Harry Potter, And What the Hell is Snarry?!

Title: And What the Hell is Snarry?!
Words: 100
House: Hufflepuff
Characters: a Very wankable Snape
A/N: The latest craze sweeps Hogwarts…Snape is skeptical of its artistic value.

And What the Hell is Snarry?!

Snape stormed into Dumbledore’s office and slammed down several parchments on the desk.

“I’ve caught four more of them at it in my class!” he snarled. “Pretending to take notes, and scribbling this rubbish!”

“Severus,” Dumbledore inquired, “what exactly is your problem with fanfiction?”

“They don’t even have the decency to make up their own characters! It’s right to the smut! Some of the characters are GAY in this lot! You’ve got to do something!”

“Tell me, do you own a green sweater?” Dumbledore asked placidly.

“No!” Snape snapped. “I hate green! What does that have to do with anything?”

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