DBSK, Little Surprises

Title: Little Surprises [Jaejoong/Yoochun]
Rating/Warnings: R for defiling of futons.
Summary: Jaejoong is finding lots of things to love about spending the night in the ryokan.
AN: In case it wasn’t blatantly obvious, I’m really enjoying the ryokan experience. For kenaressa, who loves the Sweet Harmony series just as much as me.

Little Surprises

Traditional Japanese ryokan, Jaejoong is discovering, are full of tiny and wonderful surprises. There was the pot of goldfish Changmin nearly tripped over on their way in, darts of gold flashing in and out of sight in the murky green water. Then there was the sight of Yunho wrapping himself in the soft summer yukata, doing it up and undoing it over and over until Junsu took pity on him and wrapped him up correctly, right over left.

And now there is the positively indecent noise Yoochun just made as he slipped into his futon.

Jaejoong grins, looking up and catching sight of the positively indecent face that goes right along with the groan, Yoochun’s eyes screwed up in pleasure and mouth a perfect ‘O’ as his back unkinks itself and realigns with the floor. All in all, it’s a much more interesting read than the book sitting limp in his hands.

“Feel good?” he asks, unnecessarily, but it gets Yoochun to turn his way and smile at Jaejoong’s glasses and hair still damp from the bath. On the other side of Jaejoong’s futon, Yunho is curled up against his back, already out cold and making an occasional snuffling noise against the pillow. It’s no wonder, since he was up earliest of all, fretting about plane tickets and who would forget what and whether anybody had brought the gum or the phone charger or Junsu.

“Soooo good,” Yoochun rumbles, the vibration of it carrying along the floor even though the sound is muffled by the blankets Yoochun has pulled up over his head. Jaejoong chuckles when Yunho stirs to Yoochun’s voice, shifting closer to the warmth of Jaejoong’s body.

He’s contemplating rolling over to snuggle, or maybe touch Yunho until he comes barely awake in a tangle of lazy limbs and dark eyes, but then Yoochun’s eyes reappear from under the edge of the blanket, glittering with mischief.

“You know,” he says, the smile under the blanket but definitely not hidden, “Junsu and Changmin have plans to stay in the bath until they get kicked out.”

“Do they know the bath is open twenty-four hours?” Jaejoong asks, playing along. He sets aside the book, careful not to disturb Yunho’s dog-ear or Changmin’s bookmark, and props his chin up on his hand.

Yoochun shrugs, then holds up the corner of his blankets in clear invitation.

There’s a second of hesitation as Jaejoong glances over his shoulder, making sure Yunho really is as deeply asleep as he sounds, but he barely stirs as Jaejoong tucks the blankets more firmly in around his shoulders and then rolls over onto Yoochun’s futon.

For a second, Jaejoong smirks at the memory of the ryokan owner’s twitching lips when they insisted it was fine if they couldn’t fit any more than four futons laid out even in his biggest room.

“Something funny?” Yoochun asks, voice close to Jaejoong’s ear, and Jaejoong shakes his head and slides arms around Yoochun’s chest to press close to him, warm and comfortable, cheek above Yoochun’s heartbeat.

Yoochun seems content with that for the moment as well, running fingers through Jaejoong’s hair and down his neck, searching out all the spots that will make Jaejoong melt against him. Jaejoong is more than happy to oblige, for once getting to take advantage of the strong pianist’s fingers that Junsu, and more recently Changmin, is always going on about.

Jaejoong gives a soft growl of discontent when Yoochun stops stroking him, but understands when Yoochun reaches down to tug Jaejoong’s glasses off and folds them to sit aside carefully, and Jaejoong kisses the red dent in Yoochun’s chest in apology.

Then he slides a little lower, and the next kiss has less to do with apology, and more to do with the way Yoochun’s nipple peaks at even the lightest touch of Jaejoong’s lips.

They slide closer together by degrees, Yoochun’s hands finding their way back into Jaejoong’s hair and Jaejoong’s knee edging between Yoochun’s thighs, easy and casual as they have always been. Jaejoong wallows in the slow burn of it, letting it sink deep into his muscles like his own turn in the bath, letting Yoochun take his time and show just how well he knows Jaejoong.

Fingers stroke the underside of Jaejoong’s jaw, and Jaejoong lets Yoochun draw him back up into a real kiss. Jaejoong tries to remember the last time he had enough spare seconds to kiss Yoochun right, before the tease of Yoochun’s tongue along his upper lip drives unnecessary thoughts away.

Jaejoong is not particularly prepared for Yoochun’s fingers to give his nipple piercing a slow roll, his hand having skated inside the folds of Jaejoong’s yukata without drawing attention to itself, and he groans against Yoochun’s mouth while his body gives an echoing roll. Suddenly even the light cotton of their yukata is far too much between them; Jaejoong dives a hand in between them to yank the belts free.

Yoochun’s gives easily at the first tug, merely looped around itself. Jaejoong’s only tightens when he pulls, and after a second of confusion, Jaejoong recalls showing off some traditional knot or other to Changmin and gives a small growl at his own hubris.

