Harry Potter, Bring the Mandolin

Title: Bring The Mandolin [MWPP]
Rating/Warnings: PG for whatever butlers do.
Summary: Peter gets held up in the doorway.
A/N: Written for Copperbadge using a bunch of his student gems as prompts.

Bring the Mandolin

“Stop!” Sirius threw an arm across the doorway. “You can’t come in, your clothes are too bright!”

“What are you on about?” Peter glanced down at his paisley shirt and orange courderoys, which were very much IN at the moment, thanks much. “S’my room too, get out of my way!”

“You’ll scare him!” Sirius seemed to be developing a twitch. “Anything sudden might set him off again.” Sirius lowered his voice conspiratorily. “He’s plotting revenge, you know.”

Peter tried to weasal past, but in the end there was nothing for it but to remove the shirt and pants and sulk in, trying to hide behind Sirius.

“Why does Peter look like a butler?” James demanded, and Peter wanted to know just what James thought butlers did, and then on second thought didn’t want to know at all. “He’s even got the white…oh never mind. So this is the plan: Remus, you corner Lily, Sirius, you bring the mandolin, and then I will serenade her to within an inch of her life!”

“Oh good,” Remus sighed, “Comedy, action, music, AND death…”

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