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Prince of Tennis, Seeing Doubles

Doubles isn't really Atobe's thing. (Atobe/Shishido)

Prince of Tennis, Problematic

Shishido has a problem. The rest of Hyoutei seems to have more than one. (Shishido/Ohtori)

Prince of Tennis, The Perfect Peach

Emperor Atobe searches the kingdom for the person who can paint him the perfect peach. (Atobe/Momoshiro, Atobe/Hyoutei)

Prince of Tennis, Slippery Slope

Atobe figured that if Jiroh was going to wrinkle his sheets like that, it might as well be aesthetically pleasing. (Atobe, Shishido)

Prince of Tennis, Tenisu no Boifrendo

Tezuka is sure that his boyfriends are making fun of him, but he can't exactly put his finger on how. (Tezuka/Atobe/Ryoma/Sanada/Fuji)

Prince of Tennis, Christmas in Hyoutei

The week before Christmas in Hyoutei, Shishido makes a promise to Ohtori, everyone needs gifts, Seigaku invites Fudomine to a Sushi Bonanza, and it's totally impossible to tell whose boyfriend Fuji is really.

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