“Want some help with that?” Yoochun asks, flicking his tongue against the curl of Jaejoong’s ear since his mouth is there, then pushing Jaejoong onto his back and sliding down without waiting for an answer, brushing Jaejoong’s hands out of the way.

He pretends to scrutinize the knot at first, squinting at it and brushing it with light touches of his fingers that have Jaejoong squirming, but when he leans forward as though he’s going to nibble on it, Jaejoong puts his foot down.

“You gonna help or tease?” he demands, hands firm on Yoochun’s shoulders, thumb stroking the side of Yoochun’s neck with the edge of a fingernail. “Because I know where I can find a couple people in the bath who’d be more than willing to…”

Yoochun answers by giving the knot one sharp tug, and the whole thing comes apart in his hands, letting Jaejoong’s yukata ripple open clear to his navel piercing. Yoochun pushes it the rest of the way out of his way and murmurs his appreciation as he runs his palm down Jaejoong’s side, from armpit to knee, making the muscles in Jaejoong’s stomach jump.

The navel piercing always did hold a particular fascination for Yoochun, and Jaejoong can’t say that he minds as Yoochun re-explores it with a dexterous and thorough tongue-tip. Jaejoong gets his hands down inside the neck of Yoochun’s loosened yukata, kneading his shoulders. He tries to keep his groans quiet, but when Yoochun starts worrying the skin of Jaejoong’s stomach with the edges of his eye teeth, Jaejoong gives up and tips his head back against the pillow, letting his body roll against Yoochun’s mouth as it will.

There’s the soft shift of cotton, and Jaejoong cracks an eye to find Yoochun sitting up, stripping off his tangled yukata and tossing it aside. He looks down, then brushes his fingertips against the conspicuous slick spot on his sternum.

“Always nice to get a rave review,” he says with a smirk as he lifts his fingers to his mouth, but they never make it. Jaejoong’s hand shoots out to grab Yoochun’s wrist, and before Yoochun can do more than utter a curse of protest, Jaejoong is pulling it down to his own mouth and licking his own taste off Yoochun’s fingers.

“Fuck, Jae,” Yoochun whispers, eyes wide, and Jaejoong takes a moment to appreciate exactly what he must look like, sprawled across the futon with his yukata open, cock curling heavy against his belly and lips wrapped around Yoochun’s fingers.

Yoochun falls down on top of him like a hurricane, rough and wet and scatting his thoughts in all directions. His fingers, two of them still wet from Jaejoong’s mouth and making Jaejoong gasp, drag over every inch of Jaejoong they can reach, from his cheek to his ribs to his hips. Jaejoong seizes Yoochun’s mouth with his own, then nearly draws blood from Yoochun’s lower lip as Yoochun shifts just so to the right, and suddenly their cocks are slotted perfectly together.

The first serious roll of Yoochun’s hips makes Jaejoong forget that he’s trying to be quiet because Yunho is sleeping right next to them; the second makes him forget everything else.

Of course it’s at that moment that the door slides open and Changmin and Junsu tumble into the room, hair wet and cheeks pink, but it doesn’t look to be from the heat of the bath. Yoochun stops moving for a second, and enough blood flows back into Jaejoong’s brain for thought. Sure enough, Junsu looks mortified, and Changmin can’t stop snickering behind his hand.

“I thought you were going to stay until they kicked you out?” Yoochun asks, more than a hint of menace in his voice. Changmin doesn’t seem to notice.

“They did kick us out!” he manages in between gasps of laughter, ignoring Junsu’s reproachful pout. “Because we were in the girls’ bath!”

Changmin lets out another whoop and clutches at his stomach. Junsu, searching for someplace else to fix his embarrassed gaze, finally seems to realize the position Jaejoong and Yoochun are in and gives Changmin a sharp elbow to the side.

“Sorry!” he says, glance darting over to Yunho’s limp body and back again. “We’ll just be going…”

“Who says we’re going?” Changmin interrupts, throwing an arm around Junsu’s shoulders and leering down at Jaejoong and Yoochun. “This looks good. Feel free to get back to business any time.”

Jaejoong’s snarl is wordless and sends Changmin and Junsu skittering over to hide behind Yunho, and then he turns back to Yoochun with a raised eyebrow.

“I don’t mind if you don’t,” Yoochun confirms, bending his head to skim teeth over Jaejoong’s collarbone. “Let ’em just watch for a change…”

Jaejoong seriously doubts that’s what Changmin or Junsu’s plan is, especially given the way they are already rustling around in Yunho’s futon, but really could care less when Yoochun is starting to move again, the heat of his cock almost scalding against Jaejoong’s stomach.

It’s tempting to let go like this, Yoochun’s weight pressing him down into the futon, hot and messy and fumbling, but that’s more Junsu and Yunho’s style, and anyway Yoochun seems to have other plans. Without warning, Jaejoong is rolled onto his side, Yoochun curled tight against his back, his cock digging into Jaejoong’s ass.

