DBSK, Crazy Life (International_Huge)

Title: Crazy Life
Author international_huge
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: ~MIROTIC~

Crazy Life

Their lives are too busy to eat, to sleep, or even to breathe sometimes. And although Changmin loves to travel, sometimes when they go from place to place to place he gets out of sync, his nights and days all mixed up, everyone else asleep when he’s too wound up to even stay in bed and pretend.

But when he gets up to pad out to the living room, he finds the couch already occupied.

“Keeping watch, Leader-sshi?” he asks, and Yunho tips his head back to squint at Changmin through his glasses.

“Seems that way.” Yunho’s smile is tired but warm. “Can’t sleep either?”

“This apartment makes funny noises.” Changmin wrinkles his nose as he drifts closer, expression exaggerated and childish. “I don’t like it. I want our old one back.”

“Poor Minnie-ah.” Yunho pats the cushion beside him, playing along. “Doesn’t sound like you got tucked in properly.”

“No one loves me,” Changmin agrees sadly as he comes around the couch and curls up on the seat next to him. He sprawls so that his head is in Yunho’s lap, and Yunho runs fingers through his hair and tsks at his melodrama.

“Everyone loves you too much,” he replies.

Changmin’s pout turns into a grin, his eyes full of trouble. “Even you, hyung?”

“Especially me,” Yunho answers, voice dry. Changmin laughs and reaches up to grab Yunho’s wrist, pulls Yunho’s hand down to kiss his palm. “And now that you know my secret,” Yunho continues, “you have to tell me one of yours to keep things even.”

“I wasn’t a virgin in Bora Bora,” Changmin says, making Yunho roll his eyes.

“Everybody knows that,” he says. “That’s not a secret.”

“Neither was yours,” Changmin points out, and they both laugh. “But,” he adds, something about the hour making him want to share, “I was during Tri-Angle.”

“Really?” Yunho asks, stroking Changmin’s cheek with his thumb. He looks a bit surprised, and Changmin wonders if he really is such a mystery that the others don’t know. “You saved all your firsts for us?”

“You make it sound so virtuous,” Changmin chuckles, shying away from how close to the truth Yunho’s words strike. “When really you just got me when I was still an ugly duckling.”

Yunho raises an eyebrow. “And now you think you’re a swan?”

“Will you just kiss me before I say anything else mortifying?” Changmin says, making Yunho laugh as well while he shifts position to comply.

The angle is awkward, and Changmin has to sit up to meet Yunho halfway, but it’s worth it, Yunho’s lips dry and warm against his own, the kiss slow and in no particular hurry. At least until Changmin’s elbow cracks from him holding himself up. He wraps his arms around Yunho’s neck instead, hitching himself up into a more comfortable position.

Yunho’s eyes are sleepy when the kiss breaks. His hand has drifted down to stroke Changmin’s spine through the thin material of his T-shirt, making Changmin shiver against him.

“Speaking of firsts,” Yunho says, “this is the first time I’ve had you all to myself.”

It’s true enough, not that they’d been trying terribly hard, but Changmin can’t help retorting, “Maybe if you weren’t always glued to Jaejoong’s bony little hip…”

Yunho fakes outrage, pinching Changmin’s side until he squeaks. “As if you weren’t always hanging off Yoochun like a limpet.”

“Monogamy fail,” Changmin agrees, sneaking another kiss against the corner of Yunho’s mouth.

“TVfXQ win,” Yunho corrects, turning his head to catch Changmin’s mouth properly.

Yunho works some sort of unfathomable Leader-sshi magic so that their position on the couch is rearranged without them falling off of it, so that Changmin is stretched out in a long line underneath him. It’s nice to make out with somebody the same height for once, so that knees, hips, and mouths are all aligned, nice enough to make Changmin hum.

They’re too lazy to go anywhere for supplies, which means most of the preferred resolutions to the situation are out of the question. Changmin is glad that he’s playing the baby tonight, because it means he can pretend it’s part of the act when he grinds hard up against Yunho and begs him to hurry.

“Hasn’t any of us taught you any patience?” Yunho teases back, grinding right back down against Changmin with no sign of changing position or speed.

Changmin doesn’t even dignify that with a response, just a dirty look, and Yunho’s rhythm falters when he laughs so hard he has to bury his face in Changmin’s neck to keep from waking anyone else.

