Harry Potter, We Figure That Means Yes, Mostly

Title: We Figure That Means Yes, Mostly
House: Gryffindor
Words: 100
Characters: Ron, Hermione, and a new mail carrier
A/N: I feel extra points should be awarded for sneaking in some PotC references…

We Figure That Means Yes, Mostly

“I can’t even believe you,” Hermione rolled her eyes as the school owl delivered her Daily Prophet at breakfast.

“I don’t see what the problem is,” Ron sniffed. “Ginny needed an owl, you know I wanted a different one, so she’s happy, Pig’s happy…and I’m happy.”

“But honestly,” Hermione started, but Ron cut her off.

“Oh, just drop it,” he snapped. He lifted his spoon to find a bright blue feather floating in the milk. He glared at his new mail carrier.

“RAWK!” the macaw whistled. “Welcome aboard!”

“I wish I’d never taken you to see that movie,” Hermione complained.

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