DBSK, Smooth Ride (International_Huge)

Title: Smooth Ride
Author international_huge
Pairing: Yoochun/Junsu
Rating: Purple Line

Smooth Ride

“Mmm, baby, so sexy,” Junsu purrs, eyes slit in pleasure and slouched in a pose of pure hedonism. “You feel so good, I could ride you all night…”

“When you said you wanted to have sex in the car,” Yoochun grumbles, shooting Junsu a glare from the driver’s seat, “I thought you meant with me.”

Junsu laughs, sweet and musical, and then leans over across the gearshift that’s dividing their seats to rub his cheek against Yoochun’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, you’ll be involved.”

“You should be wearing your seatbelt,” Yoochun chastises, and then when Junsu’s hands start to wander, adds, “Hey, not while I’m driving!”

“Then pull over,” Junsu suggests, letting his hands wander even further, and soon Yoochun has no choice but to give in.

Fortunately they’re out in the countryside in the dead of night, so Yoochun is pretty sure no one will find them. At least he hopes so, because the car’s motion has barely ceased before Junsu is climbing over the divider and settling in Yoochun’s lap, hands in Yoochun’s hair and tilting his head up to press their mouths together.

“Lemme at least get the seat back,” Yoochun tries to protest against Junsu’s mouth, not that the seat goes that far back anyway, not in a two-seater. Still, they’re starving, over-worked idols, so it’s just enough space for Junsu to sink down more comfortably in between Yoochun and the steering wheel.

In fact, when Yoochun scrunches back tighter against his seat, it’s even enough space to fumble their zippers down and let their cocks rub against each other. Yoochun groans into Junsu’s mouth with relief when Junsu wraps a hand around both of them and strokes.

“If you mess up my upholstery,” Yoochun growls, but Junsu just laughs and goes on stroking them. Yoochun slides his hands up the back of Junsu’s shirt, pressing his palms against the warmth of Junsu’s skin, making Junsu shift against him and purr against his skin.

“Shame there isn’t a backseat,” Junsu breaks the kiss to murmur in Yoochun’s ear. “Because I’ve got more than a couple things I want to do to you against all this leather…”

“You’re the reason we can’t have nice things,” Yoochun retorts, but it cuts off in a moan as Junsu twists his wrist just right and makes Yoochun see stars even without a sunroof.

Junsu’s waiting for him when Yoochun’s vision clears, and Yoochun is happy to wrap a hand over Junsu’s and help him along, shivering at the desperate pitch of Junsu’s voice, and at the arch of his back when Yoochun pushes him over the edge.

He scowls, though, when Junsu crawls back into the passenger’s seat afterwards to cuddle with the car instead of him.

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  • By faye, 2009.08.20 @ 1:52 am

    That was sexy but also cute. I love Yoosu. What about you. =^_^=

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