DBSK, Rhetorical Question (International_Huge)

Title: Rhetorical Question
Author international_huge
Pairing: Yoochun/Changmin/Junsu
Rating: ~MIROTIC~

Rhetorical Question

The best part about Changmin being let in on the secret, Yoochun thinks, is that in the new apartment they can all finally share the one bedroom, and just make the other into a workroom.

“It wasn’t much of a secret,” Changmin replies to Yoochun’s comment with condescending affection. “And nobody let me in on anything, I just finally said that if I had to listen to it all the time, then I should at least be getting some action out of it.”

“Yes, yes, you’re very precocious,” Junsu mumbles from where he’s already sprawled across his own bed, not in any way helping anybody unpack anything. “That’s why we made your bed the one right under the air conditioner.”

Yoochun has to muffle his laughter by pretending to be digging in a box when Changmin eyes the bed in question with open disdain. Not only is the aircon blowing directly upon it, but plainly in the mornings the sunlight will be blinding in that particular spot.

“I’ll just share with you instead,” Changmin says loftily as he strolls over to Junsu’s bed, then drops onto Junsu’s stomach with all his weight. Junsu yelps and flails, but Changmin’s weight keeps him pinned as he shuffles about into what looks like, at least for him, a very comfortable position.

“I hate you,” Junsu grumbles into Changmin’s shoulder, defeated. He doesn’t pout for long, though, because it only takes a few seconds for Changmin, always the genius, to start promoting himself as a bedmate with kisses and roaming touches.

Yoochun glances down at the box his hands are buried in, and decides that unpacking is for losers.

The thunk of the next bed over sliding into Junsu’s makes both Changmin and Junsu look up, and they grin when Yoochun flops down onto their now doubled bedspace.

“This is the other reason the new arrangement is great,” Yoochun continues their previous conversation. Junsu looks a little puzzled, but Changmin rolls right over to prove that he’s already on Yoochun’s wavelength.

Changmin’s not exactly unexplored territory at this point, but the novelty hasn’t by any means worn off yet, and Junsu and Yoochun both take a good deal of delight in stripping Changmin’s clothes off and exploring his skin between them.

“Oi,” Changmin shoves at Yoochun’s shoulder, vaguely annoyed despite the way Junsu is working out which of his ribs have the sensitive spots, “why am I the only one naked here?”

“Excellent question,” Junsu mumbles against Changmin’s collarbone, and he doesn’t pull his mouth away but looks up enough to show that he’s watching Yoochun with dark, heated eyes.

“Always give the people what they want, that’s what I say,” Yoochun chuckles. He sits up enough to yank his sweater off and toss it aside, heedless of where it lands, then shoves Junsu off Changmin to do the same to him. Junsu protests the interruption, but Changmin helps hold him down long enough to at least make everything even.

“Tell us what you want, Minnie-ah,” Junsu purrs in Changmin’s ear once he’s re-curled along Changmin’s back, dragging Yoochun’s hand along Changmin’s side under his own to show him all the little secrets he’s found. “We can’t let Yunho and Jaejoong have all your firsts, after all.”

“Who says they have them all?” Changmin asks, making Junsu raise an eyebrow and Yoochun smile smugly back at him. “But there is one thing.”

“Oh?” Yoochun encourages with a nip to the underside of Changmin’s jaw, working his way along the sharp ridge of it. “Just the one?”

“For now,” Changmin replies, then his breath hitches, interrupting for a moment. Changmin continues, “What you two were doing the last night in the old place?”

“Uh-huh,” Junsu’s voice goes low, and Yoochun can see he’s thinking about it. Reverse christening the room, they’d called it, before both of them ran out of breath to talk.

When Yoochun looks away from Junsu to Changmin, his own breath catches at the heat and suggestion in Changmin’s grin.

“I want you to teach me to do that to Junsu,” Changmin says, which practically makes Yoochun’s heart stop, and Junsu buries a moan in Changmin’s hair.

“You don’t even know what we were doing, exactly,” Yoochun scoffs, trying to look like he might refuse Changmin’s request even though they all know that Yoochun hasn’t ever told Changmin anything but yes, yes and YES.

“I’ll know it when I hear it,” Changmin says with confidence.

Junsu doesn’t object at all to being rolled into the middle, and Yoochun takes his time showing Changmin in detail all of Junsu’s weak spots until Junsu is begging them to stop teasing. They ignore him, holding him down with four hands while Changmin listens carefully for what he’s thinking of.

“How about this?” Yoochun asks when they’ve slid down far enough for him to nibble on the jut of Junsu’s hip, making Junsu’s pleas rise a half-octave.

“Nope,” Changmin shakes his head, pinning one of Junsu’s wrists with one hand while casually stroking his cock with the other, grip not nearly enough to give Junsu any relief.

