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Harry Potter, Anybody Want A Peanut?

Draco does not like the way Harry and Neville are looking at him at all.

Harry Potter, You Don’t Send Me Flowers

Harry's got himself worked up into quite the state.

Harry Potter, Two Decades and Still Debauching

Harry's found a box of his godfather's things and gets more than he bargained for.

Harry Potter, Novel Idea

McGonagall receives a disgruntling report from an AV elf.

Harry Potter, Just Following Orders

Molly makes demands. Remus obliges the terms of the demands, if not the spirit.

Harry Potter, Paperclips

Neville is not in the habit of carrying around OCD medication, so sex must suffice.

Harry Potter, Traditions of the First Order

Harry and Neville ask Remus for a practical demonstration.

Harry Potter, Petal to the Metal

Harry likes Neville's romantic side.

Harry Potter, Pajamas With Snitches On

Harry discovers something about his boyfriend too cute to let alone.

Harry Potter, Closer to Fine

Harry is going off the deep end.

Harry Potter, Swish and Lick

Harry. Neville. Wandsmut. 'nuff said.

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