DBSK, Practical Demonstration (U_Know_Who)

Title: Practical Demonstration
Author U_Know_Who
Rating/Warnings: R
Pairing(s): Yunho/Jaejoong
Summary: Yunho likes to watch.

Practical Demonstration

When Jaejoong bought the mirror, the others made fun of him endlessly.

“How many mirrors do you need?” Junsu snickered, on the way home from the filming, the mirror safely tucked in the back of the van. They’d been filming next door to an antique furniture shop, and Jaejoong had snuck over during a break and come back, proudly bearing his prize.

It was beautiful, the metal of the trim in need of a little dusting and maybe a polish, but the floor-length glass didn’t have a single chip in it, and it swung freely in the stand.

On the other hand, Junsu did have something of a point. It wasn’t like they, all being international idols, didn’t have quite a few mirrors throughout all of their various apartments.

“He’s never going to leave the bedroom again,” Changmin sighed, leaning his head sadly against Yoochun’s shoulder. “Say goodbye to your best friend, because he’s just going to stand in there and stare at himself all day long.”

“Our career is over,” Yoochun agreed, leaning his head against Changmin’s. They gave another sad sigh in unison.

“That’s fine,” Jaejoong said placidly from the backseat, one hand protectively on the mirror to make sure it didn’t bounce around. “Because none of you are allowed to use my mirror.”

True to his word, Jaejoong kicked Junsu, Yoochun, and Changmin all out of the bedroom while he set the mirror up and cleaned off the worst of the dust, slamming the door in their faces with a good deal of satisfaction. For a while the three of them entertained themselves by shouting obscene suggestions for what Jaejoong could do with his reflection through the door, but eventually they got bored and wandered off.

When Yunho opened the door a while after that, Jaejoong turned to yell, but his expression relaxed when he saw who it was.

“Oh, it’s just you.” Jaejoong turned back to the mirror, rubbing at a particularly troublesome spot with an old T-shirt. “You’re allowed in.”

“Nice to hear.” Yunho came closer to inspect Jaejoong’s work, trailing fingers over worn bits of the ornate border. “Looks good.”

Jaejoong tossed the T-shirt aside and stretched, his back cracking a little. “I’ll have to get some furniture polish for the rest of it, I think. Hm?” he asked when Yunho’s arms came around his waist before he could get his hands back down.

“I mean,” Yunho tugged Jaejoong back against his chest, and ran his eyes deliberately up and down their reflections in the mirror, “looks good.”

“Aha, I was wondering why you weren’t in on the teasing.” Jaejoong’s smile was lazy, and he didn’t make any move either to stop Yunho or to help as Yunho began undoing the row of buttons down Jaejoong’s shirt.

“I’m a little smarter than most of them, it’s true.” Yunho ran fingertips over the stripe of skin he’d bared down the center of Jaejoong’s chest, making Jaejoong hum. “Otherwise they would have seen the practical applications of the situation.”

“Mm, I love it when you use all the big words,” Jaejoong said, making Yunho laugh again. “Tell me more, professor.”

“Don’t get smart with me, I’m on your side,” Yunho admonished, pinching Jaejoong’s nipple and making Jaejoong twitch. He pushed Jaejoong away, making Jaejoong give a whine, but it was only far enough to strip the shirt off Jaejoong’s body and toss it aside.

“Maybe just a demonstration, then?” Jaejoong purred as Yunho pulled him close again, reaching around behind to wrap arms around Yunho’s waist in a backwards hug. “Of the practical applications of the situation. I’m a tactile learner, Yunho-sshi.”

“Since you asked so nicely,” Yunho murmured. He bent his head enough to start trailing open-mouthed kisses along Jaejoong’s shoulder, but his eyes stayed on their reflection as he fiddled with Jaejoong’s belt.

It was hard to decide what to watch as he tugged Jaejoong’s cock free and stroked him hard, either his hand sliding over Jaejoong’s skin or the flush spreading over Jaejoong’s chest or the way Jaejoong’s eyes were dark under his lashes, obviously watching the same things as Yunho.

Jaejoong got more restless in Yunho’s grip the longer he was held still, but Yunho wrapped his free arm around Jaejoong’s chest tighter, adjusted his grip with his other hand. It changed the angle just enough to get Jaejoong to jerk against him, to start pleading in a low, rough voice that made Yunho’s arms goosebump and his own cock stiffen where it was trapped in his jeans and snug against Jaejoong’s ass.

When Yunho traced the lines of Jaejoong’s tattoo with the tip of his tongue, Jaejoong cried out, and his cock jumped in Yunho’s hand. Yunho grinned against Jaejoong’s skin, and when he felt Jaejoong give a telltale shudder, he bit down on the inked skin, turning Jaejoong’s cry into a full-throated wail, and there was a rush of slick heat over Yunho’s fingers.

“Very nice,” Yunho whispered in Jaejoong’s ear as he soothed Jaejoong down with soft brushes of his clean hand down Jaejoong’s chest, and if Jaejoong noticed the way Yunho’s voice shook a little, he didn’t tease about it.

“See?” Jaejoong asked, twisting just enough to get his mouth within reach of Yunho’s, “This is why we need more mirrors.”

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