Harry Potter, Anything For Fashion

Title: Anything For Fashion
Rating/Warnings: G for glitter!
Summary: Sirius is bored, which is never a good thing for McGonagall’s shoes.
A/N: Written as my writing sample for my application for the Glitterverse RPG. You can find the rest of my submission here.

Anything For Fashion

Sirius was bored, bored, bored. He glanced at the clock and noticed that there were still 25 minutes left of Transfiguration. He’d have to come up with some entertainment fast, or he’d succumb to an irreversible comatose state.

He sighed loudly and glanced hopefully in James’ direction, but James hunched over his notes and pointedly ignored him. Sirius knew for a fact that this studiousness was an act, James Potter had never needed to take a note in his entire life. Unfortunately for Sirius, it seemed that James was still miffed that Sirius had borrowed his tightest flares that morning.

Not my fault mine have a huge rip in the crotch, bound to happen sooner or later, Sirius reasoned mentally. Nor is it my fault that I look better in the things than Jim does. To be expected, really.

Which still left Sirius noticeably fun-less. He was preparing to Charm Skye’s quill ink invisible for a quick laugh, when McGonagall swept by him, and the heel of her sensible shoe peeking out from under her hem caught Sirius’ attention.

His eyebrow quirked as an idea struck. Struggling to contain his glee silently, Sirius aimed his wand at the retreating shoes and whispered “Fulge!”

A quick glimmer was all the confirmation Sirius got that his spell had worked, and he squirmed in his seat for the rest of the class, dying for somebody to notice his prank.

“That will be all for today, class…” McGonagall was dismissing the class when Lily dropped her wand, and it rolled out into the aisle to clink against McGonagall’s foot. She bent to retrieve it and stopped when her robes slid over her shoe.

Sirius struggled valiantly to keep from beaming with pride as she pulled her robes up another few inches to reveal her new pair of green metallic platforms.

He knew his expression of innocence was perfect, and it was only McGonagall’s secret psychic Head of House powers that caused her glare to stop on him. She smiled thinly as she dismissed the class and asked Sirius to remain behind.

As he was heading towards the front of the room, James flashed him a thumbs up and a broad grin on his way out, and Sirius answered with a grin of his own, knowing he’d been forgiven for this morning’s squabble.

“Mr. Black,” McGonagall said crisply as he stood in front of her, “I hope you will be smiling as cheerfully when you are cleaning out parrot cages in detention. Quite proud of yourself, aren’t you?”

“Anything for fashion,” Sirius shrugged, flashing his most charming smile.

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