Hikaru no Go, Green Tea Means Go

Title: Green Tea Means Go [Shindou/Touya]
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for even the idea of Touya’s father getting it on.
Summary: Touya defiles his father’s Go room yet again.
AN: Mousapelli’s Birthday Theme 4: Improper use of aphrodisiac chocolate

Green Tea Means Go

“Look,” Hikaru had said, “dark AND white chocolate chips! You know what we can do with those, right?” and that was how Touya had come to defile yet another goban, but at least this time it had just been with food.

So far. “Shindou, stop that,” he pled as he wiped at the wood with a wet paper towel. For something that had been so easy to melt the first time, the chocolate was sure stuck now.

“What?” Shindou asked, licking dark chocolate off yet another finger, and Touya jerked his eyes away from the sight and glared at the board.

“God, can’t you help?” he snapped, fingers tightening around the towel. “Do you know what my father is going to do to me if this is still on here when he gets home?”

“Look stoic and mildly reproving?” Shindou suggested.

“No!” Touya paused. “Well, okay, yes, but that’s not…”

“You’re going to blow a fuse one of these days,” Shindou interrupted, picking himself up off the cushion he’d been sprawled against, and Touya harbored a split-second fantasy that Shindou might actually be about to help, before he dropped carelessly into Touya’s lap, curling arms around his neck and legs around his waist. “Your parents aren’t due home until eight tonight.”

“Easy for you to say.” Touya tried to look reproving, but it was tough when Shindou was smoothing fingers through his hair. “If you’re so unconcerned, why aren’t we at your house?”

“Because it’ll be totally embarrassing if my mother catches me,” Shindou answered without hesitation, then kissed the corner of Touya’s mouth where it turned down. “You’ve got something here…”

“Chocolate?” Touya asked, sighing. It was everywhere else, certainly.

“No.” Shindou kissed him again, then swiped Touya’s cheek with his tongue. “Sulk.” He chuckled when Touya tried to shove him off and held on tighter. “I don’t think I got it all.”

“Shindoooou,” Touya whined, but his arm was already around Shindou’s waist to steady him, and he wrapped his other hand in the front of Shindou’s jersey to pull him down for a more comfortable kiss.

“Besides,” Shindou said after a few long minutes, and Touya’s brain took a lot longer than usual to process the words, “I bet you your father’s done it in here too.”

“Shindou Hikaru!” Touya really did shove him off that time, but Shindou was laughing even as his butt struck the floor with a painful thud. “I can’t believe you’re even thinking about that!”

“As often as you do it,” Shindou clutched his sides and laughed harder, “you think it’s never happened?”

“Yes, but in my case there’s you,” Touya scrubbed a hand across his forehead, trying to erase the mental image, “and you’re a fiend. And besides, my mother doesn’t even play Go!”

“Touya, you poor innocent child.” Shindou flopped his head into Touya’s lap and patted him on the knee. “Do you seriously think your mother is always bringing your father tea?”

A moment of horrified silence ensued, where Touya peered at Shindou through his fingers.

“I mean, how much tea can a man…”

“STOP!” Touya howled. “God, are you getting off on this? Get away from me!”

“Nah,” Shindou rolled over, sliding hand around Touya’s waist and nuzzling his stomach, “just on riling you up. Play me.”

“We have to clean the board off still!” Touya sucked in a sharp breath as Shindou untucked his shirt with his teeth. “And you can’t seriously expect me to play while you’re…ah!”

“13-2.” Shindou’s grin was tickling the skin just to the left of Touya’s navel, and his fingertips were skating up Touya’s spine, and that opening move was meant to do nothing but be utterly irritating.

“Tengen,” he said finally, figuring that he could be just as irritating, and so much for playing without emotion anyway.

“I thought you might see it my way,” Shindou said smugly, and shoved Touya down on his back.

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