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Harry Potter, Bring the Mandolin

Peter gets held up in the doorway.

Harry Potter, Red Means (Don’t) Stop

James isn't the first. Or the second. Or even the third.

Harry Potter, Just That Sort (The Epiphany Remix)

Lily is just that sort of girlfriend, and James is just that sort of best mate.

Harry Potter, Nicked It

"Remus, I'm sorry I shouted at you," Lily protested in horror, "but it doesn't have anything to do with Potter! Well, it did, but not because he's not having me! Which he isn't!"

Harry Potter, He’s Not Heavy, He’s My Boggart

Remus is forced to do his Boggart lesson apart from the other Gryffindors, and his Boggart gives James more blackmail material than should be legal. How far will Remus go to keep Sirius from finding out what's he's most afraid of?

Harry Potter, I’ll Be Goddabbed

Lily's put up with more than any reasonable woman should have to.

Harry Potter, And Then There’s the After-Party

Lily is the Marauders' first fangirl and also is going to murder Remus.

Harry Potter, Painting By Numbers

Lily takes great delight in making Sirius do things the Muggle way.

Harry Potter, Double Entendre

Peter is noticing some striking parallels.

Harry Potter, Lucky Break

Maybe it's the painkillers talking, but Lily is pleased with how it all turned out.

Harry Potter, What You Don’t Know

James can't do this. (James/Lily, Remus/Sirius)

Harry Potter, Pay Up, Gents

James has the proof. (James/Lily)

Harry Potter, Photogenic Confessions

Lily tries to confess, with some evidence to back up her story. (James/Lily)

Harry Potter, Subliminal Messages

James ought to quit while he's ahead. (James/Lily)

Harry Potter, Surprise Package

James's owl is surprisingly persistent. (James/Lily)

Harry Potter, A Tense Moment at the Breakfast Table

If only JKR had corporate sponsoring... (Gen)

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