Category: Death Note

Death Note, Appearances

Misa asks a rhetorical question. (Gen)

Death Note, I’m Feeling Lucky

Raito really has to stop this. No, really. Okay, one more time. (Gen)

Death Note/Hikaru no Go, Psychological Advantage

Raito just wants to play on a damn board for once. (Raito, L)

Death Note, Insomnia (The Games We Play Remix)

Raito hasn't slept in days, and L takes matters into his own hands. (Raito/L)

Death Note, Eye of the Storm

So this is where it begins and where it ends/leave, leave now and don't you look back/Please come closer

Death Note, Best Present He’s Got Yet

L has some birthday presents for Raito, but he's a little tied up. Chained up. Whatever.

Death Note, What’s Really Strange

This should be much weirder than it is. And that's not the weird part.

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