonight [Junsu/Changmin]
Rating/Warnings: R for nightmares and insomnia remedies.
Summary: Changmin has a bad dream, and Junsu has a secret technique.
AN: Jemz made me do it! She said i couldn’t go to the beach until I posted D:

Stay With Me Tonight

Changmin woke with a start in the middle of the night, heart pounding and clutching at his pillow. It was pitch dark in his room, and he had to squeeze his eyes shut hard and reopen them to convince himself that he had them open in the first place.

“Just a dream,” he told himself, and he tried to piece the fragments of his dream together while his heart slowed. They’d been at a taping of…something…answering stupid questions, and Changmin had stood up to do some MC thing…and the others were really far away all of the sudden, and then there was this fan, this girl, coming right at him and…

Changmin tried to make himself laugh, because out of all of them, what fan would try and come after him? But even though it had been a while, some things probably wouldn’t ever be funny.

His heart slowed after a bit, but his brain didn’t, and after a while Changmin finally admitted to himself that his dark room was giving him the creeps and got up out of bed. His pajamas were all twisted, and it took Changmin a few shakes of his limbs to get it all sorted out, smoothing out the creased fabric over his elbows.

When he reached the doorway, he paused with his hand on the doorframe, blinking at the bright cut of light coming from underneath the bathroom at the end of the hall (Yunho sometimes needed guidance in the middle of the night, like a moth).

He had two choices, left or right. Yunho and Jaejoong wouldn’t mind Changmin spending the night with them, but that wasn’t the sort of comfort Changmin wanted just then. Not to mention the idea of talking about his dream with Yunho…instead he turned the other way and padded down the hall, pushing open Junsu’s door.

Junsu was on his back with his mouth wide open, breath heavy but not quite a snore. Changmin made sure the door made a little noise when he closed it, just enough that Junsu stirred, half-snore cutting off with a little snort.

“Huzzah?” Junsu asked, voice a sleepy rumble. With the door shut the room was too dark to see, but Changmin heard the shift of the mattress and knew that Junsu had rolled up onto his side.

“It’s me, hyung,” Changmin answered, starting to feel just a bit stupid. It was only a dream, after all.

“Mm, ‘lo, ‘Min.” There was a soft fwump, no doubt Junsu’s head hitting the pillow again. “Thought you might be Chunnie. You stayin’?”

“If it’s okay.” Changmin was already making his way across the room by touch, and when he bumped into the bed, he found Junsu holding up the blankets for him to crawl in. Changmin let Junsu pull him into a cuddle, like he was an oversized stuffed animal, and wondered for a second how he got the reputation of the group’s baby anyway.

“S’matter?” Junsu asked after a little silence. His grip on Changmin shifted tighter, hands warm against Changmin’s back. “Heartbeat’s funny.”

“It is?” Changmin furrowed his eyebrows. He was still uneasy, but his heart had long since stopped pounding.

“Mmhmm.” Junsu shifted again, slid down a bit to lay his head against Changmin’s chest. “Sounds worried. Like…you had a nightmare. About a crazy fan?”

“Junsu!” Changmin’s jaw dropped open.

Junsu chuckled suddenly, but before Changmin could get his indignation together, he was being squeezed just this side of too tight to breathe.

“Heard you through the wall,” he said, and Changmin let himself relax. “Want to talk about it?”

Changmin thought about it for a second, thought about trying to explain the pieces of his dream, edges sharp enough to still be cutting at him, then shook his head, curling his fingers tighter against Junsu’s arms.

“Want me to turn on the light?” Junsu asked, and after another second, Changmin nodded.

It was a relief when yellow light washed over them and Changmin, after a few blinks, could see Junsu’s face, warm with concern and sleep. His hair was bunched up on one side and his cheek had pillow wrinkles, and Changmin couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“Good to see you too,” Junsu teased, settling back down in the blankets. He let his head settle into the pillow with enough space between them to see Changmin’s face, but put his arm back around Changmin’s waist, loose and warm. “You really don’t want to talk?”

“Nothing to say.” Changmin twiddled a little fold of the sheets where his hand was flopped in between them. “It’s just a dream. We all have that one once in a while.”

