DBSK, My Girlfriend (International_Huge)

Title: My Girlfriend
Author international_huge
Pairing: Yoochun/Junsu
Rating: ~MIROTIC~

TRICK: My Girlfriend

Junsu drives Yoochun crazy.

It’s different than the way the others sometimes drive him crazy, the way that Changmin turns out to be better at everything than everybody, or that Jaejoong uses how pretty he is like a weapon, or that Yunho would keep trying to please every single person on the planet until he literally dropped dead of it. For one thing, the way Junsu drives him crazy isn’t sometimes, it’s all the time, every waking moment and more than a few when he should be sleeping instead. He can’t figure out exactly what it is about Junsu that gets under his skin so easily and so often.

Until Junsu shoves him up against the wall in their dressing room and kisses him until neither one of them can breathe.

“Oh,” Yoochun says weakly, when Junsu pulls back just enough to stare at him with dark, challenging eyes. “That’s what it was.”

“Damn right,” Junsu growls. Then he grabs Yoochun’s wrists and puts Yoochun’s hands on his waist. Yoochun doesn’t resist; he’s too busy watching the relief slowly seep into Junsu’s eyes before he closes them to kiss Yoochun again.

They move fast, too fast, over the following days. It’s like Junsu is pushing further and further until he hits Yoochun’s limits. But as the days turn into a week, Yoochun finds that he doesn’t seem to have limits so much, so far as Junsu is concerned. Junsu steals kisses from Yoochun in elevators and runs hands under Yoochun’s shirt in the backs of vans. Junsu makes Yoochun feel dangerous and wanted, and Yoochun is addicted to it in no time flat.

“Would you two be a little more careful!” Jaejoong snaps at them when he’s woken up by Yoochun cracking his head against his headboard. It’s almost dawn, and Junsu’s been showing fewer and fewer signs of sneaking back to his own bed before daylight the last couple days. “What if manager-sshi came in and found you like that!”

Yoochun is opening his mouth to apologize as he reaches up to rub his head, but Junsu, who is straddling Yoochun’s waist, has quicker fingers, already stroking through Yoochun’s hair to find the lump.

“You mean like he did on you and Leader-sshi when we did that report from the spa?” Junsu inquires, and Yoochun shivers at the sharpness of his words. “What did you tell him again? That you fell in the pool and Yunho had to resuscitate you?”

“Fine, get caught, see if I care,” Jaejoong says icily, yanking his blankets around his shoulders and grabbing his pillow. He storms out, and Yoochun feels immediately guilty.

“He’s right,” Yoochun starts, but Junsu makes a derisive noise.

“Jaejoong isn’t one to talk, is all I’m saying.” Junsu turns his attention back to Yoochun, and Yoochun shivers at the way Junsu is focused only on him. “Anyway, what we were talking about before? Say yes.”

“Junsu,” Yoochun stalls. He squirms, half out of discomfort and half trying to rub his erection against Junsu’s thigh for some relief. “Have you ever even done that before? With anybody?”

“Girls,” Junsu says, evasively. “Or, close enough. It’s not that different.”

“It IS,” Yoochun insists. His heart is pounding, and suddenly it sinks in that he’s been fooling around with Junsu for less than two weeks and they’re talking about sex. “This isn’t like making out or blowjobs, it’s serious. So,” Yoochun drags his eyes back up to Junsu’s face even though he’s afraid of what he’ll see, “so tell me if you’re serious, or not.”

“Maybe,” Junsu’s voice is quieter. He looks like he wants to look away, but he doesn’t. “I mean, I might be. I dunno yet. But I want you, so much, so I might be serious, yeah. Are you, um, serious?”

“Yeah,” Yoochun whispers, wondering if he’s making the worst mistake ever, or the best one. It feels pretty good, though, when his answer makes Junsu’s pupils flare. “So I’d really like to know, have you done this before?”

“Once, almost. With Yunho,” Junsu answers before Yoochun can ask one of two obvious questions.

“Almost?” Yoochun asks the other one, and Junsu squirms a little, looking away.

“Fingers,” Junsu’s cheeks are scarlet, and he looks like he wants to hide under Yoochun’s blankets. “We never quite made it to, um, the whole way. Chunnie-ah?”

“Gimme a second,” Yoochun murmurs, eyes squeezed shut as he lets the mental image of that play across the backs of his eyelids for a few seconds, and yeah, oh yeah, he’ll be thinking about that in the shower for weeks. “Fuck, that’s hot.”

“It was,” Junsu presses, sensing an opening. “It will be. So, you want to?” Yoochun opens his eyes but doesn’t answer for a second, yet, so Junsu adds, “I can be, you know, the bottom, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“You really are serious, aren’t you?” Yoochun marvels, heat washing through his veins from his fingertips to his toes.

“At first, I mean,” Junsu hurries to clarify, “not forever!” Yoochun cuts off the rest of his explanations by pulling Junsu down for a kiss.

It’s slow and deep and, well, serious.

“Does that mean yes?” Junsu wants to know when they come up for air.

Yoochun blushes, but nods, which is about the moment when Yunho gives the door a perfunctory knock before sticking his bed-spiked head in the room and demanding to know who’s going to atone for the fact that Jaejoong is claiming he’s too traumatized and sleep-deprived to make breakfast.

“I’m letting Changmin eat you,” he informs them when they both point at each other. “Get up, we’re getting picked up in half an hour.”

