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Harry Potter, Fit Right In

Remus and Hermione have had the same costume idea, with one minor difference. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Animal Magnetism

Peter's got a special trick for the ladies.

Harry Potter, A Boy And His Rat

Over the years, the Marauders had many pets, but Rat was special.

Harry Potter, Falling Into the Wrong Hands

Three generations of map-makers pass on the legacy.

Harry Potter, Full Crow Moon

The moon pulls more than tides.

Harry Potter, Being Furry Is Fucking Aces

It's just a normal full moon until Moony discovers some pretty flowers.

Harry Potter, Closer to Fine

Harry is going off the deep end.

Harry Potter, I’ll Be Goddabbed

Lily's put up with more than any reasonable woman should have to.

Harry Potter, Anything For Fashion

Sirius is bored, which is never a good thing for McGonagall's shoes.

Harry Potter, What Do You Need Toes For Anyway?

Percy can't have an owl, but his brothers work something out.

Harry Potter, Some Things Never Change

Turns out Percy's been to more Quidditch games than he thought.

Harry Potter, Woke Up in the Hospital a Week Later

Oliver doesn't understand what Percy is on about when there's Quidditch to be played.

Harry Potter, Avoidance Tactics

Remus is avoiding Harry.

Harry Potter, Lightning Has Just Struck My Brain

Things aren't quite adding up for Harry.

Harry Potter, Evening the Score

After the Trick, Sirius just wants things to be even again.

Harry Potter, The Most Ridiculous First Name I’ve Ever Heard

Remus Lupin isn't really sure himself what happened in those years.

Harry Potter, The Master Plan

How Death Eaters amuse themselves while waiting for the Dark Lord.

Harry Potter, He Who Laughs Last

Some twin confusion.

Harry Potter, And What the Hell is Snarry?!

The latest craze sweeps Hogwarts...Snape is skeptical of its artistic value.

Harry Potter, Vocal Talent

Harry's got a talent. (Gen)

Harry Potter, The Best of All of Us

Sirius and Harry run a parallel course. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Raised By Wolves

Remus's lunch is interrupted by a Quiznos ad. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Final Solutions

Nothing seems to be getting through to Remus now that Sirius is gone again. (Gen)

Harry Potter, As Long As It Takes

Lily's woken up in the course of Prefectly duties. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Damn Muggle Machinery

Dumbledore's interest in the Muggle contraptions ends poorly. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Smooth as Silk

Draco hates Blaise Zabini. (Gen)

Harry Potter, We Figure That Means Yes, Mostly

Ron has a new mail carrier. (Gen)

Harry Potter, True Colors

McGonagall attempts for some group understanding and communication. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Any Port in a Storm

Professor Potter has a few quirks. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Triumph of the Last Marauder

Harry goes through Sirius's things and finds something to remember him by. (Gen)

Harry Potter, A Tense Moment at the Breakfast Table

If only JKR had corporate sponsoring... (Gen)

Harry Potter, The Scent of Blood

Ron could stand to get a clue. (Gen)

Harry Potter, The Hogwarts Talent Show Gets Worse Every Year

Lucius shows off his talent. (Gen)

Harry Potter, A Prickly Situation

Ginny's made a prickly little friend. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Full Marks

Neville takes his OWLs. (Gen)

Harry Potter, One Last Ride

Cedric says goodbye. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Blank Pages

Ginny hates starting an essay, but not like Colin does. (Gen)

Harry Potter, What Exactly Are The Duties of a Head Boy?

Harry's the Head Boy, but if it isn't Hermione, who's the Head Girl? And is that really her job? (Harry/Draco)

Harry Potter, The Twelve Step Program

James convinces Sirius they should both get in shape the Muggle way! Unfortunately, this seems to involve bad plans and even worse fashion sense, plus an increasingly long staircase. (Gen)

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