DBSK, Just Desserts (International_Huge)

Title: Just Desserts
Author international_huge
Pairing: Jaejoong/Junsu
Rating: ~MIROTIC~

Just Desserts

Junsu didn’t eat like normal people.

Not like Junsu did anything like a normal person, Jaejoong thought to himself as he tried to concentrate on finishing the dishes and not Junsu enjoying his dessert far, far too much, but really, there was a limit to things.

Junsu had a weird habit, they’d all learned early on, of sticking his tongue out to touch whatever he was eating before it actually got to his mouth. By itself, that had sort of lost its novelty over time, sort of, but together with the fact that Junsu was fresh from the shower and shirtless, hair damp, and that what Junsu was eating was chunks of peaches over vanilla ice cream…

“Mmmm,” Junsu practically moaned, and Jaejoong threw down his dishtowel to turn around and glare at Junsu, hands on his hips.

“You’re doing that on purpose, aren’t you?!” he demanded.

“Mm?” Junsu asked, spoon in his mouth and eyes comically wide in surprise. He swallowed, Jaejoong’s eyes tracking the smooth line of Junsu’s throat, and asked, “What?”

“You know what,” Jaejoong growled. “You’re practically molesting those peaches, and moaning about it, and you keep doing that tongue thing! You’re totally doing it on purpose to drive me crazy!”

“I just like peaches!” Junsu protested, but the corners of his mouth started to curl. “But on the other hand, I was getting kind of full, so unless you’ve got something else interesting to eat…”

“I’ll give you something to eat all right.” Jaejoong stomped towards the table, and Junsu snatched his bowl out of the way just in time as Jaejoong hitched himself up onto the table. He was already hard, the line of his cock obvious through his jeans, and the way Junsu licked his lips as he stared only made Jaejoong harden further. “You probably won’t need that spoon, though.”

“That’s what you think,” Junsu smirked, but before Jaejoong could ask any questions about that statement, Junsu had set the bowl back down on the table beside Jaejoong, and was reaching for Jaejoong’s zipper. Jaejoong decided he didn’t really care as Junsu pulled his cock and out and got a good grip, stroking him lazily. Jaejoong let his eyes slip shut and pushed up into the touch, bracing his feet on the edges of Junsu’s chair.

Only to have his eyes fly back open with a strangled gasp when Junsu’s mouth wrapped around his tip with alternating sensations of hot and cold. It took Jaejoong a second to understand what was happening, before he noticed the dribbles of white trailing down the shaft of his cock, and understood what Junsu had meant about still needing the spoon.

“Your relationship with food isn’t normal,” Jaejoong said, before throwing his head back to moan. Junsu ignored him and slid his mouth further down Jaejoong’s cock, the sensation of cold fading as the ice cream was melted by the heat of Jaejoong’s skin and Junsu’s mouth.

Junsu’s mouth disappeared for a second, then returned with more cold, and Jaejoong scrabbled at the table and struggled to get air into his lungs. Hot swipes of Junsu’s tongue alternated with the freezing touch of the ice cream, until Jaejoong was begging Junsu to hurry up already.

The pleased hum Junsu gave was the end, and Jaejoong didn’t even have time to gasp a warning before he came hard, not that Junsu seemed to mind. When Jaejoong lifted his head and pushed himself back up on shaking elbows, Junsu was grinning to himself, licking his lips.

“So,” Junsu grinned even brighter when he saw he had Jaejoong’s attention again, “my turn, right?”

“I’ll give you what’s coming to you all right,” Jaejoong growled, reaching down to grab the bowl of half-melted ice cream and a few remaining pieces of fruit.

“Here,” Junsu held out the spoon and winked, “you’ll need this.”

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