“I’ve never had that one,” Junsu said, stroking Changmin’s back with his palm when Changmin stared at him hard to see if he was teasing. “I have the one where I’m flying, and the one where I go out on the stage and I’m in my underwear, and the one where I’m in my room but it isn’t my room, you know? And all my stuff is there, but it isn’t my stuff, and I’m wearing my clothes but they aren’t my clothes…” Junsu kept going until Changmin snorted a little laugh. “But I never had the crazy fan coming to kill me dream.”

“It didn’t quite get to killing,” Changmin protested, but his eyes were back on his hand and the fold of the sheet he was twiddling, wrinkling it up between his thumb and forefinger.

“Sometimes though,” Junsu continued, and the way his voice was suddenly quiet pulled Changmin’s attention away from his hand, “I have the one where the crazy fan is after Yoochun. Or Yunho. Or…”

“Junsu,” Changmin cut him off, sliding arms around Junsu’s neck and pressing closer, because he hadn’t really thought about how that sort of dream would be worse, but now that he was thinking about it, it gave him a chill that even Junsu’s sleep-warm skin couldn’t chase away entirely.

“Ah, sorry, ‘Min.” Junsu held Changmin tightly, rubbing his cheek along Changmin’s. “I made it worse.”

“It’s okay, it’s not as scary with you here,” Changmin assured.

“Kind of you to say.” Junsu chuckled in Changmin’s ear, then pushed him back a few inches so they were looking at each other again, knees tangled but chests apart. “In return I’ll teach you my patented Xiah Xiah Super Coma Relaxation Technique!”

“Your what?” Changmin demanded, snickering.

“Guaranteed to knock you out in minutes and make sure you have sweet dreams,” Junsu continued, reaching over to flick Changmin’s forehead. “Are you ready for my ultimate secret to be revealed?”

“Yes, hyung,” Changmin answered dutifully, doing his best to look obedient and uninitiated.

He wasn’t particularly surprised when Junsu slid his hand down between them and into Changmin’s pajama pants, and gave his cock a firm, slow stroke, but he gave his hyung an appreciative groan anyway.

Junsu kissed Changmin’s cheek for his efforts. “It’s a good technique, right?”

“It’s very clever,” Changmin agreed, not bothering to wipe the grin off his face. “But let me see if I’ve got the hang of it…ah,” he said when his hand was wrapped tight around Junsu, and Junsu had given an approving moan, “it seems you’re an excellent teacher.”

Changmin swallowed Junsu’s laugh with a lazy kiss, letting his eyes fall shut and melting into Junsu’s attention, heat working its way down his limbs at last, all the way into this fingertips and toes. He tried to keep his own grip tight and match Junsu’s easy strokes, but his hand was stuttering along with his breath, and they both laughed when Junsu knocked Changmin’s hand out of the way without a fight and shifted closer so that he could get his hands around both of them at the same time.

Changmin was very much okay with curling his arms around Junsu’s waist and helping out by rolling his hips instead.

“Hyung?” he gasped, forehead pressed tight against Junsu’s, a fine tremble running down his skin.

“Go on then,” Junsu encouraged, squeezing just a little tighter, and Changmin gave in, shuddering against Junsu and spilling into his hand, whimpering at the rub of Junsu’s still-hard length against him while he shivered through the aftershocks.

He was barely peeling his eyes back open when Junsu followed him, rubbing his cheek along Changmin’s and purring low in his throat. Changmin smoothed his hands over Junsu’s neck and back, easing him down until Junsu opened his eyes with a lazy grin.

“So my technique is genius, right?” Junsu nudged Changmin, then grinned even bigger when Changmin opened his mouth to answer and gave a jaw-cracking yawn instead.

“Yes, yes, you’re very clever,” Changmin assured as Junsu stretched out just far enough to snatch a couple tissues off his bedside table, then cleaned them off with a few perfunctory swipes before tossing the balled-up tissues off the side of the bed.

They snuggled back down, Junsu wriggling when Changmin poked him in the ribs a few times before allowing himself to be pulled back into a tangle against Junsu’s chest.

“Better, right?” Junsu asked, mouth close to Changmin’s ear.

“Mmhmm,” Changmin murmured, letting his eyelids slip down since they were feeling kind of heavy all the sudden.

Junsu was always worth counting on, Changmin thought to himself as he started to drift off, and the last thing he heard was Junsu telling him to have sweet dreams.

A couple hours later, Changmin woke with a start from another dream with his heart pounding, then realized that Junsu was smothering a laugh against his shoulder and it wasn’t a dream at all.

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