It’s the longest day of Yoochun’s life, made even longer by the fact that he can feel Junsu’s eyes always on him, and Junsu deals in fleeting touches every time Yoochun is within reach.

“Trade me rooms tonight,” Junsu says to Jaejoong casually at dinner, and Yoochun nearly drops his bowl of rice.

Jaejoong’s only response is a dirty look. Changmin looks between them with interest.

“Look, I’m not saying you have to,” Junsu shrugs. “I’m just saying, a change of scenery does a guy good sometimes, and also that the next time we get assigned hotel rooms, for those of us who depend heavily on the good-heartedness of the other members…”

“Fine,” Jaejoong interrupts. “Yunho, can I sleep with you tonight?”

Changmin snorts. “What are you asking permission for?”

“Maybe one day you’ll be old enough to find out,” Jaejoong says loftily.

“You see, Minnie-ah,” Junsu starts, “when a Mommy and a Daddy love each other very much…”

“I just meant it seems kind of late at this point,” Changmin interrupts, rolling his eyes.

“Doesn’t anybody here have any discretion at all?!” Yunho demands, and then he sends Yoochun and Junsu to their room before they corrupt the baby any further.

Which suits Junsu and Yoochun just fine, really.

And even though he’s been thinking about it all day, Yoochun feels suddenly shy as he lets Junsu tug off his shirt. He starts to protest when Junsu leaves his clothes in a heap on the floor, they’ll get wrinkled, but Junsu kisses him, and Yoochun forgets all about it soon enough.

Junsu produces supplies without giving any explanations, and somehow works Yoochun into a position where he’s stroking Junsu’s cock with a lube-slick hand, even though his heart is pounding at the thought of going further.

“Maybe I’d better be the…” Yoochun starts, but Junsu shakes his head.

“I’ve kind of been thinking about it all day,” he confesses. He reaches down and wraps his fingers around Yoochun’s wrist, warm and tight. “It’s not hard,” he reassures, pushing Yoochun’s hand down. “You’ll see.”

When he’s got two fingers inside Junsu, Yoochun is convinced that this is all insanity and that this cannot ever work, but Junsu just laughs breathlessly when Yoochun voices his concerns out loud.

“Trust me,” Junsu’s eyes have been closed, but he opens them just enough to smirk at Yoochun now. “It’ll work.”

It might work, if Yoochun could stop worrying and not hyperventilate. Junsu tells him to relax and kisses him until he starts to.

“I mean, really, shouldn’t it be me who’s freaking out?” Junsu wants to know, in between kisses.

“Why aren’t you?” Yoochun wants to know, trying to get a frown going, but Junsu keeps kissing it away.

“Because I’ll get to do it to you next,” Junsu says, and the heat in his voice makes Yoochun give a soft moan. “Besides, there’s enough porn about it that it has to be worth doing.”

“Junsu,” Yoochun growls, and that makes Junsu shiver against him.

Worth doing doesn’t cover even half of it, Yoochun realizes when he’s pushing slowly into Junsu, hand wrapped around the base of his cock to hold the condom in place and himself steady, watching Junsu doing the same to keep himself hard. Worth doing is making out and blowjobs, this is fucking fantastic.

“Don’t move,” Yoochun orders shakily, because it’s a little too fantastic.

“I was just about to say the same thing,” Junsu murmurs, eyes squeezed shut, and when Yoochun puts his hands on Junsu’s hips, Junsu grabs blindly at one of them to wrap his fingers through Yoochun’s.

Yoochun has a better idea, though, and gives Junsu’s fingers a squeeze before pulling his hand away. Junsu makes an unhappy noise at him, but then Yoochun wraps his hand around Junsu’s cock instead, still slick with lube. He concentrates on just that, on making Junsu feel good, until Junsu is rocking his hips into the touch with little gasps.

“Move, please?” Junsu finally begs. He knocks Yoochun’s hand off his cock and takes over himself. “Chunnie-ah, move!”

He hopes Junsu is close, because he’s definitely not going to last long, but after a few shallow thrusts, when Yoochun adjusts his weight and his grip and gives a real thrust, Junsu tips his head back with a long moan.

“Do that again,” Junsu orders, and it only takes a few more before he’s coming over his hand and stomach.

It’s far more than Yoochun is prepared to handle, and he lets go when Junsu’s body is still squeezing around him with aftershocks.

He doesn’t even care about the mess when he collapses in a sprawl across Junsu’s chest. A few breaths later, he feels Junsu’s fingers sliding through his hair.

“You’re gonna have to move,” Junsu informs him.

“I’m working on it,” Yoochun mumbles against Junsu’s collar bone. It’s a patent lie, because Yoochun thinks he might never be able to move again.

Junsu gives him another minute or so before he starts pushing at Yoochun’s shoulders, and Yoochun feels a touch guilty at the pained face Junsu makes when he does push himself up finally and they pull apart. But it takes a whole ten minutes before “We’re never doing this again” turns into “How long before you’re ready again?”

“You drive me crazy, you know,” Yoochun says, making no move to stop Junsu as Junsu climbs up to straddle his waist and pins his wrists to the mattress.

“Sounds serious,” Junsu replies with a wink, and Yoochun only murmurs that he hopes so before Junsu’s mouth closes over his.

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  • By Tesa, 2010.03.04 @ 9:24 pm

    This is absolutely wonderful. The banter back and forth is cute!

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