Mis Snow Man, 5 Times Sanada Failed At Asking Nozawa Out

Title: 5 Times Sanada Failed At Asking Nozawa Out [Sanada/Nozawa]
Rating/Warnings: PG for dating fail.
Summary: Sanada fails at asking Nozawa out, but the rest of Mis Snow Man wins at dressing up Watanabe like a girl.
AN: For , who apparently lives vicariously through Sanada.

5 Times Sanada Failed At Asking Nozawa Out


On the first try, Sanada doesn’t actually get any words out, so Fukka tries to claim it doesn’t count. But Sanada punches him in the arm and says that it totally does, because Fukka isn’t letting him count the fifteen minutes before that when Sanada stood in the hallway and hyperventilated while Abe and Miyadate cheered him on with impromptu uchiwa made out of straws and post-it notes.

Once Sanada gets inside the break room, where Nozawa is slumped in a curl playing his DS, his heart rate triples, and his palms are damp no matter how much he tries to wipe them off on his sweatpants. Sanada opens his mouth, but nothing comes out, not even a squeak.

He lurks there, behind the arm of the couch, opening and closing his mouth while Nozawa goes on tapping at his DS, blissfully unaware. Sanada’s heart goes on pounding louder and louder, until finally he can’t take it any more and dashes back out the way he came.

Nozawa looks up at the slam of the door and frowns when he doesn’t see anybody, thinking that maybe the story Jyuri said Koki-kun told him about the spirit of an un-debuted junior still roaming the halls in search of a unit isn’t completely insane.


On the second try, Sanada at least makes some noises.

“Did you just honk?” Nozawa wants to know, looking up from his stretch on the floor.

“N-no!” Sanada says quickly. “I, um, that was a sneeze.” Nozawa raises an eyebrow and Sanada sniffs hopefully.

“Well, bless you, then,” Nozawa shrugs, going back to his stretch.

Get ahold of yourself! Sanada tells himself. He clenches his hands into fists and shakes himself, telling himself that he’s being ridiculous, that it’s just Nozawa, and this is exactly the same as the other five hundred and thirty-seven times he asked Nozawa to hang out.

Maybe it’s a little different, since those times were all before Watanabe let it slip that Nozawa mumbled Sanada’s name during a nap, but still, Sanada tells himself, he can do it! Be a man! Just open your mouth and…

“Maybe you should go to the medical station,” Nozawa comments, and Sanada slinks away in shame.


Iwamoto suggests giving Nozawa a gift might break the ice, and Sanada thinks that the idea would be genius, if he weren’t at practice with nothing but an extra sweatshirt and 357 yen in change in his bag.

“He’s not a girl, you moron,” Onodera rolls his eyes. Sanada thinks that’s pretty rich coming from a kid who was busy primping his new bleached hair in the mirrored wall. “It’s not like he wants Swiss chocolates or jewelry. Buy him a drink at the vending machine.”

“Oh,” Sanada blinks, then grins. “Okay! Dating is easy!”

Or at least it would be if the machine didn’t promptly eat 200 of Sanada’s yen. Sanada loiters in front of the machine, giving it mournful looks and wondering if Nozawa might be impressed with a 250 mL bottle of water, if he were really really thirsty.

“Hey!” Nozawa says from behind Sanada, making him nearly jump out of his skin. “What’s wrong, not enough change? Here, I’ll lend you some.”

“That’s not…” Sanada starts, but Nozawa is already dropping in coins and hitting buttons, and then he hands Sanada a can of his favorite flavor of Fanta with a cheerful grin.

“Just pay me back tomorrow, okay?” Nozawa slaps Sanada on the shoulder and saunters off, and Sanada heaves a sigh before drowning his sorrows in melon Fanta.


“You can practice on me!” Miyadate offers cheerfully. “Go ahead, ask me out!”

“Let’s go out,” Sanada says dully.

“You don’t sound very excited,” Miyadate pouts, pretending to flip his hair. “You have to make it convincing, Sana-chan!”

“You aren’t cute enough,” Sanada scowls, then blushes furiously when Miyadate cracks up and pokes Sanada in the cheek.

“Cuter than Yuuki?” Miyadate laughs harder, and Sanada blushes more fiercely. “Nobody is, ne, since he learned to pout. But let’s try Shota, he’s almost as cute!”

Before Sanada can respond, Miyadate is already rushing out of the room. Sanada loiters around for a few minutes, and sure enough Miyadate returns, shoving a protesting Watanabe inside in front of him and telling Sanada to try now.

Sanada just stands there, mouth dangling a little, because Watanabe is inexplicably wearing a plaid skirt and a wig.

“Ne, Sana-chan,” Watanabe says after a second of silence, and he twirls one of the wig’s ringlets around his finger, “aren’t I cute enough for you either?”

Even if Sanada had an answer for that, which he doesn’t, he doesn’t get a chance to give it, because just then the door swings open again, and Nozawa leans his head in to say that they’re supposed to be at practice in two minutes.

“…unless I’m interrupting,” he finishes after the whole scene sinks in, Watanabe in a skirt and wig being shoved towards Sanada by Miyadate.

“No!” Sanada splutters. “You aren’t! This isn’t what it looks like!”

“You guys aren’t practicing for Koyama-kun’s new game?” Nozawa inquires. Miyadate frowns and Watanabe opens his mouth, but Sanada slaps a hand over it.

“Oh, that!” Sanada grins brightly. “I guess it is exactly what it looks like, then, isn’t it?”

“Right, well,” Nozawa shrugs, turning to go, “don’t forget to put that back where you found it, or Tegoshi-kun will make the senpai do things to you again.”


Sanada was kind of hoping the familiarity of practicing their next duet together would make everything easier, or at least let him meet Nozawa’s eyes. But really, after watching Nozawa twist and swivel his way through the steps, legs going on for miles, Sanada not only can’t meet Nozawa’s eyes, he can’t breathe either.

“What’s going on with you?” Nozawa wants to know when Sanada has to take a break, chest heaving. “You’re breathing heavier than an AV actor. Are you letting the senpai give you cigarettes out back again?”

“Of course not!” Sanada snaps. “I just…uh…” Sanada’s retort dies away as soon as he looks up and finds Nozawa looming over him, hair damp and frowning in concern. Sanada’s cheeks go hot again, and he jerks his gaze back to the floor. “It’s nothing.”

“Good, then let’s go again.” Nozawa reaches down to grab Sanada’s wrists and yanked him back up to his feet. “Only try it without the heavy breathing this time.”

Sanada tries to follow Nozawa’s directions, but when Nozawa grabs him by the hips and shows him exactly how he’s doing the hiproll wrong, Sanada realizes it’s all a lost cause.

And One Time Nozawa Asked Him

“Wanna get something to eat?” Nozawa asks as he’s toweling his hair off after his shower.

Sanada, slumped on the bench and not even out of his practice clothes yet, thinks about refusing on principle for about a hundredth of a second before mumbling, “Yeah.”

“Good. I’ll treat, since you’ve been weird all day,” Nozawa adds.

Despite all the disasters, Sanada’s chest still warms. “You noticed?”

“Of course I did, idiot.” Nozawa rolls his eyes. “Now hurry up and get changed, or you’re gonna miss our first date.”

Sanada jerks his head up to stare at Nozawa with wide eyes, and Nozawa just gives a smug chuckle before leaning down to press his mouth to Sanada’s.

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