“Just thought you should see,” Yoochun murmurs in response to Jaejoong’s questioning groan, hand sliding over Jaejoong’s hip to wrap tight around his cock. It takes Jaejoong’s brain a moment to catch up with what Yoochun is saying, and then all at once his eyes figure out what they are looking at.

Yunho is blinking at him, eyes still glazed with sleep and confusion, and Changmin is spooned up behind him, his chin tucked in against Yunho’s neck and his hands skimming Yunho’s chest as he whispers in Yunho’s ear, probably filling him in. It takes Jaejoong another second to figure out where Junsu’s gone, but then he sees the Junsu-sized lump in the blankets near Yunho’s waist, and Yunho gives a breathy gasp through his nose that Jaejoong would recognize anywhere.

It’s hot as hell, there’s no doubt about it, but they’re supposed to be watching Yoochun and Jaejoong show them how it’s done, not the other way around, so Jaejoong rolls back over and gives Yoochun a wicked grin, making sure that the drape of the yukata falls behind him and doesn’t hide a damn thing.

Yoochun gets the idea right away, catching the grin from Jaejoong, and goes for the most visually erotic plan available. It involves sliding down Jaejoong’s body so slowly that Jaejoong wants to scream, sucking and nibbling on every inch of skin along the way, and then giving his navel piercing a tug that makes Jaejoong arch six inches off the futon, fingers scrabbling at Yoochun’s shoulders and hair.

Being quiet is a distant memory by the time Yoochun’s mouth actually does reach Jaejoong’s cock, Yunho’s soft groans that he can hear in between his own gasps making him even dizzier. Jaejoong wishes he could see what the others are seeing, but his head feels far too heavy to lift, and if he gets to watch Yoochun’s mouth working over his skin rather than just feel it, it will all be over in a matter of seconds.

Not that it’s going to last much longer this way, especially not with Yoochun’s hands working their way underneath Jaejoong to squeeze his ass and feather over the cleft, and off to the left Jaejoong hears Changmin moan “Junsu, ah, fuck” and Yunho’s echoing groans, and Jaejoong’s fingers curl as he comes sharp and sweet under Yoochun’s mouth and hands.

Yoochun is saying something as Jaejoong comes to, voice low and appreciative, the sentiment clear even though Jaejoong’s brain isn’t up to decoding the words just yet, but he still tugs Yoochun up for a thorough kiss, ignoring the wriggle of protest Yoochun gives for just having swallowed.

He wants to do something equally nice for Yoochun, but it’ll be another time, because his body isn’t cooperating yet and the shiver of Yoochun’s skin tells Jaejoong it won’t be long at all as he laces the fingers of his right hand with Yoochun’s left. The other hand he does manage to get in between them, to knock Yoochun’s own hand aside and wrap tight around his cock.

“Jae,” Yoochun breathes, bringing his now free hand up to cradle the back of Jaejoong’s head, “Jae,” pushing into Jaejoong’s hand, and then the tension snaps and Yoochun pours over Jaejoong’s fingers and stomach, still mouthing his name against his neck.

Jaejoong is content to lie there while Yoochun shivers himself out and their skin starts to stick together, listening to the others spend themselves since it seems too much trouble to turn his head and watch.

“Too heavy?” Yoochun asks eventually, and Jaejoong tells him he isn’t and strokes his hair until Yoochun is nothing but dead weight. Jaejoong dozes as well, just barely slipping into real sleep when a shadow falls over him and someone is shaking his shoulder.

“Hmm?” he asks, peeling open his eyes to find Yunho glaring at him. Yunho has a fading bitemark on his collarbone, a streak of white up his abs, and is very much wide awake. “Hi there.”

“Don’t ‘hi there’ me,” Yunho scowls, running a hand through his sleep-spiked hair. Jaejoong looks past Yunho briefly to find Changmin and Junsu curled up like kittens, Junsu snoring against Changmin’s chest and Changmin drooling on Yunho’s pillow. Jaejoong turns his attention back to Yunho to find his glare undiminished. “This is all your fault.”

“This usually is, yes,” Jaejoong agrees easily, reaching up to flake some of the white off of Yunho’s abs with his thumb. “Anything I can do to make it better? Kiss it, perhaps?”

“Smart ass,” Yunho says, stroking his knuckles over Jaejoong’s cheek. “Come take a bath with me.”

It takes some doing to untangle himself out from under Yoochun, and Jaejoong nearly caves when Yoochun cracks a sleepy eye and give him a plaintive whine, but Yunho doesn’t give him time to reconsider as he helps ease Yoochun’s weight off Jaejoong, and then rolls him towards Junsu and Changmin.

Junsu discovers Yoochun just as Jaejoong is sliding the door shut, and the soft squeal like Yoochun is the prize in a box of cereal makes both Yunho and Jaejoong laugh, along with Changmin’s throaty protest.

“So,” Yunho asks idly as they walk to the bath, late enough that they can hold hands without real worry and that Jaejoong’s yukata is retied in a manner that is barely decent. “What do you think of this place?”

“It’s full of little surprises,” Jaejoong answers, giving Yunho a sweet smile, and then reaching over to undo the belt of his yukata with a deft yank.

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