Harry Potter, Subconscious Desires

Title: Subconscious Desires
Words: 100
House: Gryffindor for my boys
Characters: Sirius, Remus, Peter, and some randy owls

Subconscious Desires

“That’s the third time this week!” Sirius roared, storming into the dormitory, waving an unsent letter. “Remus, I can’t get a bloody letter mailed because your owl is ALWAYS shagging mine!”

“I know,” Remus sounded pained. “I’ve got Peter reading a book on owl behavior. Have you turned up anything?”

“No,” Peter answered from his desk, “but it did say that owls can pick up nonverbal clues from their owners and act out their repressed desires. Isn’t that interesting?”

Sirius began to cough loudly and Remus fled the room, face bright red.

“What?” Peter asked, perplexed. “What did I say?”

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