DBSK, Runaway (International_Huge)

Title: Runaway
Pairing: Yunho/Yoochun
Rating: Hug


Something is off about Yunho’s posture when Yoochun comes into the living room. Even though the room is dim and Yunho’s face is turned away, Yoochun can see it in the slant of Yunho’s shoulders.

“Yunho?” he asks, taking a few steps forward. He puts a hand on Yunho’s shoulder and repeats Yunho’s name.

“Hm?” Yunho answers vaguely.

“Everything okay?” Yoochun purses his lips when Yunho gives him a murmured reassurance. He’s learned Yunho well enough to see something is up, but not well enough yet to know whether he should push the issue. “Because you seem a little…”

He lets his words trail off, not sure what he wants to say anyway. But then Yunho tilts his had back far enough for Yoochun to see his face, and Yoochun knows he’s right.

“Yoochun-ah,” Yunho says, “would you drive me somewhere?”

“Okay,” Yoochun agrees. “Where you do want to go?”

Yunho’s smile is wan. “Anywhere’s fine.”

They get jackets and shoes and keys and sneak out. Yoochun takes a last look down the hallway, feeling guilty that the others won’t know where they’ve gone, but he thinks that might be the point.

Yunho really doesn’t seem to care where they go, so Yoochun picks a highway and a direction at random. They don’t talk much, Yoochun’s eyes on the road and Yunho’s out the window, but the silence between them is comfortable, and the farther out they go, the more relaxed Yunho’s shoulders get.

Yoochun’s starting to wonder if Yunho’s fallen asleep by the time he decides that they ought to turn around, given how few of the exit signs he recognizes. But Yunho stirs to look at Yoochun when he pulls off at the next exit and pulls into a restaurant’s deserted parking lot.

“I’m afraid we’ll get lost,” Yoochun explains, a touch sheepish. “And I wanted to stretch a minute.”

When they get out of the car, the countryside is dark around them, aside from the scatter of streetlights still lit, and both of them get distracted by stars they don’t often see in the city. Yunho drifts to the back of the car, Yoochun following, and they both hitch themselves up to sit on the trunk, their knees brushing.

“Thank you,” Yunho says eventually. “I feel better.”

“I didn’t really do anything,” Yoochun points out, but Yunho gives a low chuckle.

“That’s what I wanted,” he explains, then leans over and kisses Yoochun’s cheek.

Yoochun turns his face into it, so that Yunho’s lips are sliding over his mouth instead. Yoochun hasn’t kissed Yunho before, not the same as Junsu or Jaejoong, but it feels like something he ought to do. It’s slow and comfortable, like the silence between them, and they don’t pull apart until the wind picking up makes them both shiver.

They climb back in the car and huddle together in front of the heat vents for a minute or two before Yoochun glances at the clock and says they should get going.

“In a minute,” Yunho answers, voice close to Yoochun’s ear, and when Yoochun turns his head, Yunho is close enough to pick up where they left off.

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