Harry Potter, Traditions of the First Order

Title: Traditions of the First Order [Remus/Harry/Neville]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for threesome.
Summary: Harry and Neville ask Remus for a practical demonstration.
AN: For the Threesome Challenge.

Traditions of the First Order

“Professor Lupin?”

Remus looked up from his desk to find Neville Longbottom’s head poking in his door. There was a brief shuffling noise before Harry’s head popped into view right beside Neville’s.

“I’ve told you to call him Remus,” Harry chastised. “Remus, have you got a few minutes?”

Remus set down his quill and waved the two boys into the study, waiting for them to settle themselves on the chairs in front of his desk. He suppressed a smile when Neville chose one chair, and then Harry perched on the arm of the same chair.

“What can I do for the two newest Order members?” he asked. Neville and Harry exchanged a glance before Harry spoke.

“Listen,” he said, a blush starting up across his nose, “I found this…well, I guess it’s a diary or something, of Sirius’, and I read a bit about him and…I mean, you, you’re in it, and we were wondering if you…”

“Yes,” Remus interrupted, now smiling for real. “We were. I think I see where this is going.”

“You do?” Harry asked. He glanced down at Neville, who shrugged.

“Yes. I already know about you two, if that’s what you’re trying to tell me. I think it’s…” Remus reflected for a moment, “…it’s cute, is what it is.”

“Cute!” Harry looked indignant, and Neville laughed, reaching up to tug Harry off the chair arm and onto his knee.

“Cute is exactly what it is,” Neville teased, “the way you think you’re so discreet.” Harry scowled at them both. “Actually, Prof…Remus, that’s not what we wanted to ask you.”

Neville nudged Harry, who reached into his pocket and pulled out a battered diary, covered in red cloth. In black marker on the front was scrawled “the Sexploits of Messrs. Padfoot, Moony, and occasionally Prongs.”

“I can see where Harry inherited his sense of discretion,” Neville smirked, setting it on the desk. Remus cleared his throat, eyeing the diary. He lifted his hands as though he were going to pick it up, then merely laid them on the desk and drummed his fingers.

“What were you going to ask me?” Remus finally said. He eyed Harry’s smirk with suspicion.

“We read through some bits, the ones with my dad,” Harry said, the blush growing more distinct, “and we thought you might have a few, er, well, bits of advice, you know like hints, ah…”

“We’d like a lesson on the mechanics of a threesome,” Neville interrupted, to Harry’s obvious relief.

“Ah.” Remus drummed his fingers on the desk again, letting the silence drag out. He got up from his chair and came around the desk to lean against the other side, looking down at the diary. Finally, he looked back up to Harry and Neville. “That was a long time ago, I should say, and its quite an unexpected question, but…I did say you could talk to me about anything…”

“Actually,” Neville piped up again, “talking wasn’t really what we had in mind.”

Before Remus could ask what he was on about, Harry had slid to his feet and pressed his body against Remus’, leaning in to brush their lips together once, then again more firmly. One arm bracing him against the desk, Remus put the other around Harry’s waist on instinct and gave a small sigh when Harry ran his tongue over Remus’ lower lip. Harry pulled back just far enough to meet Remus’ slightly glazed eyes.

“We were hoping for a practical demonstration,” he said, sounding a bit breathless. He twisted his neck to look back at Neville, still sitting, and asked “All right?”

“All right,” Neville nodded, looking a little flushed himself. He got to his feet and pressed against Remus’ other side, tilting his head to nibble Remus’ earlobe. “What do you say, Professor?”

“A bed typically makes this sort of thing much easier…” Remus met their slightly incredulous grins with a grin of his own, not sure whether the flutters in his stomach was due to excitement, a guilty conscience, or Harry nuzzling his neck. “You two go to my bedroom, and I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Go to your room?” Harry snickered, slipping out of Remus’ arms. “It’s advance punishment for being bad…”

Neville gave Remus a long-suffering eyeroll before tugging Harry out the door, the other boy giving a little wave on his way out.

Remus took a moment to tuck the diary safely away in a hidden drawer in the desk, planning to peruse it thoroughly later on. He stepped out of the study and walking silently down the hall to his room, pausing to lean against the closed door when he heard voices inside.

“…sure you want to?” Harry was saying. “I know this wasn’t your idea.”

Neville’s answer was too soft for Remus to hear the whole thing, but he did catch the phrase “not the only one who had a crush in Third Year”. Swallowing a smug grin, Remus pushed open the door to find Neville assuring Harry that he didn’t mind at all with his lips. And a hand. And a well-placed thigh.

“Starting without me?” Remus asked, shutting the door behind him and approaching the bed. Harry pulled a hand out of Neville’s shirt to tug Remus down by the front of his robes, Stumbling forward, Remus tipped off-balance and ended up in a tangled pile with Harry and Neville.

“See why we need the help? Oof!” Neville grunted as he took an elbow to the gut.

“Stop struggling!” Remus would have laughed if he didn’t have Harry’s knee jammed into his back. “Isn’t being in a pile of willing men what you wanted? Just relax, try and be a bit more limp and a bit less…pointy.”

By means of demonstration, Remus turned his head to kiss the nearest available person, which happened to be Neville. While Neville was leaning into the kiss, Remus began nudging his limbs into a more comfortable tangle with his own. Behind him, Harry had evidently caught on, and had replaced his knee with hands smoothing down Remus’ back.

