Harry Potter, Malfoys Keep It in the Family

Title: Malfoys Keep it in the Family
Words: 100
Characters: Draco, Lucius
Challenge: I don’t write…
A/N: Incest is the biggest squick of them all for me, esp with the Lucius, because i find it entirely too plausible.

Malfoys Keep It in the Family

Draco’s jaw ached, but he didn’t stop, didn’t say a word about it. Malfoys did not complain.

There was a host of other things Malfoys did not do, a nearly endless list force-fed to Draco since birth. Malfoys did not run in the hallways. Malfoys did not slouch. Malfoys did not have friends, only allies.

Malfoys did not discuss family matters with outsiders. Malfoys never, ever talked about family problems with family members.

Draco didn’t swallow fast enough and a line of liquid dribbled down his stiff jaw. Lucius backhanded him, sending him sprawling.

Apparently, Malfoys also did not spit.

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