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Prince of Tennis (Chinese Drama), 1+1 Has Many Answers

Guo Guang tells Zhen Zhi that it's enough, already. (Guo Guang/Zhen Zhi)

Prince of Tennis, Seeing Doubles

Doubles isn't really Atobe's thing. (Atobe/Shishido)

AftS!, Five Times Special Friends Who Are Boys Day

Five SFWAB days in roughly chronological order. (Various pairings)

Prince of Tennis/Naruto, Konoha no Inui Sadaharu

Inui gathers some interesting data. (Gen, AU)

Prince of Tennis, Five Times Tezuka Kunimitsu Wasn’t Captain

Echizen, Kaidoh, Momoshiro, Oishi, and Yamato, but not Tezuka. (Gen)

Prince of Tennis, Psychologial Advantage

Momoshiro's Super Doubles Training Menu Delight~ (Momoshiro/Kaidoh)

Prince of Tennis, Oscillate Invariably (The Hz So Good Remix)

It's Inui-kun's tennis that interests Renji most of all. (Inui/Yanagi)

Prince of Tennis, Problematic

Shishido has a problem. The rest of Hyoutei seems to have more than one. (Shishido/Ohtori)

Prince of Tennis, The Perfect Peach

Emperor Atobe searches the kingdom for the person who can paint him the perfect peach. (Atobe/Momoshiro, Atobe/Hyoutei)

Prince of Tennis/JE, Gackt-chan Goes To Seigaku

Tezuka is baby-sitting, and much less pleased about it than Inui and Fuji are. (Gen, AU)

Prince of Tennis, Sex no Tensai

Kaidoh and Momoshiro somehow manage to even make virginity into a competition. (Inui/Kaidoh, Fuji/Momoshiro)

Prince of Tennis, Loophole

Inui says he'll take care of the problem. (Gen)

Prince of Tennis, Haunted

Kaidoh doesn't want to talk about it. (Kaidoh/Inui)

Prince of Tennis, Life-Size

For once, Fuji is speechless. (Fuji/Kawamura)

Prince of Tennis, Won’t Take That Long

Momoshiro and Kaidoh compete to be the best senpai during next year's Fudomine matches. (Gen)

Prince of Tennis, In a Tight Spot

Grip tape. (Shinji/Ryoma)

Prince of Tennis, Eating Habits of the Native Kaidoh

Even Kaidoh thinks that this training menu thing might be getting out of hand. (Inui/Kaidoh)

Prince of Tennis, Slippery Slope

Atobe figured that if Jiroh was going to wrinkle his sheets like that, it might as well be aesthetically pleasing. (Atobe, Shishido)

Prince of Tennis, Wet Dream

Shishido is not as alone in the showers as one might think. Ever. (Shishido/Ohtori)

Prince of Tennis, Tenisu no Boifrendo

Tezuka is sure that his boyfriends are making fun of him, but he can't exactly put his finger on how. (Tezuka/Atobe/Ryoma/Sanada/Fuji)

Prince of Tennis, No Help From the Audience

Ryoma's pro career is proving interesting for Tezuka. (Tezuka/Ryoma/Fuji)

Prince of Tennis, Make Way For Ducklings

Rikkaidai's participation in a miniature golf tournament for charity is really benefiting nobody. (Gen)

Prince of Tennis, Golden Parenting

Eiji calls during practice to make a startling announcement to Oishi. (Eiji/Oishi)

Prince of Tennis, Best Laid (The Easy as Pi Remix)

Inui needs a plan. (Inui/Kaidoh)

Prince of Tennis, So Much For The Afterglo

Shishido's White Day present seems an awful lot like a shameless attempt to force him to take Ohtori out clubbing. (Shishido/Ohtori)

Prince of Tennis, On the Cellular Level

Inui's speeddial bumblings mean Tezuka gets a respite, Oishi gets to slap himself, and Kaidoh just gets it. (Inui/Kaidoh)

Prince of Tennis, Better to Give Than To Receive

Oishi was sort of wondering where Eiji got off to after practice. It's all Fuji's fault. (Oishi/Eiji)

Prince of Tennis, Didn’t Do Much For the Rabbit

Sengoku has this theory about luck, and Momoshiro looks like he could use a little of it right now. (Sengoku/Momoshiro)

Prince of Tennis, The Echizen Effect

Things are different without Echizen, only, you know, not really. (Inui/Kaidoh)

Prince of Tennis, Practice Makes Perfect

They've got an entire snowed-in morning to snuggle in bed, and Ohtori lets it slip that he knows exactly what Shishido-san thinks about Ohtori's birthday falling on Valentine's Day. (Shishido/Ohtori)

Prince of Tennis, Christmas in Hyoutei

The week before Christmas in Hyoutei, Shishido makes a promise to Ohtori, everyone needs gifts, Seigaku invites Fudomine to a Sushi Bonanza, and it's totally impossible to tell whose boyfriend Fuji is really.

Prince of Tennis, 20 Random Facts About Seigaku’s Freshmen

The title says it all, I think.

Prince of Tennis, Chemistry

So for awhile we conducted experiments/In an apartment by the River Road/And we found out that the two things we put together had a/Bad tendency to explode

Prince of Tennis, Accidental Alchemy

Eiji and Oishi's sophomore year, several members of the team think things would be much better if they got along.

Prince of Tennis, Snow Tennis

Well obviously Eiji isn't coming in just because of a little snow.

Prince of Tennis, Warning: Will Brighten Your Colors

If you watch them long enough, it looks like they're flying instead of swimming.

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