Remus was most of the way through unbuttoning Neville’s shirt when Harry slid one hand up to his shoulder and pushed him down onto his back. Remus and a rather flushed Neville looked at Harry in surprise.

“You’re making out with my boyfriend!” Harry exclaimed. Remus raised an eyebrow, and Harry added for clarification, “Without me!”

Laughing, Neville reached over Remus and pulled Harry forward to appease him, Harry putting a hand on Remus’ chest for balance. Remus watched with admiration as Neville urged Harry’s lips apart, then finished off Neville’s buttons before moving on to Harry’s. Harry finally cracked an eye when Remus was tugging his shirt down off his shoulders.

“Hey,” he said, nudging Neville, “why’s he still got all those clothes on?”

It was amazing really how fast two teenagers could strip three people when they set their minds to it. At least Remus would have thought so if he hadn’t been present that time when a desperate Sirius had Banished all their clothes, but he thought the few extra seconds not naked were well worth the comfort of a soft bed rather than that table in the Great Hall.

“So, Professor,” Neville murmured, trailing a hand down Remus’ chest, “where do we start?”

Remus glanced from Neville to Harry, ascertaining that they both wanted him in charge. Harry grinned back enthusiastically, which was really no surprise to Remus since any werewolf worth his salt can spot a bottom a mile away.

“Well,” he settled himself comfortably against the pillows and reaching down to wrap a hand around his erection, “someone could certainly be sucking my cock right about now.”

Catching each other’s eyes over Remus, Harry and Neville glanced down at Remus’ lazy stroking, then back at each other. Neville shrugged, and Harry nodded.

“One two three,” Neville said quickly, and set a fist on Remus’ chest just as Harry laid a palm down flat next to it.

“Paper,” Harry said, “I win.” Neville swore as Harry snickered and wriggled his way down Remus’ body.

“You know,” Remus made a face, “I didn’t feel too old for this until just then.”

“No turning back now, old man,” Harry teased before lowering his head over Remus’ cock and running his tongue along the underside.

“He’s much more tolerable when his mouth is full, isn’t he?” Neville commented, eyes glued to Harry’s mouth, and Remus growled an agreement. He eyed Neville thoughtfully, then tugged his head down next to his mouth.

“I want you,” he whispered on pretext of biting Neville’s ear, “to fuck Harry while he sucks me off.”

A flash of heat in Neville’s eyes and a willing smile told Remus they were on familiar territory now. Remus slid up to a sitting position, both to give Neville more room at the end of the bed and for a better view, while Neville shifted himself down behind Harry. Harry tried to lift his head to ask what was happening, but Remus slid two hands into Harry’s hair and held him right where he was.

He caught on quickly enough when Neville, kneeling at the end of the bed, ran hands over his arse and squeezed the pale flesh, then slipping stroking fingers into the cleft. Harry moaned around Remus’ cock and pushed backwards onto Neville’s fingers, tucking his knees under himself for a better angle.

“Good boy,” Remus said, moving one hand down to massage Harry’s neck. He told Neville there was lubricant in the nightstand, but Neville gave a rough laugh and replied that Harry didn’t usually need anything other than something to lean over.

“So it’s not just his discretion he’s got from Sirius,” Neville remarked as pushed into Harry, “if that diary of yours is an accurate account of events.”

“Mmmhmm,” Remus sighed, the sight of Neville urging Harry’s legs a little further apart going straight to his balls. “The oral talent, however, is definitely a Potter family tradition.”

Neville had apparently taught Harry a few new tricks to add to the legacy, and when he tilted his head just so and slid Remus into his mouth in just the right way, Remus squeezed his eyes shut and let the hot pulse of his orgasm drag him under.

Every muscle in his body limp and pleasant, Remus opened his eyes eventually to watch Harry and Neville. Harry had pushed himself up higher onto his elbows, giving Remus a perfect view of Neville’s hand tugging and squeezing his cock, the tip shiny with precome. Curled around Harry’s back with his cheek pressed into Harry’s shoulder, Neville was thrusting into Harry, steady and deep, while he murmured a string of soft words against Harry’s ear.

Harry cried out and came in Neville’s hand, going pliant in Neville’s arms, but the other boy never pausing in his low urgings. Harry was just starting to come round when Neville let go as well, but Remus could read the exact moment Neville spilled inside Harry in the soft ‘O’ of Harry’s lips and the tremble across his shoulders.

Sliding back down a bit, Remus tugged Harry forward and settled him in against his side, Neville still tangled around his back. Only a few seconds after flopping down, a small snore came from behind Harry’s head.

“Sex knocks Neville right out,” Harry told Remus around a yawn of his own. “Goes out like a candle every time. It’s so…”

“Cute?” Remus supplied helpfully, chuckling at Harry’s responding scowl. “James used to do the same thing. I think it was out of self-defense at first, Sirius tended to get a bit sappy after an orgasm, but then he never did shake the habit. Lily would complain and we’d act like we had no idea what she was talking about…” Remus trailed off.

“You miss them,” Harry said. Remus let his eyes drift down to Neville’s hand clutching possessively at Harry’s hip.

“Very much,” he answered quietly, but he gave Harry a small smile. “But I like to think that they’re holed up somewhere with lots of pillows and strawberry-flavored lubricant, coming up with new positions and naming them after jungle animals while they wait for me to show up.”

“I’m going to be so disturbed by this conversation when the blood starts draining out of my cock and returns to my brain,” Harry reported.

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