“Here, here,” Yunho soothes when Changmin makes a disgusted noise and shoves at Yunho’s shoulder. He slides more to the side, gives himself some room to work, brushing kisses along the underside of Changmin’s jaw. “I’ll teach you something good.”

“Oh?” Changmin asks vaguely, then rolls his eyes a little when Yunho edges down until his nose is level with the waistband of Changmin’s pajama pants. “Believe me, somebody definitely taught me that.”

“I don’t mean as foreplay,” Yunho corrects, then he tugs the pants down far enough to be out of the way and licks a hot stripe around the base of Changmin’s cock, and Changmin’s clever retort dies in his throat.

Yunho wasn’t kidding about the difference between the way he gives a blowjob, and the way some others Changmin could name (junsujaejoongyoochun) do. He’s thorough, in no hurry, and in the absence of the exhilarating pace the others usually set, Changmin is at a loss what to do.

“You can touch me, you know,” Yunho pulls his mouth away just long enough to encourage. Changmin realizes that he’s got his hands fisted tightly against the couch and forces himself to relax his grip.

He gets his fingers in Yunho’s hair, hesitantly at first, but when Yunho pushes up against the touch with a low noise, tightens his grip. Yunho doesn’t seem to mind however hard Changmin tightens his fingers, but when Changmin tries to tug him in a particular direction, force him to speed up, Yunho balks, slowing down until Changmin is ready to scream.

Yunho just eyes him steadily until Changmin gives up with a grumble and lets his grip slacken; Yunho gives an approving suck that brings Changmin’s hips six centimeters off the couch.

Slowly but surely, Yunho works Changmin up to the edge of his control, and when Changmin does come, it’s with an intensity that leaves him a boneless puddle on the couch.

“So you see,” Yunho says as he tucks Changmin back in, the roughness of his voice sending a shiver through Changmin, “things work out much better when you do them my way.”

Changmin wants to argue, just to be contrary, but he’s too limp with pleasure to do it, and doesn’t get a chance anyway since Yunho is already crawling up to drape himself across Changmin’s chest and kiss him, long and deep. Changmin’s fingers are still in Yunho’s hair, rubbing against his scalp, and they tighten when Yunho rubs his own erection purposely against Changmin’s thigh.

Changmin is faced with a conundrum. Because he does not in any way want to move, but the more he thinks about returning the favor, the more he really wants to, to get Yunho in his mouth and drive him just as crazy as Yunho drove him.

But then, because he is a genius and a prodigy, Changmin has an idea.

“Hey,” he pushes Yunho back far enough to get words out, “move up.”

“What?” Yunho blinks as Changmin slides hands down Yunho’s back, down to his ass, and starts pushing him up. He keeps pushing until Yunho is up on his knees, until Yunho is moving up, and it isn’t until his knees bump into Changmin’s armpits that understanding flashes across his features.

They take a second to reorganize, Yunho’s pajama pants having to be completely removed for this to work, and when Yunho is resettled with one hand on the back of the couch and one hand on the arm of it behind Changmin’s head for balance, it only takes one extra throw pillow behind Changmin’s head to make the angle perfect.

Yunho curses quietly as Changmin sucks the head of his cock in past his lips, and Changmin’s fingers tighten on the backs of Yunho’s bare thighs at the sound. He can feel Yunho’s fingers shifting on the fabric of the couch behind his head, knows that Yunho would rather be holding onto him instead, but their position makes it impossible.

Changmin grins around Yunho’s cock and slides him in a little deeper; never let it be said that Shim Changmin doesn’t know how to get proper revenge. Yunho doesn’t take near as long as Changmin did to reach his own limit, and Changmin feels largely that all is right with the world as he Yunho gasps out a warning and spills hot and sharp over Changmin’s tongue.

“Don’t look so pleased with yourself,” Yunho scolds, sitting back on Changmin’s stomach and grunting as one of his knees cracks. “One of us had to wait a lot longer than the other.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell the others about your hair-trigger, old man.” Changmin smirks as he stretches, then wheezes in surprise when Yunho descends on him with tickling fingers.

“You’re gonna regret that,” Changmin growls in between snorts of laughter, “since you’re the one not wearing any pants!”

This time not even Yunho’s unfathomable Leader-sshi magic can save them from crashing off the couch. But it’s a double win the next day when the others take notice of Changmin’s heavy eyelids and Yunho’s slight limp, and nobody will believe Yunho’s version of events.

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