Harry Potter, What You Don’t Know

Title: What You Don’t Know [James, Remus]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: James can’t do this.
AN: random drabble, 100 words.

What You Don’t Know

“I can’t do this!” James moaned. “I can’t get married!”

“Why not?” Remus asked reasonably. “You want to marry Lily, don’t you?”

“Yes!” James replied reflexively. “No! I do, but it’s bloody forever! I’m only 20!”

“Then tell her you want to put it off,” Remus suggested.

“Bit late now, isn’t it?!” James snarled. “It’s… I… dammit, forget it!”


“What do you know about it anyways, you ponce!” James yelled. “It’s not like you’ll ever do this, is it?!”

Remus said nothing, but in his suddenly clenched fist, the gold band bit into his third finger under its glamour.

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