DBSK, If…!? (International_Huge)

Title: If…!?
Author international_huge
Pairing: Junsu/Changmin
Rating: Hug


Although Changmin is usually something of a purist about preferring the manga to the anime of any given series, after Yunho somehow Leader-sshi’s his way into getting them the “WE ARE” single, he figures he might as well give this one a shot.

Although he almost changes his mind when he goes to borrow the first couple discs and Jaejoong starts waxing rhapsodic about the Water 7 Arc, which in turn makes both Yunho and Yoochun start to sniffle and wipe their eyes.

It’s not surprising that somebody else settles in next to him when he crawls into bed with his laptop, but it’s a bit of a surprise that it’s Junsu, of all people. Not that Junsu doesn’t enjoy anime or manga, they all do to some extent, but Junsu doesn’t tend to have the patience for anything longer than four volumes or thirteen episodes.

“You know this has like 395 episodes and counting, right, hyung?” Changmin asks, even as he shifts over a little to give Junsu more room. He might as well have saved himself the trouble, since Junsu only shifts over as well, tucking himself tight along Changmin’s side with his head settled against Changmin’s shoulder.

“It’s the one about pirates, though,” Junsu replies, shrugging a shoulder. “I like pirates.”

Changmin starts up the first episode. He figures Junsu will lose interest quickly enough, especially when the first handful of episodes turn out to be a touch slow. It picks up soon enough, though, and when Junsu starts sniffling against Changmin’s shoulder during the first serious flashback, Changmin realizes they might be stuck with each other for the duration and resigns himself to having his T-shirt soaked on a regular basis. Maybe he can pretend all the salt water is from the ocean, he thinks.

It’s kind of nice to have somebody in exactly the same place as him in the series, on the other hand, especially since the enthusiasm of the other three means that Changmin can’t really talk to them without them telling him about fifty things he hasn’t got to yet. Plus the way Yoochun talks about the reindeer creeps Changmin out.

They try and watch at least a couple a night, even on the nights when they have to keep poking each other awake to do it. Junsu is actually the one who bullies Changmin into watching on the nights they’re too tired, which amuses Changmin even after the novelty of his interest has worn out.

“Is this the first anime you’ve ever watched more than fifty episodes of?” Changmin asks when they crack the Drum Island Arc, and he chuckles when Junsu nods. “I have to say, I’m impressed with your longevity.”

Junsu sticks his tongue out. “I can last longer than you, baby. At anime or anything else.”

“Sure, hyung,” Changmin soothes. “But we couldn’t even get you to finish Death Note. What’s so different about this one?”

“I dunno, I like it.” Junsu runs fingers along Changmin’s collarbone, making him shiver. “I guess…it’s about being with your nakama, isn’t it? Seems like it’d be nice, to be out on the ocean all together, like that.”

“It has some appeal,” Changmin is willing to allow.

“We could be called the Hot Pot Pirates!” Junsu exclaims, getting into the idea more. “All the ingredients are in perfect harmony!”

“If you repeat that to Jaejoong,” Changmin informs Junsu seriously, “I will end you, hyung.”

Junsu laughs and slides his hand up to Changmin’s cheek to turn his head for a kiss. Junsu’s lips taste like salt, because they’ve just gotten through another batch of flashbacks, and Changmin thinks that if they really were sailing the Grand Line together, Junsu’s kiss would always taste like this.

The thought has Changmin tugging Junsu closer, getting hands into his hand, and they only break apart when the forgotten laptop almost crashes to the floor. They settle back down, laptop resettled more safely, and Changmin restarts the episode, since neither of them has seen a second of it.

“We could always just get you a water bed,” Changmin suggests eventually, making Junsu hum thoughtfully at the idea.

They’re both out cold before the episode is even over, tangled together in a warm knot with the laptop humming a cheerful lullaby to itself, as peaceful as if they were being rocked to sleep by the ocean.

At least until the next morning, when Changmin punches Junsu awake because he’d dreamt that he was a reindeer and Yoochun had been chasing him, yelling about how tasty he looked.

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