Posts tagged: Misdated

Prince of Tennis, Snow Tennis

Well obviously Eiji isn't coming in just because of a little snow.

Harry Potter, Bring the Mandolin

Peter gets held up in the doorway.

Harry Potter, Panicked

James apparently missed the footnote about Animagi panicking.

Harry Potter, Put That in a Box

Sirius hates moving, and Lily isn't helping.

Harry Potter, What The Combined Forces Of Gryffindor Know About Girls

Ron needs some advice, and nothing good is forthcoming.

Harry Potter, You Don’t Send Me Flowers

Harry's got himself worked up into quite the state.

Roswell, True Romance

Apparently Maria's birthday was the other day.

Power Rangers, Typical Day at the Angel Grove Juice Bar

Tommy has something important to say. (Tommy/Kimberly)

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