Death Note, I’m Feeling Lucky

Title: I’m Feeling Lucky [Raito, L]
Fandom: Death Note
Rating/Warnings: G? Wow, I fail almost as much as Raito.
Summary: Raito really has to stop this. No, really. Okay, one more time.
AN: Mousapelli’s Birthday Theme 24: Google.

I’m Feeling Lucky

“Would you like me to firewall Google from the building’s servers?” L offers helpfully, leaning over Raito’s shoulder to peer at his slick, black laptop. “You might get more work done, Yagami-kun.”

“I get plenty of work done, thank you!” Raito snaps, clicking away quickly, but L is already heading towards his own chair, chuckling quietly.

It’s really very cute, the way Raito keeps trying to google him, L thinks to himself, and he has to hid his smile behind a six-inch slab of strawberry pie when Raito is clearly at it again five minutes later.

L has been known to give in to the temptation himself from time to time, which is why he knows exactly what there is for Raito to find. He’s even left up a few particularly incriminating things if Raito is particularly clever. One particular set of keywords in an image search will in fact pull up a picture of a four-year-old L in footie pajamas, graphing calculator in one hand and a cookie the size of his head in the other.

Not that Raito will ever see it, because his google-fu is adorably weak.

“While you’re on there,” L says casually, “could you look up whether there’s any connection between Kira and an underground punk band called ‘Sonic W*ind’ ?” Even Raito should be able to turn something up for that, especially since it’s Misa’s favorite band at the moment, but L’s developed a sort of addiction to torturing Raito with his own internet ineptitude.

“No,” Raito says, “because I’m not on Google.”

“Sonic W*ind has an asterisk in it, Yagami-kun.” L watches in the monitor bank as Raito fails utterly to look the band up even with the help. He’s installed a camera right above Raito specifically to watch him fail so heinously.

“I’m not,” Raito snaps again, “on Google.”

“That’s because you typed three Os, Raito-kun.”

Raito narrows his eyes, reaches over and plants his foot firmly on the base of L’s chair, then gives it a shove that sends it zooming across the room. L knows he should feel some sort of shame as he twirls past Matsuda’s surprised blinking and Yagami-san’s disapproving scowl, but he’s too busy digging the ride and cackling at Raito’s expense.

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