Harry Potter, Rubbed the Right Way

Title: Rubbed the Right Way [Parvati/Lavender]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17. Just plain old femslash and oral sex, of the graphic variety.
Summary: Parvati and Lavender polish more than crystal balls.
AN: for the femslash challenge. My first pornish_pixies post! *waves to all*

Rubbed the Right Way

Parvati loved spring at Hogwarts. She loved the strange flowers in the greenhouses, and the fresh air blowing through the castle, and the ceiling of the Great Hall imitating the spring thunderstorms, all eerie green and the smell of lightning ozone.

At the moment, however, what she liked most of all was the way the sun was beating through the windows of Trelawny’s tower room, making everything in the room sticky with spring humidity. Making Lavender shed her robes and her shirt cling to her back. Making her slide her tie loose and unbutton the top few buttons of her shirt, which meant that Parvati had a very good view of the soft rise of her breasts as Lavender bent over to polish one of the crystal balls.

“You’re supposed to be cleaning yours as well,” Lavender teased, waving her polishing rag in the direction of Parvati’s own crystal, which was covered in fingerprints and smudges still. Parvati opened her mouth to retort, but then got distracted by the way the ends of Lavender’s hair was curling in the humidity, the way the next button down on her shirt was starting to slip free, the way her lower lip was a bit chapped because Lavender always chewed it when she concentrated, and Parvati’s mouth just stayed open in the end.

Lavender let out an ‘Eep!’ of surprise when Parvati darted around the table she was standing behind and pressed Lavender back against her own table, smoothing her humidity-curls with one hand and urging the suggestive button to finish what it started with the other hand. She smoothed Lavender’s abused lip with the tip of her tongue, and hummed in triumph when Lavender’ mouth fell open with a soft sigh.

Parvati didn’t stop with one button, but slid the rest of them free in quick succession before dispatching with Lavender’s bra clasp as well. Not bothering to move anything further than to push it just enough out of the way, Parvati dropped her hands to Lavender’s hips and urged her up to sit on the edge of the table, hearing a soft clink as Lavender’s back jostled her crystal ball in it’s holder. Parvati bent her head to lick the top of a breast, the salt of Lavender’s sweat stinging her tongue pleasantly, her hands still pressing warmly against the place where Lavender’s skirt gave way to winter-pale thighs.

Lavender arched against Parvati’s deliberate teasing, arching her back to bring lips closer to her nipple, already tightening. Smirking, Parvati licked and nipped Lavender’s breasts everywhere but her nipples, ignoring the other girl’s pleading gasps until Lavender was writhing at every touch. Finally she relented, dipping her head the last inch to suck one of Lavender’s nipples into her mouth, rolling the nub between her lips and flicking her tongue against the tip. When Lavender moaned and raised her hips against Parvati’s hands, Parvati had to press her thighs together against a throb of her own arousal.

Meanwhile, Parvati’s hands had slid under Lavender’s skirt and were flexing palms against the smooth skin beneath them, creeping slowly higher. Expecting to encounter elastic at any moment, Parvati’s eyes widened in surprise when she felt only the bare crease of where Lavender’s thighs met her stomach, hair brushing the sides of Parvati’s fingers. Letting Lavender’s abused breast slide out of her mouth, Parvati looked up to find Lavender grinning.

“I wondered how long it would take you to notice,” she said, pressing up against Parvati’s palms. “I think every boy in the castle noticed before you, I nearly had to beat Seamus off with a stick this morning.”

“Slut,” Parvati growled with affection. Lavender spread her thighs in reply, urging Parvati on with hooded eyes. Parvati slipped one hand down to brush against the rough hair, taking her time as punishment for Lavender’s teasing, twisting it into damp curls with her fingers.

Lavender arched and begged, but Parvati held her firmly down against the table with her other hand and continued exploring at the same deliberate pace, now sliding fingers against the outside of Lavender’s slick folds, until Lavender was nearly weeping with frustration. Parvati imagined her own panties were probably soaked through by the time she finally slid two fingers into Lavender, wrenching another moan from her. Her thumb settled on the bud of flesh above Lavender’s entrance, pressing in lazy circles that matched the twisting of her fingers inside Lavender.

Lavender thrust greedily against her hand, breasts heaving, and Parvati dipped her head to suck a nipple into her mouth again, biting a little harder this time, feeling a rush of pleasure at the knowledge that she was leaving marks on Lavender’s breasts. Parvati pressed in harder with her thumb, bringing her fingers up to press against the same spot from the inside, marveling at how Lavender was so tight that she could still feel the press of slick flesh on all sides of her fingers.

Lavender came around Parvati’s hand, the clench of her drawing Parvati in almost to her knuckles. When Lavender’s body had relaxed at last, Parvati slid her hand out and released Lavender’s nipple so that she could lick the salt off her fingers. Glancing up at Lavender from under lashes, Parvati felt heat shoot straight under her skirt at Lavender’s feral expression.

Lavender slid off the table and pushed Parvati backwards, making her stumble into one of the armchairs right next to the table. Dropping to her knees and pushing Parvati’s skirt up without pretext, Lavender pushed Parvati’s knees apart and slid in between, the chair putting Parvati at exactly the right height for Lavender to tug aside her soaked panties and run her tongue along Parvati’s slit.

Parvati threw her head back against the chair and swore as Lavender’s tongue slid into her, clenching the plush armrests of the chair with shaking fingers. Lavender was humming with pleasure, Parvati could feel the vibration of the cheeks against her thighs and of the tongue inside her. Parvati stretched her legs farther apart to urge Lavender closer, deeper, faster, and when Lavender slipped fingers into the folds above her lips and twisted exactly the right spot, a desperate oh fuck was the only warning before she saw stars.

Parvati basked in the supreme lethargy of afterglow as Lavender crawled up into her lap and snuggled against her, leaning down to taste herself on Lavender’s tongue.


“Thank you for staying after to clean the crystal balls,” Trelawny said to them the next day at the beginning of class, smiling vaguely. “Lavender’s in particular has been rubbed absolutely spotless.”

“We have our methods,” Parvati answered, supressing a smile at Lavender’s blush.

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