Harry Potter, The Master Plan

Title: The Master Plan
Words: 100
House: Slytherin
Characters: Variant Death Eaters
A/N: Well, OBVIOUSLY they play the Pants Game…

The Master Plan

“Wait, I’ve got one!” Crabbe giggled. ” ‘Any wizard captured will have his pants removed and sent to the Pants Examination Division. Should Potter’s pants be confiscated, the pants should be considered extremely dangerous, and only the Dark Lord will be allowed to handle the pants.’ ”

“Listen to this!” Lucius howled. ” ‘Dumbledore’s pants lift immense weights, come to the aid of his followers, and shed healing tears! Extreme caution advised if his pants is spotted!’ ”

“What’s going on in here?!” Voldemort demanded, slamming open the door.

“Just reviewing your Master Plan,” Lucius covered smoothly.

“Master Pants,” Wormtail snickered under his breath.

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