DBSK, Rainy Night (International_Huge)

Title: Rainy Night
Author international_huge
Pairing: Junsu/Jaejoong
Rating: Purple Line

Rainy Night

Jaejoong is picking up after the others, grumbling about how they like to borrow his clothes and then leave them all over the place, when he finds the sheet of composition paper lying on his pillow.

Setting down his armful of clothes, Jaejoong picks up the paper instead and looks it over for a few seconds. It’s a solo, apparently, written in Yoochun’s familiar scrawl, and although something seems a bit off about the range, Jaejoong is intrigued until he glances at the top and sees Junsu’s name written there.

“Honestly,” Jaejoong says to himself, rolling his eyes, but he takes that page with him when he goes out to the kitchen to finish straightening up in there.

It’s peaceful at least, everyone but him and Junsu out for the evening at a string of events, and Junsu is napping. It’s pouring down rain, the steady tapping of it against the window soothing as Jaejoong empties the dishwasher and gets started on the accumulation in the sink.

Jaejoong is almost finished with the dishes, up to his elbows in soapy water, when Junsu stumbles into the kitchen. His hair is wild and his eyes are narrow with sleep, and when he opens his mouth the first time, all he manages is a wide yawn.

“Whassat?” he asks on the second try, leaning over to examine the piece of paper on the counter. Jaejoong had set it down there when he started the dishes, out of splash range.

“It’s for you, I think,” Jaejoong answers, unplugging the drain and rinsing off his hands. “I found it on my pillow, though. Sometimes I swear Yoochun would be on Mars by now if we didn’t keep yanking his head back out of the clouds.”

“Oh,” Junsu straightens up, and Jaejoong realizes that Junsu is holding a piece of paper as well, “because I found this on my pillow.”

Jaejoong wipes his hands dry on a dishtowel carefully before taking the paper. It’s the same song, he realizes after a second, and it takes a few more before the whole thing makes sense. “It’s not a solo, it’s a duet. That’s why it looked odd when I read just the one part.”

“Oh, good.” Junsu rubs at one of his eyes, still plainly half-asleep even as he tries to concentrate on his half of the song. “I was afraid that after I yelled at him for saying the wrong name he’d graduated to even deeper neuroses. Here, lemme see yours again, I didn’t look properly before.”

Jaejoong turns to lean against the counter next to Junsu and holds his page up so that they can look at both at once. It’s still a little frustrating to look back and forth from one page to the other.

“Yoochun has to make everything so hard.” Jaejoong clicks his tongue in annoyance. “Would it have killed him to write both halves together?”

“I think he wants us to bond,” Junsu says. Jaejoong blinks.

“He wants us to what?” he asks, turning his head to examine Junsu more closely. “Why? Does he think we have a problem or something?”

“No, not like that.” Junsu shakes his head. “Yoochun just worries, I think, that we aren’t all equal. You know, I love Yoochun and you love Yoochun and he loves both of us, but you and me…” Junsu trails off meaningfully.

“You and me what?” Jaejoong demands.

“We’re the last two, Boo Jae,” Junsu answers, and snickers when Jaejoong’s jaw drops. “Out of everybody. You didn’t realize?”

Jaejoong’s mouth works for a second before he says, “Are you telling me that Yoochun is trying to set the two of us up?”

“How could you not notice?” Junsu snickers harder. “We’re all alone, it’s raining, he leaves us two halves of a love duet…obviously nature will take it’s course, right? He’s so transparent, it’s kind of adorable.”

“It’s kind of RETARDED,” Jaejoong retorts, scrunching up his nose. “Who does he think he is?! Now I don’t want to sleep with you just to thwart his machinations!”

“Did you want to before?” Junsu asks, and Jaejoong realizes that at some point Junsu’s eyes have gotten dark with interest rather than sleep. “Because I’m going back to bed now, so you’re welcome to join me.”

Jaejoong looks Junsu in the eye and gives the fakest yawn ever; Junsu laughs again and leans over to kiss him. Junsu’s kiss is warm and curious and soft-edged with sleep, and Jaejoong takes the papers out of both of their hands and sets them aside so he can use both hands to pull Junsu closer.

Eventually they do make it back to Junsu’s bed, blankets kicked out of the way and clothes in a heap on the floor, and fuzzily Jaejoong wonders why they haven’t done this before, the two of them.

“Dunno,” Junsu shrugs when Jaejoong asks out loud, more occupied with the way Jaejoong shivers when Junsu scrapes teeth over his collarbone. “Didn’t seem like we needed to, did it? I already loved you enough, Joongie. Don’t tell Yoochun.”

“The hell I won’t,” Jaejoong growls, sudden heat washing through his veins, and he grabs Junsu by the shoulders to roll them over and pins his wrists down to keep him still while he explores Junsu’s skin.

Junsu gasps Jaejoong’s name when Jaejoong swallows him, and Jaejoong has to let go of his wrists to grab his hips instead, but the way Junsu works fingers into his hair is worth it. Jaejoong tightens his grip on Junsu when Junsu starts to thrust in earnest, and doesn’t let go until Junsu is a boneless, shivering puddle underneath him.

And having Junsu return the favor, that’s worth it too.

They’re still wrapped up close together when the door opens hours later, the creak of it rousing Jaejoong out of his doze. He turns his head just enough to see Yoochun smirking at them.

“You,” Jaejoong says, too lazy to work up any real irritation. “We’re going to have a talk about your OCD and your little schemes.”

“You’re just mad because they work,” Yoochun says loftily, but his smirk disappears when he glances at the ground. “Hey, why is my shirt in a ball on the floor?”

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