Harry Potter, The Famous Potter Arse

Title: The Famous Potter Arse [James/Sirius]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for mention of what Remus will or will not be getting later.
Summary: James says Remus isn’t getting it.
AN: This was supposed to be cuddlefic for Musesfool and instead just turned out kind of fail. It’s like a prologue to “The Leader of This Merry Band.”

The Famous Potter Arse

“Well, he’s not getting it,” James’s voice floated out of the shower. Sirius twiddled James’ glasses between thumb and forefinger and shook his head with a smile.

“He will though,” Sirius called back, thinking about doing something cruel and possibly slimy to James’ specs, but coming to the conclusion that it was too much trouble. “Moony always gets what he wants in the end.”

“He can want all he likes,” James announced, emerging from the shower, towel clutched low around his hips, “but he isn’t getting it in my end, and that’s all there is to it. Now give me those back, i can see you plotting.”

Sirius watched James with obvious appreciation as he slid on his glasses and shook out his hair, water droplets clinging to the curves of his shoulders and the hollow of his throat, running slowly down his chest…

“Stop it, you girl,” James groused once he could see Sirius clearly. “You’re ruining my reputation.”

“Nobody’s here,” Sirius murmured, reaching out to tug James against him by his towel, and if it got tugged a bit lower in the process, it was all to the good. James put up a token struggle, but as usual, when his body was pressed against Sirius’, he parted his lips readily enough.

“Mmm, thought so,” Sirius smiled when James was relaxed enough that he didn’t notice his towel slipping to the floor. “What say we go find Remus?”

“Yeah, all right,” James snatched his towel up hurriedly, “but there’s no way he’s getting anywhere near the famous Potter arse…”

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