DBSK, WILD SOUL (International_Huge)

Title: WILD SOUL [5/10]
Pairing: Jaejoong/Changmin
Rating: ~MIROTIC~


“So,” Jaejoong starts without any preamble, pulling Changmin’s chair out from the table, away from his silly textbook, and settling himself firmly in Changmin’s lap backwards so that Changmin’s nose is level with his shoulder blades, “notice anything different?”

“Nope, you’re still annoying,” Changmin replies. “And also not transparent. So get lost, I’m studying.”

“Tsk, aren’t you supposed to be some kind of genius?” Jaejoong teases. He reaches for the hem of his T-shirt and pulls it over his head, biting his lip against the sting of still-raw skin pulling. “Look a little harder.”

Changmin’s sucks in a loud breath, and Jaejoong grins at how low Changmin’s voice is when he asks, “Hyung, what’s that?”

“What’s it look like?” Jaejoong asks silkily.

“It looks like a tattoo. Is this real?” Changmin’s fingers brush against Jaejoong’s skin, and the touch is light but still makes Jaejoong wince a little. “Holy shit, it’s real. Fuck, hyung, what did you DO?”

There’s equal parts horror and awe in Changmin’s voice, and Jaejoong knows he’s picked the right member to win over first. Changmin likes trouble, but Changmin is more than smart enough to pick up on all the ways Jaejoong and Yoochun’s idea was complete genius.

“Yunho’s going to kill you,” Changmin continues, and now he’s tracing letters with his fingertip, making Jaejoong squirm.

“Then you’ll only be a trio,” Jaejoong says lightly, and Changmin’s finger freezes where it is.

“Who…Yoochun,” Changmin answers his own question before he even finishes asking it. His finger digs a little into Jaejoong’s skin, making Jaejoong hiss. “Oh shit, you two. You two are such fucking bastards.”

The sudden vehemence in Changmin’s voice catches Jaejoong off-guard.

“God, you never think,” Changmin snarls, his breath hot on Jaejoong’s skin, and heat sparks in Jaejoong’s veins. “This is permanent, you moron! You can’t hide this!”

“Good thing it’s sexy then, right?” Jaejoong asks, but his levity only seems to make Changmin angrier.

“It’ll be terrifically sexy when you’re fired.” Changmin shoves at Jaejoong, but Jaejoong refuses to budge. “Get off me, asshole.”

“Aw, Minnie-ah,” Jaejoong plays up his big eyes and pout as hard as he can when he turns just enough to get arms around Changmin’s neck, to get a look at his face. Changmin’s eyes are dark with anger and worry and it’s hot as hell. “You know what it says, right?”

“TVfXQ SOUL,” Changmin enunciates carefully, derisively, then repeats it in Korean.

“Good for fanservice, ne, ne?” Jaejoong presses, but it just seems to annoy Changmin more.

“They aren’t going to let you show that!” Changmin snaps, shoving at Jaejoong some more. “We’re supposed to be clean-cut, good boys!”

“I’m supposed to be an enigma,” Jaejoong reminds. “If you got some ink, hot as that would be, we’d be in real trouble. But since we can’t even get you to pierce something…”

“Don’t try to make this about me,” Changmin says, eyes narrow and darkening even further as Jaejoong shifts about on his lap. “You’re an adrenaline junkie, is what this is about. A junkie and a moron and a son of a bitch, and quit trying to lapdance your way out of trouble!”

Jaejoong does not in any way quit it. “Come on, Minnie-ah, you have to help me convince Yunho this is the best idea ever.”

Changmin freezes and eyes Jaejoong closely. “You haven’t told Yunho?”

“I haven’t told anybody.” Jaejoong shrugs a shoulder carelessly, but he’s watching Changmin’s face closely. “Although Junsu’s probably discovered Yoochun’s by now.”

“Shit, Yunho’s going to freak out,” Changmin groans. Then he pinches a chunk of Jaejoong’s back hard, making him yelp. “And now you’ve dragged me into it! Now he’s going to kill me too!”

