Harry Potter, Surprise Package

Title: Surprise Package
House: Gryffindor
Words: 100
Characters: Lily, James’ owl, and a suspicious package
A/N: wonder what James did THIS time…

Surprise Package

Lily looked up sharply when she heard scrabbling claws and saw James’ owl on her desk.

“NO!” she screamed at it. “Go away! I’m NOT forgiving him this time!”

The owl hooted and hopped up and down in agitation, mussing up her papers.

“SHOO!” she yelled, charging the owl and waving her arms.

The owl hooted louder, and when she tried to push it back out the window, nipped her hard enough to draw blood. It kicked a small package at Lily and took off angrily.

The package paper had been torn open in the scuffle. A ring fell out.

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