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Prince of Tennis (Chinese Drama), 1+1 Has Many Answers

Guo Guang tells Zhen Zhi that it's enough, already. (Guo Guang/Zhen Zhi)

Prince of Tennis, Sex no Tensai

Kaidoh and Momoshiro somehow manage to even make virginity into a competition. (Inui/Kaidoh, Fuji/Momoshiro)

Prince of Tennis, Haunted

Kaidoh doesn't want to talk about it. (Kaidoh/Inui)

Prince of Tennis, Eating Habits of the Native Kaidoh

Even Kaidoh thinks that this training menu thing might be getting out of hand. (Inui/Kaidoh)

Prince of Tennis, Best Laid (The Easy as Pi Remix)

Inui needs a plan. (Inui/Kaidoh)

Prince of Tennis, On the Cellular Level

Inui's speeddial bumblings mean Tezuka gets a respite, Oishi gets to slap himself, and Kaidoh just gets it. (Inui/Kaidoh)

Prince of Tennis, The Echizen Effect

Things are different without Echizen, only, you know, not really. (Inui/Kaidoh)

Prince of Tennis, Christmas in Hyoutei

The week before Christmas in Hyoutei, Shishido makes a promise to Ohtori, everyone needs gifts, Seigaku invites Fudomine to a Sushi Bonanza, and it's totally impossible to tell whose boyfriend Fuji is really.

Prince of Tennis, Chemistry

So for awhile we conducted experiments/In an apartment by the River Road/And we found out that the two things we put together had a/Bad tendency to explode

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