Sukisho!!, Sleight of Hand

Title: Sleight of Hand [Ran/Sunao]
Fandom: Sukisho!!
Rating/Warnings: R for boyhand of questionable consent.
Summary: It’s not that fucked up to wake up with your hand on yourself when you’re a teenager, but it’s realizing that you aren’t in control of it that’s the problem.
AN: Mousapelli’s Birthday Theme 18: Boyhand

Sleight of Hand

Sunao jerked out of the dream all at once, the wet heat of Sora’s mouth replaced with the familiar curl of his own fingers around his erection. He groaned, half because waking up this way was so embarrassing, and half because he was telling his hand to just stop already, and it wasn’t listening.

“Raaaan,” he snarled quietly, turning his head towards the other bed in the room, and noting that mercifully Sora was sound asleep on his back, mouth open and snoring softly. A soft giggle brushed his ear, and his hand tightened against his skin. He didn’t bother to turn his head, knowing there would be nothing there but air. “Just let me get back to sleep, will you?”

“Oh, loosen up.” Ran’s voice was low and sweet, coaxing in a way that Sunao never cared to make his own. “You’re the one who keeps waking yourself up. Just lie back and enjoy it like a normal person.”

“Nothing about this is normal,” Sunao replied, shutting his eyes, but he still saw Sora, limbs splayed and mouth parted. Whimpering, he opened them again. At least the real life Sora was drooling, which helped contain the sex of the situation just a little.

“You’d feel so much better if you just went over there,” Ran urged, and Sunao shivered at the ghost of fingertips brushing over his hip. “If you woke Sora up, he’d help. Or Yoru might come out to play…”

“No!” Sunao snapped, then clamped his jaw shut as the noise made Sora stir a little and his pajama shirt rode up to reveal a stripe of pale skin above his waistband.

“You’re soooo ridiculous,” Ran chided, picking back up the rhythm he’d let slack for a moment, and Sunao had to turn his head to muffle his groan against the pillow. “I’ll just tell you what you’re missing then.”

“No no no!” Sunao whispered, but couldn’t tune out Ran’s voice, low and steady, or the squeeze of his hand against his cock, thumb dragging through the precome at his tip.

“His skin’s so warm,” Ran breathed, making Sunao shudder, “he loves it when you bite his collarbone or lick the hollow of his throat. And his hair’s much softer than it looks, and it tickles your palms when he’s between your legs and you’re tugging on it…”

“Please stop,” Sunao gasped, tears of frustration and pleasure gathering in the corners of his eyes. “Just leave me alone!”

“He’s so good at it too,” Ran continued, “that you don’t even care when he starts sliding a finger inside, starts licking further down…”

Sunao found little relief in the spike of pleasure that shot through him, nor in the release Ran was wringing out of him, leaving him shivering and sticky. But at least his hand was back under his own control, and he stuck it under his pillow as he rolled over and curled into a tight ball.

“Just leave me alone,” he said again, squeezing his eyes tightly shut and trying to ignore the giggles brushing his ears and making the hair on the back of his neck rise. He started counting backwards from a hundred, and by the time he was at forty-three, he was relaxed enough to sleep back into a restless sleep.

Across the room, Sora opened one eye, and a stripe of moonlight sneaking in through the blinds made it glint amber. “You’re so cruel, Ran. Get over here.”

“Hnn,” Ran pouted, rolling back over to face the other bed, “why should I? You’re mean to me, Yoru! You said I had to stay over here tonight.”

Now, Ran.”

Shivering gleefully, Ran kicked back Sunao’s covers and slid out of bed, stripping off the stained pajama pants before sliding in alongside Yoru. He hummed his approval when Yoru dragged his fingertips through the drying patch on Ran’s stomach and brought them up to his lips. Ran’s eyes tracked the movement keenly as Yoru’s tongue darted out to brush over his fingers.

“You’re going to break him, you know,” he said thoughtfully. “Then what will you do?”

“He’d be fine if he just got a grip,” Ran protested, wriggling closer to Yoru and nosing at the hollow of his throat. “Preferably on Sora. Sora wouldn’t mind.”

“And just how would you know that?” Yoru asked, dragging fingers down Ran’s spine.

“This body wouldn’t ever say no to me.” Ran’s grin was just begging to be nipped, and Yoru never minded doing what needed to be done.

“Mmm, Ran,” Yoru said when they were pressed tight and warm against each other, kissing softly. He let his eyes slip closed. “Wake him up.”

“Yoruuu,” Ran pouted, but Yoru repeated his demand more firmly and Ran gave in like always.

When Sunao opened his eyes again, he was tucked under Sora’s body, Sora’s lips moving gently against his own. “Sora!”

“Hmm?” Sora murmured, eyes opening just far enough to see. He didn’t pull his lips away, though. “Mm, Nao-kun, you feel good…”

“Never mind that!” Sunao tried to lean again, pressing his head into the pillow but Sora followed him down. “Let go of me! I want to go back to my own bed.”

“Sunao…” Sora finally did stop kissing him, his brow creased with something that might have been hurt, but Sunao wasn’t interested in trying to work it out. “Geez, just go back to sleep, can’t you? You know there’s no stopping them.”

“Sora!” Sunao protested when Sora just flopped his face down into the pillow, body still partially covering Sunao’s and arm tucked firmly around his waist. He struggled a little more. “Let go!”

“God, loosen up!” Sora snapped, not moving. Sunao went totally stiff, then twisted in Sora’s arms until his back was totally towards the other boy and curled up. He tried to keep from sniffling as a few angry tears slid out of the corner of his eye and over his nose.

After a few seconds, Sora sighed softly and shifted so that his chest was curled along Sunao’s spine. “Just go to sleep,” he murmured, breath stirring Sunao’s hair, and Sunao pressed closer to him so that his cheek wasn’t lying in the damp spot on the pillow.

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  • By Ritsu, 2015.08.16 @ 8:25 am

    I hope you will add more lemon in your fan fic

  • By dakota, 2015.11.04 @ 3:08 pm

    I love this story about Sora x Sunao and Yoru x Ran so much!!!! Sora x Sunao are my favorite couple ever!!!!!! I still love Yoru x Ran too!!!

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