DBSK, Close to You (International_Huge)

Title: Close to You
Author international_huge
Pairing: Yunho/Junsu
Rating: ~MIROTIC~

Close to You

Yunho likes staying over at Junsu’s house. It beats any of the alternatives, sure, but it’s more than that. Junsu’s brother is just as much fun as Junsu, if different enough that it’s hard to remember they’re twins, and Junsu’s mother is just as sweet as Junsu can be in his rare moments of quiet and just as funny as Junsu is the rest of the time.

Sometimes they watch movies or have Tekken tournaments with Junho, while Junsu’s mother feeds them all mercilessly and pokes at their cheeks to check for thinness. Sometimes Yunho helps her cook, homesick for his own mother, and Junsu’s mother calls him her new favorite son and extols his virtues until Junsu and Junho storm the kitchen to defend their honor, fighting over who can set the table better.

“Why do I have four spoons?” Yunho asks, out of morbid curiosity, and Junsu’s mother whacks Junsu across the back of the head.

Other times they get back too late and are too exhausted to do anything but collapse in Junsu and Junho’s room. Any arrangement is fine with Yunho, sometimes Junho sleeps on the couch so that Yunho can have his bed, and other times Yunho just crawls in next to Junsu, the shared heat feeling good on their aching limbs.

Later, when they’re separated into their debut units, Yunho thinks that he’ll miss this the most, but he knows it’s useless to think ahead so far, so he keeps his thoughts to himself.

Other times…they find other entertainment.

“Sure,” Yunho answers the first time Junsu asks if he ever watches…stuff…from the internet. It’s a little awkward when Junsu further asks if he wants to watch something together, but Yunho figures there’s no harm in it, they’re both guys.

“GREAT!” Junsu exclaims, with an enthusiasm that makes Yunho blink. Junsu hops off his bed, where they’ve both been lying in a heap, and trots over to his computer. “Because Junho thinks that sort of thing is just for ‘private time.’ What fun is that? Honestly, sometimes I can’t believe he’s my brother at all.”

Yunho’s nerves ease and he chuckles as Junsu continues to blather on the entire time he’s diddling around with his computer, about how his brother just isn’t normal. The sound and picture set up to his liking, Junsu turns around, making Yunho tense back up again. But Junsu flops onto Junho’s bed instead, a comfortable amount of space between them, and Yunho relaxes.

“It’s Japanese. One of the new kids said this one was pretty good,” Junsu offers as introduction, then leans over to flip off the lamp on the nightstand in between the beds.

It is pretty good, if suffering from the usual quirks of Japanese censorship, good enough that after twenty minutes or so, Yunho is struggling to keep his squirming from being noticeable.

“Hey,” Junsu finally says, sounding equally distressed, “do you mind if I…”

“Go for it,” Yunho interrupts, sighing in relief as he gets his hand into his sweatpants and around his cock. From the other bed, Junsu gives an identical sigh.

When Yunho eventually reaches his limit, it maybe has more than a little to do with the soft gasps coming from the other side of the room, but he tries not to think about that either. Junsu tosses him the tissue box (Yunho hopes with his clean hand) and it’s not embarrassing so much as it’s funny when Junsu flips on the light to reveal his hair sticking up in five different directions.

They don’t do it often enough to call it a routine, since it’s really only for when Junho is busy downstairs with homework or the television, but often enough that it loses its awkwardness. Sometimes they race to see who can finish first, and other times they see who can last the longest.

“That’s because you cheat!” Junsu exclaims when Yunho mentions his clearly superior longevity. Junho is spending the night at a friend’s, so they’re in no rush tonight, and Junsu’s got something new he claims is pure gold.

“How can I cheat at jerking off?” Yunho wants to know, cracking up. Junsu turns his back to the computer and puts his hands on his hips.

“You do it all slow!” Junsu complains.

“That’s how I like it,” Yunho shrugs, a burst of warmth spreading through him, because it seems like Junsu must have been paying attention to him just like he’s been paying attention to Junsu.

“It’s cheating!” Junsu insists, and this time when he comes back over, this time he crawls onto his own bed, settling in next to Yunho. “We should do it at the same speed, and this time I’m gonna make sure you don’t cheat.”

“How?” Yunho asks, trying to look normal, rather than like his heart is thumping in his ears.

“I’ll watch,” Junsu says. It would be hot as anything if it weren’t so plain that Junsu is only thinking about his honor as a masturbator.

It’s a little hot anyway. Yunho clears his throat. “Then how are you going to watch the porn?”

Junsu frowns, foiled. “Hm.”

“I’ve,” Yunho licks his lip, then just decides to go for it, “got an idea.”

Junsu’s eyes go wide when Yunho brushes fingers over the front of Junsu’s sweatpants. For a moment they’re both frozen like that, Yunho wishing violently that he could take it back, because what if Junsu will think he’s a freak?

“Okay,” Junsu agrees. Yunho releases the breath he was holding, only to choke on it when Junsu’s hand cups him through his own sweatpants.

Ten minutes in, Yunho has absolutely no idea what’s going on in the porn, because all he can feel is Junsu’s hand wrapped tight around him, and all he can hear are the soft noises Junsu is making in his ear. He chances a glance to the side, and sees that Junsu isn’t faring any better. His eyes are squeezed shut, although he opens them as though he senses Yunho looking at him.

“Having trouble watching?” Yunho asks, his own breath catching.

“Yeah,” Junsu admits, but his hand doesn’t slow. His rhythm is faster than Yunho’s, rough and good, and really it’s no wonder Junsu never lasts.

“Do you…” Yunho’s breath hitches, “want me to stop?”

“If you stop,” Junsu informs him seriously, “I will take my hand off your dick and slap you across the face with it.”

Yunho gives a bark of laughter, but it doesn’t break the tension between them. Junsu has shut his eyes again, so Yunho gives up on the porn entirely and watches Junsu instead, concentrates on the way Junsu feels in his hand, they way he looks and sounds.

Junsu wins. But not by much.

“Hey,” Yunho says when they are cleaning themselves off, “do you think this is, um. That we’re…” Yunho sighs, not sure what he wants to ask. “What I mean is…”

Junsu leans over and presses his mouth to Yunho’s before Yunho can stutter out any more idiocy. When he pulls back and grins at Yunho, Yunho smiles shyly despite his blush.

“Junho isn’t into that either,” Junsu explains, no hint in his expression that what he’s saying is in any way abnormal, “which is why you’re way better.”

“Also, because I’m not your brother!” Yunho points out, nose wrinkling, but it only makes Junsu laugh.

“Yeah, you are,” Junsu says easily. He balls up his tissue and shoots it at the trashcan, missing by a foot. Then he settles back down along Yunho’s side again. “But the kind it’s okay to jerk off with.”

“The kind it’s okay to kiss again?” Yunho asks, inching a little closer himself.

“Yeah,” Junsu agrees. “The better kind.”

The second time, Yunho wins.

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