“See, but he can’t kill all of us, right?” Jaejoong coaxes. “So if we present him a united front…”

“God, I hate you so much,” Changmin says, “so much.” But even as he says it, his fingers are sneaking up Jaejoong’s back, tracing over the bottom edges of the tattoo.

“You totally like it,” Jaejoong says, smug, and turns himself back to his original position before Changmin can start arguing again. “Go ahead, explore all you like.”

There’s a second of nothing, before Changmin’s fingertips are brushing more purposefully along the sensitive lines of the tattoo, and Jaejoong’s breath catches at the way it makes heat gather in his stomach.

“It feels funny,” Changmin comments, and Jaejoong nods, remembering how Yoochun’s skin had felt raised and hot under his own fingers.

He isn’t at all expecting the swipe of Changmin’s tongue following his fingers, and Jaejoong can’t stop a moan from escaping.

“Tastes different too,” Changmin says, obviously smirking, “also, sensitive much?”

“Maybe a little,” Jaejoong says through gritted teeth. He starts to squirm in earnest as Changmin continues his exploration, and when Changmin reaches the spot where the lines cross his spine, Jaejoong has to grab the edge of the table for support.

“Get up,” Changmin orders, and when he shifts, Jaejoong gathers through his daze that he’s not the only one being affected. “We’re moving this to a bed right now, and don’t even think about arguing if you want my help with Yunho.”

Jaejoong isn’t planning on arguing anyway, because he’s got a pretty good idea what Changmin has in mind. He’s not surprised at all when he ends up on his hands and knees in his bed, Changmin rubbing slick fingers along the crease of his ass.

“You know what you’re doing, right?” Jaejoong manages to ask, struggling to keep his arms straight.

“Don’t ask me stupid questions,” Changmin replies. He leans down to lick at Jaejoong’s tattoo, and Jaejoong collapses to his elbows. Changmin only follows him, feathering kisses along the curve of one of the inked lines as he works a finger inside Jaejoong.

Never shy about this sort of thing, it isn’t long before Jaejoong is reduced to begging by the combination of Changmin’s mouth and hands. When Changmin gives in and replaces his fingers with his cock, pushing blunt and steady, Jaejoong thinks that even if he does get fired it’s worth it.

For all his big talk, it isn’t like Changmin’s the picture of longevity, and Jaejoong isn’t terribly surprised when Changmin sets up a rhythm that is not in any way made to last. He is surprised, however, when Changmin wraps an arm around Jaejoong’s chest and forces him up, so that his back is within easy reach of Changmin’s mouth.

“I can’t…” Jaejoong tries to protest, legs already shaking.

“Hold onto the headboard or something,” Changmin growls, and when he mouths at the ink dead center between Jaejoong’s shoulders, Jaejoong does exactly what he says.

It’s like there’s a direct line between the tattoo and Jaejoong’s cock, and the way Changmin is sucking on small patches, just enough to hurt, but so good, means that Jaejoong is far too close to the edge already when Changmin slides a lube-slick hand down to wrap around his cock.

Changmin nicks Jaejoong with the edge of his teeth, and Jaejoong’s gone, fingers curling so tight around the headboard that his knuckles go white as he comes over Changmin’s fingers.

Fortunately Changmin doesn’t last much longer, holding Jaejoong tight against his chest, and when he lets go, Jaejoong slumps down against the mattress as if he’s made of jelly. He’s so loose that it doesn’t even hurt when Changmin falls hard against his back, just feels good as they soak up heat from each other’s skin.

“So you love it, right?” Jaejoong asks when words are possible again, not that they’ve moved. Changmin is idly tracing the lines of the tattoo against, seems fascinated with several of the spirals. “You’ll help me convince Yunnie he loves it too?”

But Changmin doesn’t get to answer because just then the door opens, and Yunho calls in, “Changmin, have you seen—“

Jaejoong winces into his pillow at the way Yunho’s voice cuts out. The silence seems to drag out forever. Changmin’s hand leaves Jaejoong’s skin, and Jaejoong squeezes his eyes shut because he’s too scared to roll over and see what Yunho’s face looks like.

But they fly back open again when Changmin’s hand presses back against Jaejoong’s skin, two sets of fingers tangled together over his palm.

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