Harry Potter, He Who Laughs Last

Title: He Who Laughs Last [Fred,George…Fred?]
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Some twin confusion.
AN: I have no idea why I wrote this or where I posted it, but I can date it because of its position between other drabbles in my word files.

He Who Laughs Last

“George,” Remus greeted as the twin came into the kitchen. He greeted the second twin with an identical “Fred.”

“I’m George,” said the second Weasley.

“I’m Fr…” the first twin was already starting their usual routine when he suddenly peered closer. “Hey, you are George! Wait, who the hell am I then?”

Remus finally looked up from his tea to see two absolutely identical Weasleys comparing freckles on their arms. When a third Weasley twin strode through the door, Remus caught on and howled with laughter.

Tonks grinned broadly with George’s face. She knew she could make Remus laugh first.

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