Harry Potter, A Man of His Word

Title: A Man of His Word
Words: 100
Challenge: Tricky Spells
Characters: Harry and Remus
A/N: I realize that this spell has been done to death, but this scene came up in something I’m writing and I just couldn’t resist.

A Man of His Word

“When you said you’d take it in trade, I hadn’t thought you meant it literally,” Remus chuckled.

“I’m a man of my word.” Harry toed off one trainer and kicked off a jean leg so he could spread his legs further apart. He planted his arms on the desk and, with an over-the-shoulder wink at Remus, leaned forward.

Remus picked up his wand from his desk. Resting the tip in his hand, he murmured “Facilius” and rubbed the resulting slickness across his fingers.

“Would a quote from Moody about wands and buttocks be inappropriate?” Harry wondered.

“Entirely,” Remus said firmly.

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