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Harry Potter, And Then The Dark Lord Went Blam

I think the title says it all, really.

Harry Potter, Loyalty (The Going Postal Remix)

What could Oliver Wood, Weasley lover extraordinaire, possibly have to say to 'I don't know any of you anymore' Percy?

Harry Potter, Anybody Want A Peanut?

Draco does not like the way Harry and Neville are looking at him at all.

Harry Potter, Panicked

James apparently missed the footnote about Animagi panicking.

Harry Potter, What’s On Your Mind

Harry's got a little crush on an Order member, and Bill's starting to think it isn't a half-bad idea.

Harry Potter, Red Means (Don’t) Stop

James isn't the first. Or the second. Or even the third.

Harry Potter, Thanks, Or Whatever

Percy's bed is not as he left it.

Harry Potter, Roommate Assistance

Neville's had a rough day. He needs to unwind.

Harry Potter, Left Out

Sirius isn't, much as he'd like to be.

Harry Potter, The Leader of this Merry Band

James has completely lost control of this entire situation.

Harry Potter, Oral Presentations

Remus doesn't mind letting Hermione's presentation run long.

Harry Potter, Just Following Orders

Molly makes demands. Remus obliges the terms of the demands, if not the spirit.

Harry Potter, The Famous Potter Arse

James says Remus isn't getting it.

Harry Potter, Nicked It

"Remus, I'm sorry I shouted at you," Lily protested in horror, "but it doesn't have anything to do with Potter! Well, it did, but not because he's not having me! Which he isn't!"

Harry Potter, I Know a Trick or Two

Sirius is a dirty boy. Bill has tricks.

Harry Potter, Traditions of the First Order

Harry and Neville ask Remus for a practical demonstration.

Harry Potter, He’s Not Heavy, He’s My Boggart

Remus is forced to do his Boggart lesson apart from the other Gryffindors, and his Boggart gives James more blackmail material than should be legal. How far will Remus go to keep Sirius from finding out what's he's most afraid of?

Harry Potter, The Warm Fuzzies

Sirius and Peter spend a little quality time.

Harry Potter, Being Checked Twice

Remus is attempting to make a grocery list.

Harry Potter, Conjugal Visits

Sirius really isn't in a position to refuse. Azkaban and all.

Harry Potter, There Is No Spoon

Something is up with Severus' breakfast utensil.

Harry Potter, Third Party Loyalties

Percy's been promoted, but even he can't ignore how the Minister of Magic isn't what he pretends to be, and Draco won't get the hell out of his office.

Harry Potter, Rubbed the Right Way

Parvati and Lavender polish more than crystal balls.

Harry Potter, Other Outlets

Cedric seems to be spying on Oliver's practice.

Harry Potter, It’s All in the Kneepads

Harry knows the sounds of Weasleys plotting when he hears it.

Harry Potter, Five Points For Permanent Mental Damage

Hermione hates Draco. Hate hate hate hate hate.

Harry Potter, Strap Yourself In

You don't cuddle with Draco Malfoy. You strap yourself in and feel the gs.

Harry Potter, Choke On It

There's some shouting in the locker room.

Harry Potter, Sirius is Winning a Lot of Money Here Tonight

Sirius thinks Draco is pretty.

Harry Potter, Be Impressed That I Remembered Stubby Boardman’s Name

It's all fun and games until somebody gets psychoanalyzed.

Harry Potter, First Time

It didn't turn out quite as Lily and Remus expected.

Harry Potter, Remus Lupin, Heartbreaker

Remus needs to talk to Lily a moment.

Harry Potter, Lust Potion

Whether this is the worst idea ever is up for debate.

Harry Potter, Welcome to the Revolution

James asks Peter what he thinks about their girlfriends sleeping together.

Harry Potter, Gender Gap

Hermione thinks boys are for losers.

Harry Potter, Morning Person

James hates 7 AM Quidditch practice.

Harry Potter, Not Even Looking

Ginny's been noticing a lot of interesting things.

Harry Potter, Worthy Prey

Remus is a hunter after all.

Harry Potter, I Just Can’t Take It!

Lavender's had enough.

Harry Potter, Everything Goes to Hell

Harry and Remus find out exactly what's been going on with Draco.

Harry Potter, Snake in the Grass

Moody doesn't appreciate the interruption.

Harry Potter, Lucky Break

Maybe it's the painkillers talking, but Lily is pleased with how it all turned out.

Harry Potter, Malfoys Keep It in the Family

The list of things Malfoys don't do is endless.

Harry Potter, Head of the Class

Who's going to notice one more Memory Charm on Longbottom? (Remus/Neville)

Harry Potter, Isn’t It Ironic

Sex apparently brings out the philosopher in Hagrid. (Hagrid/Fudge)

Harry Potter, A Shocking Protest

Molly tells Arthur to get a new Halloween costume. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Marked by the Dark Lord

Harry apparently had a rough night. (Harry/Voldemort)

Harry Potter, Turnabout

Draco doesn't feel very Slytherin of late. (Harry/Terry)

Harry Potter, Gone to the Dogs

Dog instincts, you know. (James/Padfoot)

Harry Potter, And What Long Legs

Molly finds more than she bargained for under Charlie's bed. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Minimum Requirements

Draco once stumbled upon the Room of Requirement. (Gen)

Harry Potter, It’s For Later

Harry doesn't understand Terry's sudden interest in photography. (Harry/Terry)

Harry Potter, Hem HEM!

Obviously the squid would want some compensation. (Umbridge/Squid)

Harry Potter, Me, Myself, and Oh My

Remus puts his Timeturner to illicit use. (Remus/Remus)

Harry Potter, Something’s Afoot in Gryffindor Tower

Ginny has a foot fetish. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Hummer

Well, Muggles seem to enjoy it. (Ron/Draco)

Harry Potter, Inter-House Cooperation

Several days ago, Hermione had made some bizarre comment about how Millicent had begun ‘growing into her body’, but Harry hadn’t thought anything of it at the time. (Millicent/Hermione)

Harry Potter, Hey, That’s Not a Watch!

Hermione wants to practice her technique. (Hermione/Harry)

Harry Potter, Return of the Dark Lord

Harry and Ron have worked out quite the floor show. (Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny)

Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Hot-Bottomed Fag

Snape makes a troubling announcement in class. (Harry/Snape)

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