“How about this?” Yoochun asks again before sliding his mouth over Junsu’s cock and down just far enough to meet the top of Changmin’s fist. Junsu gives a sob of relief.

“Hmm, closer,” Changmin tilts his head thoughtfully, “but not high enough in his range, and it was more of a sustained wail.”

Suddenly Yoochun realizes exactly what it is that Changmin heard, and nearly chokes himself on Junsu. Pulling his mouth carefully away, he asks one last time if it was like this, and then pushes Junsu’s thigh up high enough to run his tongue along the crack of Junsu’s ass.

Junsu yanks his wrist free from Changmin’s grip to grab Yoochun’s hair, and the wail he gives could easily be described as ‘sustained.’

“Yeah,” Changmin grins, leaning closer for a better look, “yeah, that’s the one.”

“You sure?” Yoochun asks, not asking about the noise. It’s the sort of thing that most people don’t line up to do, but when Changmin repeats that he is and pushes at Yoochun’s shoulder to get him out of the way, he supposes that Changmin seems to have a good enough idea of what he wants.

But the way Junsu looks and sounds, Yoochun takes it back, people should be lining up, begging for a chance to see him like this. Changmin’s experimenting a little at first, Yoochun can tell by the way Junsu squirms, but Yoochun pins him with hands on his shoulders.

“Geez, you’re spoiled,” he comments, only the catch in his voice betraying him, “don’t scare him, let him do what he wants.”

It isn’t long anyway until Changmin gets it exactly right, and then he goes in getting it more right until Junsu is sinking fingers into Yoochun’s arms tight enough to maybe leave some marks, not that Yoochun has any thought of stopping him.

“Chunnie,” Junsu begs, eyes screwed tightly shut and mouth open and skin flushed, and Yoochun leans down to see if Junsu tastes as good as he looks, even though he already knows he will.

He wants to stay right where he is and taste Junsu coming undone as well, but Changmin pinches at his thigh, and then picks up his head long enough to complain that Yoochun is blocking all the stuff he wants to hear. Chuckling, Yoochun relocates only far enough to get his mouth back on Junsu’s cock, and Junsu starts making a whole new set of noises.

It’s no shock when Junsu gives in only a few breaths later, arching up against both Yoochun and Changmin’s hands, and then slumping back down against the mattress in a boneless puddle.

Yoochun and Changmin both sit up, Yoochun wiping the back of his hand over his mouth and Changmin looking supremely satisfied. At least until he realizes that Junsu is showing no signs of returning any favors in the near future. Or of doing anything, really.

“You have a lot to learn, grasshopper,” Yoochun says, somehow finding the ability to tease despite the fact that he’s so turned-on it almost hurts. “But I think I can help you out if you want.”

They don’t get terribly far, for obvious reasons, but Changmin does manage to shove Yoochun onto his back and climb on top, kissing him fiercely as their hips rock together. Yoochun wraps arms around Changmin’s back and shoulders, getting a hand into Changmin’s hair and letting Changmin do as he wills, their cocks sliding hot and thick against each other, until Changmin gives a muffled curse and bites down on Yoochun’s lip as he comes. The sudden slickness is all it takes to shove Yoochun over the edge as well.

Much as Yoochun likes to cuddle, Changmin is hot and heavy, and Yoochun shoves him off once his breathing is starting to slow. Changmin rolls into Junsu with a grunt, and Junsu only grunts back. But a second later he does throw a clumsy arm over Changmin’s waist, and Yoochun feels, without opening his eyes, long, slender fingers thread through his own.

“Oi,” Jaejoong’s voice rouses Yoochun out of his half-doze, “are you two almost done…”

Jaejoong’s question cuts off in a derisive click of his tongue, and Yoochun opens his eyes to find Jaejoong in the doorway glaring at them, arms crossed. It might be scary if Jaejoong didn’t have a cleaning handkerchief tied over his hair and a smudge of dirt over his nose.

Yoochun smiles winningly. He has no doubt that beside him, Changmin and Junsu are doing the same thing, if Junsu is awake yet.

“Not only are you not unpacking,” Jaejoong frowns and reaches into Yoochun’s abandoned box, yanking out Changmin’s shirt, “but you’re actually putting things back INTO the boxes?!”

“What’s all the…oh,” Yunho appears behind Jaejoong’s shoulder. He grins, and a second later, his arms snake around Jaejoong’s waist. “Breaking in the new place already?”

“Something got broken,” Changmin comments lazily, and then Yunho kicks the third bed against the other two and asks whether anybody knows what the best part about Changmin being let in on the secret is as he shoves Jaejoong onto it.

Yoochun figures that it’s a rhetorical question.

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